Minimizing Risk With The Calloway Software


The Calloway Software app is undoubtedly the best crypto trading tool in the world today. However, this is not to say that you cannot experience losses with it. Today we are here doing this The Calloway Software review to provide you with some much needed tips so you can trade with as little risk as possible.



The Calloway Software System – Limit Your Trading

One piece of advice that you should follow is to limit your trading. This is especially important if you are a beginner and crypto trading newbie. If you have never traded cryptocurrencies before, you should never invest more than $250 into a single trade, which is already quite a bit. In our opinion, if you are just placing your first trades with The Calloway Software app, you should not invest more than $100.

Until you figure everything out, investing more than that into a single trade is nothing more than financial suicide. At the same time, we would recommend not placing more than 5 trades at any given time. If you are a newbie, placing more than 5 trades at once will accomplish nothing but to make things a lot harder on you. To repeat, if you are a trading newbie, never place more than 5 trades and surely do not invest more than $250 per trade.




The Calloway Software App – The Economic Calendar

Guys, always pay close attention to the economic calendar. The Calloway Software system comes with a great economic calendar integrated into it. This is not just for show and it is not just to look fancy. This economic calendar is very useful and it can go a long way in helping to make sure that you only place trades which will turn out to be profitable. Way too many people using The Calloway Software app are not paying attention to the economic calendar, which definitely explains why some people are losing so much.

The most important thing to look out for with the economic calendar is for 3 bull news. When any kind of currency is experiencing 3 bulls news, it is a bad thing. If a currency is experiencing 3 bull news, do not use The Calloway Software app to place trades with it. Any currency experiencing 3 bull news needs to be steered clear of for the day. Also, if the USD is experiencing 3 bull news, stay away from all traditional currencies altogether.


The Calloway Software Program – SL & TP Levels

In order to make sure that you minimize risk and losses, as well as maximize profits, you should always set the stop loss and take profit levels. Trades can go south fast and it is always better to walk away with some profits than with losses. Therefore, set your take profit level to around 70%. This means that once a trade brings in a 70% return, it will automatically close, this negating the chance that it will then go the other way.

At the same time, set your stop loss level to around 75%. This means that if the value of your investment ends up being only 25% of your initial investment, the trade will automatically close, this saving you at least some money.




The Calloway Software Trading System – The Confidence Factor

Like we said, we are all about minimizing trading risk and maximizing profits with The Calloway Software system. Well, one of the best ways to do this is to utilize the confidence factor which is provided here. The confidence factor is a percentage value displayed to you and it is present for each pairing. The confidence factor for one pair could be 50%, and 90% for another pair. The higher the confidence factor is, the better the chances that a certain trade will turn out to be profitable.

As far as we can tell, a lot of people have been ignoring The Calloway Software’s confidence factor, which has of course led to a lot of losing trades. Folks, never place trades on pairs with a confidence factor lower than 65%. If you really want to be successful with The Calloway Software app, you should always aim for as high a confidence factor as you can, preferable never below 75%


The Calloway Software App – Do Not Trade Emotionally

Guys, whatever you do when using The Calloway Software trading app, do not trade spontaneously and do not place trades based on emotion. Always take full advantage of all of the tips we provide and of all of the resources available here.

There is no point to randomly placing trades if they will just end up losing you a bunch of money. You are better off placing 1 trade per hour that is well researched, rather than placing 5 trades in that same time which have not been researched at all. Folks, your emitions and gut instincts will do you no favors when using the Calloway Software app.




The Calloway Software Trading App – Recommended Trading Hours

Another tip you need to follow when using The Calloway Software app is to always trade within recommended trading hours. There are certain times of day which are best for trading, and others which are worse. When using The Calloway Software app, you want to always trade between 9 AM and 7 PM GMT.

If you do not live in the GMT time zone, you need to make the appropriate adjustments to compensate for the time difference. The point is that the market is the most active and stable during this time, and therefore will provide you with the best chances of winning trades and achieving as high an ROI as humanly possible.


Minimizing Risk With The Calloway Software – Conclusion

The bottom line is that The Calloway Software trading system is the best in the business. There is simply no doubt about this. However, if you want to be truly successful when trading cryptos here, you do need to follow the tips we have outlined above. If you follow the tips and rules we have provided, you should have no issue raking in several hundred or even a couple thousand dollars per day.

The Calloway Software

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