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If you are interest in investing in Bitcoin and altcoins for big profits, you might have been tempted by the Shopzoro Double BTC app. The Shopzoro Double BTC system claims to be a high powered Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment app. It also claims to provide financial investment advice and financial management services. As the story goes, if you invest BTC or altcoins with these guys, they will double your investment for you in as little as just 6 hours.

Yes, of course this sounds very tempting. However, things that sound too good to be true are often totally bogus. There are a lot of big claims made here, and they definitely sound way too awesome to be realistic. These crooks provide no evidence that this Shopzoro Double BTC system actually works. However, through our research, we have come across quite a few scam factors, which is why we are here doing this Shopzoro Double BTC review right now.


Shopzoro Double BTC


The Shopzoro Double BTC Company & Leadership

The first thing to mention here is in regards to the Shopzoro Double BTC company and the leadership team itself. The company claims to be located and registered in the UK. The website even provides us with an address and contact info. Well, when we looked this company address up on Google Maps, it did not belong to the Shopzoro Double BTC company. Moreover, the email address is completely bogus too.


Shopzoro Double BTC


On that same note, this company is not officially registered in the UK. It’s not registered at all, not in any country on this planet. Therefore, it is not a legal entity and it is not legally allowed to perform business in the UK or anywhere else. On that same note, this also means that this company is not licensed. It takes investments from people, provides financial planning, and financial management services, or at least that is the claim. Well, for a company to perform these activities, it needs to be registered and licensed, which the Shopzoro Double BTC system surely is not.


Shopzoro Double BTC


Moreover, the leadership team for this company is totally fake too. Everybody displayed on the website is nothing more than stock images. They are all photographed in different styles and settings, a telltale sign that something shady is going on. This indicates that the images of people are just stolen stock images from other websites. They have been combined with fake names. They are nothing more than characters and bogus personas. The real people in charge here don’t want us knowing who they are, which is indicative of a crypto scam. The bottom line is that the Shopzoro Double BTC app is totally anonymous and can therefore not be trusted in the least.

Fake Shopzoro Double BTC User Testimonials

Something else that came to our attention about this Shopzoro Double BTC software is that it features bogus user testimonials. They actually went through some effort here, as there are 6 Shopzoro Double BTC user testimonial videos on the website. However, we know for a fact that everybody seen here is just a paid actor. They are not genuine people and they have definitely never used this Bitcoin doubling program. It’s just another dirty trick meant to make us thing that there is some merit to this Bitcoin doubling scam.


Shopzoro Double BTC


Does The Shopzoro Double BTC System Work?

Of course, the most important part here is whether or not this crypto investment system actually works. Well, we are told that it can double your Bitcoin or altcoin investment in as little as 6 hours. We are that this is done by investing our money into Bitcoin and altcoins. Folks, this would never work, not in a million years. It would take years for your investment to double, or at least a few months.


Shopzoro Double BTC


Also, this would only work if the value of Bitcoin and other altcoins were to skyrocket and massively increase. Of course, this is not guaranteed, and as recent trends have shown, the values of various cryptocurrencies are not about to double anytime soon. There is just no guarantee that this would ever work. The chances are slim, very slim.

Moreover, even if this were a crypto trading system, or a Bitcoin miner, it still could never achieve these kinds of profits. You just can’t double your investment in 6 hours, especially with not work involved. It just doesn’t make sense. Also, the Shopzoro Double BTC website shows a bunch of so called profit payouts. Well, there’s no way to prove that these are real. Also, we’ve received a bunch of complaints from people who invested money but never got their promised returns. The whole thing is a huge scam.

Other Shopzoro Double BTC Scam Factors

There are a few other Shopzoro Double BTC scam factors that we need to mention too.

  • For one, the Shopzoro Double BTC is definitely a Ponzi scheme. It features this affiliate program where you can supposedly earn a 15% cut of investments made thanks to you. Well, we know that this program never actually pays out these bonuses. We have been contacted by many people who got taken for fools by this Shopzoro Double BTC referral program. Just don’t trust it.


Shopzoro Double BTC

  • This system wants access to your Bitcoin wallet. Guys, never trust any kind of app that requires you to divulge your Bitcoin wallet address upfront. While these wallets are generally secure, they can be hacked, and it’s happened before. There are several known people who have had their Bitcoin wallets hacked and emptied shortly after investing money with Shopzoro Double BTC software.

Shopzoro Double BTC Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it is obvious that the Shopzoro Double BTC app is a total rip off. Even if it could make money for you, the whole point of it is to steal from you. The website is chalked to the brim with lies and false promises. Please folks, stay away from this Shopzoro Double BTC scam because all you will accomplish is the total loss of your investment.

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