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Are you an avid crypto enthusiast? Well, if this is the case, and you like making money through BTC mining, the app might have gotten your attention. Yes, this is apparently the world’s best BTC mining cloud program in the world at this time. As the story goes, with a small investment, you can end up making over 220% ROI per month after investing. Also, the investment plans are said to last a whole year. If you do the math here, if this app is the real deal, the profits would be absolutely immense.

However, we do have some doubts about this program. There appears to be a total lack of information. This also goes for transparency. There is not a lot of information provided to us on the website. In fact, there is actually no real information at all. The website simply consists of one main page which tells us that this is a great mining tool for BTC. Other than that, these crooks don’t seem to be in the mood to divulge any information at all. This is clearly problematic for investors.

We just don’t like how this system refuses to provide any information at all in regards to various aspects. Through our research, we did come across several scam factors. In other words, while these guys don’t provide much in terms of proof that this BTC mining system works, we personally found lots of evidence to the contrary. We are here today to provide our findings to you in this scam review, so let’s get right to it. scam alert System Leadership

One of the first things that came to our attention here has to do with the system’s leadership. Well, there is not even so much as an about us page on this website. There are no pictures, and no information in general in regards to this. There is absolutely nothing on the website which tells us who is in charge here, just nothing at all.

To say the very least, this is quite suspicious indeed. How are we supposed to trust this BTC mining program with our cash when the people in charge are refusing to tell us who they are? There is a good reason why these guys won’t tell us their real identities, and it is not out of altruism. There is something very shady and suspicious going on here, which is why the people running the show want to remain anonymous.

The Company

Yet another suspicious aspect about this company is the company itself. Where is this company located? What are the contact details? Is the company registered and licensed to operate legally? These are all things that remain in question here. The website certainly never divulges any of this information to us. Moreover, we could not find this company registered in any one country on this whole planet.

As far as we can tell, besides the website, this company is totally non-existent. It does not have the official status of a registered company in any country, and it certainly is not licensed to take investments from people. If the app does actually perform any BTC mining at all, especially with investments from other people, it is not doing so legally.

Is Profitable?

Yet another thing that came to our attention here has to do with the profitability of the app. For one, we are not told a single thing about the BTC mining process itself. If we are expected to invest money into a BTC mining app, there are a certain few aspects that we want to know all about.

We want to know where the facilities are located, what the mining capabilities are, what coins are being mined for, what software is in use, and all of that other fun stuff too. However, besides being told that software is indeed a BTC miner, there is no other information provided to us. This complete lack of information definitely doesn’t inspire confidence in the least.

Furthermore, the promised ROI here does not seem to be reasonable at all. Apparently this system can provide us with a monthly ROI of 220%. In other words, the minimum investment for the best package is 0.5 BTC, and you will get 1.2 BTC per month, for a whole year. Guys, this would mean that your returns would equal just under 3,000% for the year. This is not reasonable, it is not doable, and it is a complete lie.

Folks, if this were possible, this app would be way more popular than it is. In all reality, if this were doable, world poverty would not be an issue anymore. Think about it, why would these guys give away free money for no cost at all? It just does not make any sense.

The Ponzi Scheme

The last thing that we want to mention about this system is that it is most definitely a Ponzi scheme. It is also a pyramid scheme. There is an affiliate program in place which promises investors 10% of the action for getting their friends and family to invest. Folks, this is nothing more than a way for this scam to cast a wider net. They don’t pay out the affiliate bonuses as promised. We know this for a fact. Scam Review – The Verdict

We have no choice but to label this system as a scam and a complete rip off. We have no idea who is in charge, plus the company appears to be totally bogus too. Furthermore, we are not provided with any coherent information in regards to the mining process.

Also, this app promises ridiculous profits, both through mining and the affiliate program, yet it does not deliver any results at all. This is just another cryptocurrency mining scam that you absolutely need to stay away from at all costs. Don’t get mixed up with this get rich quick scam, because it will cost you all the BTC you have!

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