Tips for a Beginner Forex Trader

Tips for a Beginner Forex Trader

Are you a beginner Forex trader? If so, you probably have no idea what you are doing. That’s fine, we all start out this way. To help you become successful, today we want to provide you with the best Tips for a beginner Forex trader known to man.

Beginner Forex Trader


Create & Stick to a Plan

First off, if you plan on being successful as a beginner Forex trader, you need to create a plan. This means that you should know how you are going to trade, what your tools and methodology of choice will be, your goals, and so on and so forth. Don’t just start trading without putting together a coherent game plan. Forex trading is not something that you want to do on the fly.


Leave Your Emotions Aside

One of the worst things that you as a beginner Forex trader can do is to trade emotionally. People, you need to check your emotions at the door. Forex trading is about being rational, reasonable, and working with a plan. Never get emotional and diverge from your plan, never get too excited and start taking huge risks, and don’t quit because you get discouraged by losses. FX trading is about your brain, not your heart.


A Beginner Forex Trader Needs to Be Consistent

Something else you need to do is to be consistent at all times. Unless your trading plan is bad, don’t start veering off course, and don’t start doing things differently all of a sudden. If you stay consistent and just make small adjustments as needed, you are much more likely to be successful. Of course, there is no point in being consistent if you keep losing, because that’s a sign that you need to change things up.


Get an Education

One of the biggest tips for a beginner Forex trader that we can give you is to go get yourself an education on the matter. People, this is not like tying your shoes or riding a bike. It’s not something that you will be successful at on your own without somebody showing you the way.

Sure, you might stumble into a few winning trades, but if you don’t know basic market principles, terminology, and how to trade in general, then you won’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of making money. Trading while not knowing how to trade is like stepping foot in a space rocket without doing the astronaut training first. It’s bound to end badly.



Know How to Forecast the Market

Whether you want to focus on technical market analysis or fundamental market analysis, you need to be fairly proficient in at least one of those in order to be a successful Forex trader. In terms of tips for a beginner Forex trader, start by familiarizing yourself with either one of these forms of market analysis, learn how to predict market movements, and then learn the other form of analysis. If you are proficient with both types of market analysis, your chances or success will increase drastically.


As a Beginner Forex Trader – Start Small

One of the most important tips that we can provide a beginner Forex trader with is to start small. People, don’t start by placing 20 trades per day with massive amounts of money. Start by placing one or two small trades with a limited amount of money. As you go through the learning curve, you are bound to lose some trades, so it’s best if they are small trades. As you get better, you can then start to increase the amount of trades you have open at once, as well as how much money you invest per trade.


The Right Broker

Something else that you want to look into here is finding the right broker for your needs. If you can find a broker with very low or no fees, you should go with it. What we can say here is that you need to do some research in terms of available brokers in your area, and then you can choose the one that suits you best. Yes, there are good brokers and bad ones too, something you need to be clear on.


Knowing Entry & Exit Points

Yet another tip for a beginner Forex trader is to know your entry and exit points. You need to know when, where, and how to enter trades, as well as where to exit them. People, this is where your profit margin comes from. If you don’t know where and when to close a trade, you will be in some serious trouble right from the start.


Calculate Expectancy

Something that we recommend for a beginner Forex trader is to learn how to calculate your expectancy. Take a look at the formula below, and you will see that it is a great way to determine the percentage of trades that you won vs those that you lost. If you know how to do this, you can easily judge how well your trading strategy is working.

Beginner Forex Trader


Money Management for a Beginner Forex Trader

Something that many beginner Forex traders completely fail at is money management. People, you need to conserve that money. Some will tell you that you should never invest more than 3% of your total trading money into a single trade. However, as a beginner, you may want to even decrease that. Moreover, never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Practice Makes Perfect

Although this may be needless to say, as a beginner Forex trader, don’t expect to get anywhere fast. If you plan on being successful, yes, it is definitely possible, but just like with any other skill in this world, you need to practice.

Tips for a Beginner Forex Trader – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that as a beginner Forex trader, you need to be cautious, consistent, and weary of the dangers. If you get a good education, you make good plans, you evaluate results, and you learn how to manage risk and money, you should find at least some success in the world of Forex trading.


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Crypto Sell-Off – BTC COLLAPSE!

Crypto Sell-Off – BTC COLLAPSE!

Folks, if you were excited about crypto last week, things might look a little different this week. Just last week, cryptocurrencies, particularly the big one, Bitcoin, had reached all-time highs, topping out at well over $41,000 per BTC. This had investors and traders foaming from the mouth due to the seemingly great profit opportunities this provided.

