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Kirkland & Felt Review – PROFITABLE?

Kirkland & Felt Review – PROFITABLE? OFFICIAL SITE: The Kirkland & Felt program claims to be a super profitable crypto mining and trading investment system. The claim here is that you can earn several hundred percent in profits per month simply by investing some cash. Apparently, top trading and crypto experts are in charge here, and they know how to generate a whole lot of cash. Sounds really awesome right? Well, it all sounds a

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BTC Grand Scam Review – CRYPTO SCAM??

BTC Grand Scam Review – CRYPTO SCAM?? OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: The BTC Grand HYIP is an investment program focused around crypto with so called 200% profits in 6 days. Besides this claim, there are a few other questionable claims and statements on the website. The whole thing doesn’t make much sense. We are here doing this BTC Grand scam review to provide you with fair warning about this potential cryptocurrency scam.   BTC Grand Investment

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Crypto Revolt Scam Review – BEWARE!

Crypto Revolt Scam Review – BEWARE! OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: The Crypto Revolt app is a new automated cryptocurrency trading platform that self-advertises as being the best in the world. Apparently, with this trading system, you can make over $1,100 per day with no work at all. Supposedly it features a near 100% ITM rate for the win. However, we are not so sure about the claims made here. Although the Crypto Revolt system appears to

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BitAeon Investment Platform Review

BitAeon Investment Platform Review OFFICIAL SITE: The Bitaeon HYIP claims to be the most diverse and profitable cryptocurrency and Forex investment system worldwide. Supposedly it engages in everything from crypto mining and trading, to Bitcoin mining, Forex trading, P2P lending and more. It sure is a diverse and varied investment program. It almost seems like these guys just want to throw a bunch of information against the wall in the hopes that some of it

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NEW CRYPTO AUTOTRADER COMING SOON! If you have been waiting for a new crypto autotrader, you won’t have to wait much longer. Yes, there are a few crypto autotraders out on the market right now. However, for one reason or another, they have dropped in popularity. Whether it be due to low profits or because they are hard to use, current systems just don’t seem to be living up to their hype. However, there is

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