In terms of crypto, BTC has seen massive gains over the past months, several hundred percent in fact. However, things have changed very swiftly since last Friday, for the worse. It appears as though a huge crypto sell-off is in the works, and that Bitcoin and altcoins alike are currently plummeting in value. Let’s take a look to see what this means for traders and investors.


A Crypto Collapse

What is interesting to note is that just last Wednesday, the crypto market as a whole reached a total value of $1 Trillion USD, the highest it has ever been by far. This appeared to be quite promising for traders and investors alike. However, massive crypto market volatility, combined with several other factors has caused a massive collapse.

Since Friday, so just three days ago, the value of the crypto market as a whole plummeted by a whopping $170 Billion USD. Among other things, the events at the US Capitol the previous week could be to blame. Although the future is very uncertain, economists are warning that crypto investors may lose it all if they hold onto their cryptocurrencies.

A Bitcoin Sell-Off

What seems to be fueling the current collapse of the cryptocurrency market is the massive sell-off that Bitcoin has seen in the last couple of days, particularly on the US based exchange, Coinbase.

Late Sunday night, so just yesterday, Bitcoin was worth $40,800 per coin. Now, just mere hours later, Bitcoin plummeted in value by roughly 20%, falling by over $8,000 to just over $32,000.

People, a 20% drop in a single day is massive. It also appears as though Bitcoin miners are currently panic selling, which combined with a highly over-leveraged market is now having disastrous consequences for anyone holding onto Bitcoin.


Ethereum Plummets in Value

Another one of the big players in the cryptocurrency industry, Ethereum, has also seen a sharp decline in value over the past 24 hours. Ethereum was trading at roughly $1,300 on Sunday, and now, on Monday, it is trading at $950. This marks a 24% decrease in value in just the last day.


Russian Banks Cracking Down

The Russian government has just announced that Cryptocurrencies could no longer be used as a form of payment. Moreover, as of today, the Russian government also announced that the nation’s central bank now has the power to freeze all accounts which are suspected to be connected to cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto Crash – Final Thoughts

Although nothing is set in stone as of yet, one thing is for sure, and it’s that a massive amount of value has disappeared from the crypto market in just the last 24 hours. The market as a whole remains volatile, and what this means for investors is yet to be seen.



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Crypto & Bitcoin News for Traders

Crypto & Bitcoin News for Traders

If you are a trader, something that you might have been focusing on in the past year is cryptocurrency. Now, for the vast majority of 2019, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin to name one, suffered some huge losses in terms of value, especially in the closing months of the year. Many experts were predicting that Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and others were all going to tank and become worthless. Well, today we are here to provide you with some crypto and Bitcoin news, some facts that might surprise you.

The fact of the matter here, the most important piece of Bitcoin news that you need to know, is that cryptocurrencies in general have skyrocketed in value over the past several weeks.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others have all rallied and increased in value many times over, and all of this in just the past few weeks. The total value of the cryptocurrency market just reached an all-time high, something we will discuss further below. Let’s get right to it and discuss the most important crypto and Bitcoin news that you traders need to be aware of.

Crypto News

Bitcoin News – Cryptocurrency Market Surpasses $1 Trillion Value

Whether this is just a short term trend or not, the fact of the matter is that the cryptocurrency market in general has exploded in value over the past couple of months. What is happening is that investors and retailers alike are once again becoming interested in Bitcoin and altcoins.

Bitcoin increased in value by 25% in January of 2021 alone, with a 300% increase in value since the beginning of 2020. In the past 12 months, Ethereum has risen in value by over 860%. The fact here is that seeing as how the cryptocurrency market just surpassed $1 trillion USD in value, it is once again being regarded as a serious market player.

It’s not just a fringe class of assets anymore. Many experts are even saying how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are now nearing institution grade ventures.

Moreover, in 2021 alone, which you might recognize as only being seven days at this point, the top ten altcoins have rallied in value by 30%. For all of you traders out there, this means that cryptocurrencies are currently a great thing to be trading and investing in, as values are predicted to continue rising over the coming months.

Crypto News

Bitcoin Surpasses $38,000 in Value

Bitcoin, just yesterday, for the first time ever, reached a total value of $38,146.62. Just to put this into perspective, December of 2020 saw a gain of 50%, with a total gain of 300% in 2020. Moreover, just seven days into 2021, BTC rose by another 25.1%, an increase of over $9,000 in just seven days.

What is interesting to note is that the total value of Bitcoin now sits at $707.9 billion, or in other words, worth more than all but seven companies in the world.

Various world events including the storming of Capitol Hill in the USA have created massive uncertainty in regards to fiat currencies such as the USD, thus causing investors to turn to alternative investments, the main one at this time being Bitcoin and altcoins.

BTC bulls are pushing hard right now, and it’s predicted that Bitcoin could surpass $40,000 per coin within the next few days, and predictions that it will continue to rise, especially in the weeks leading up to the inauguration of the US president-elect, Joe Biden. It would seem to be a great time for investors to look into piling some money into Bitcoin.

Ripple’s XRP Upward Push – Will it Continue?

Something notable in the world of cryptocurrencies that has been unfolding over the past weeks is the story of XRP, the native token of Ripple. What is worth noting is that the exchange rate between the USD and XRP has increased by 40% in the last 24 hours alone. At its lowest in December of 2020, the rate sat at $0.17, with the intraday high now sitting at $0.328.

Now, although XRP has increased in value of the past few days, it also needs to be noted that XRP was actually delisted from many exchanges, which signals a crash of XRP. Experts are fearing that people may begin in investing in XRP once again, although signs show that this increase in value is a so called dead cat bounce, a false spike in value due to an overall increase in interest in the crypto market.

Although the value of XRP has spiked in the last few days, experts are predicting that this is just a momentary phenomenon, with another imminent crash in the near future. In other words, investing in XRP might be Ok for the short term, so for another couple of weeks, but in the long run, most would agree that it is not a safe bet.

Crypto News

Marathon Crypto Mining Market Cap Exceeds $1 Billion

The Las Vegas based company that engages in investments and crypto mining, Marathon, that has been operating since 2016, has just surpassed $1 Billion USD in market value. The shares of this crypto mining company have skyrocketed in value, rising by over 1,700 or $17 per share in the last 12 months.

Due to the rapid increase in value of Bitcoin over the past few months, Marathon has invested in over 90,000 new Bitcoin and altcoin mining machines between October and December of 2021. Marathon also just finished raising over $200 million USD in capital from investors for further expansion.

The combination of Bitcoin’s rally, the multitude of new mining machines, and the raising of new investment capital has allowed Marathon to bounce back from some monumental losses that it suffered in 2018, 2019, and in the early months of 2021. For people looking to buy shares of a publicaly traded company, a company that is profiting big-time through crypto mining, investing in Marathon might be a wise choice.

Crypto News

A Great Crypto Signals Service

One thing that we want to mention here is that if you don’t really know how to trade cryptocurrencies, or don’t know how to trade at all, we recommend checking out Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro. This is a very reliable crypto signal service that provides members with up to 12 signals per day. These signals are generated through a variety of reliable methods that produce highly accurate trading signals. These are signals that you can simply copy and paste into your trading platform. It’s an easy way to make money without actually having to know how to trade crypto.

The membership cost of Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro is just $299, a cost that you can easily make up for with just a few good crypto trades. For all of you newbie traders or lazy folks who don’t want to spend time trading, this signals service is a great option to consider.

Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro

Crypto & Bitcoin News for Traders – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that it is a very interesting time for investors interested in crypto. Bitcoin and the crypto market in general is rallying big time, and besides some coins like XRP, the rally is expected to continue. If you want to make some quick profits, putting some money into BTC at this time could be a good bet.



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Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro SIGNALS

Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro SIGNALS

Ok, as you might be aware, cryptocurrency appears to be making an absolutely massive comeback at this time. There was a while where the experts thought that even the largest of cryptocurrencies would not survive, mainly Bitcoin of course. However, Bitcoin is surging in value right now, with a current value of over $35,000 per BTC. Folks, this is where Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro comes into play.

It’s no secret that trading and investing is not easy. Whether we are talking about BTC and other cryptos, Forex, stocks, or anything in between, trading is hard work. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to trade, but want to take advantage of this Bitcoin surge, you need to use Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro signals. Let’s take a quick look at what exactly this signals service is and what it can do for you.

Cryptocurrency Mentor Box


What is Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro?

This is at this time one of the world’s best, lowest costing, and most reliable crypto signal services around. So, what is a signals service? Well, a signals service like this is one that provides you with daily trading signals, in this case for crypto, and more specifically for Bitcoin.

This means that instead of having to spend hours analyzing the market to find the best possible trades, you just have to monitor this signals service, wait for signals to be released, and then copy and paste those signals into your broker or trading platform of choice.

It’s really cool because it does all of the hard work for you. Instead of having to be both a crypto expert and a market trading expert (so you can actually find profitable signals), and instead of wasting countless hours on market analysis, you just have to wait for the signals to pop up, all courtesy of Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro. It’s a simple copy and paste job that can result in massive profits.


How does CMBP Work?

All you have to do is to join the group and open up a Telegram account. Telegram is a free messaging service that everybody in the world can access, making it perfect for a signal group such as this. Once you have opened a Telegram account (which is 100% free), and once you have paid the fee to join Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro, you will be provide with daily crypto trading signals.

These may come out in the morning or during the night depending on where in the world you live. Once you see the signals provided in the telegram group, just copy and paste them into your broker or trading platform. They all come complete with entry and exit points, so there is barely any work or know-how involved on your end.

What do You Get with Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro?

So, you are probably wondering what exactly you get with this Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro crypto signals service. The fact of the matter is that you get really reliable signals for one, but you also get a whole lot more, with everything designed to help you make money and to become a much more capable trader. So, what do you get here?

  • The main thing that you get with this signal service is of course the signals. Each and every single day, via the Telegram messenger app, you will receive up to 12 premium crypto signals. Keep in mind that these signals come complete with entry points and exit points, so you really don’t have to know or do much at all.

  • When you become a member, you will also be provided with level 2 inside news on a daily basis. This means that you will be provided with important listings and news updates that are relevant to your Bitcoin and crypto trading for that given day.

  • Next, one of the other awesome aspects of this Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro signal service is that it also doubles as an educational service. Here, pro traders and the admins will provide you with all sorts of crypto trading tips, awesome trading strategies, and so much more. This way, you can start trading BTC and other crypto coins without provided signals. You will also be taught how to understand signals, charts, and technical analysis in general.

  • You will be able to chat with the admins for premium support. With Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro, there is always somebody ready to help you.

  • You will also get to participate in premium pumps.

Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro


Benefits of CMBP

The main benefit of this particular signals service for crypto is of course that it allows everybody and anybody, even complete newbies, to profit via crypto trading. Due to the fact that all of the hard work an analysis is done for you, all that you need to do is copy and paste the signals.

Making money really could not be any easier. Moreover, the signals provided by this group are at least 90% accurate, which means that the vast majority of trades placed using these signals will be winners. Furthermore, there is also the fact that this service doubles as trading education system, and all for a very reasonable cost.


How to Join + Cost

In order to join the Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro signal service, follow this link and then follow the instructions. All you have to do is to open a Telegram account, send the payment to the required Bitcoin wallet, fill out a short form, and you will then have full lifetime access.

Once the payment is made and the form is filled out, you will then be added to the Telegram group where you will receive daily signals. The cost of this signals group is just $299, and it is a onetime payment with no additional fees.


Easy Money with Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro – Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that a signals service such as this Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro service will save you time and money, and it will help you trade BTC profitably without having to really know or do anything at all.


Cryptocurrency Mentor Box Pro


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How to Trade Forex – Best Tips

How to Trade Forex – Best Tips

It’s finally 2021 and we’re all hoping for a better year, and that includes bigger profits in the FX market. Folks, if you want to start the year off right and start making some real money, learning how to trade Forex is something that you should do.

If you want to be able to work from home and make good money doing so, then foreign currency trading is definitely an option. There are many people out there who become wealthy via the currency market, and many more who make a good living trading those currencies.

With that being said, Forex trading is not something you can just decide to be successful at. It’s not like riding a bike. If you want to be profitable, and not lose a ton of money, you first need to learn how to trade Forex. This is not something that you can do based on a gut instinct. It takes knowledge, skill, patience, and practice.

Today, this article is for newbies, and it’s all about where the best place to learn to trade Forex is. Moreover, we know that people are strapped for cash right now with this whole COVID pandemic, so we want to provide you with a free educational resource. Let’s take a look at one of the best free online educational resources that will teach you how to trade Forex like a pro.

How to Trade Forex

Trading Forex with Andrew’s Trading Channel

Before we get into talking about some easy ways to trade Forex, let’s talk about where this information is coming from. Today, we want to talk about Andrew’s Trading Channel on YouTube. For those of you who don’t know Andrew, he is a long time trader of Forex, stocks, crypto, and more.

He’s been in the business for around 10 years now, and he has seen plenty of success in that time. For the past few years, Andrew has made it his mission to teach newbies how to trade Forex. He is actually also the mentor behind the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy, a reputable Forex trading school.

Another one of the main ways he does this is via his YouTube channel that features thousands of the best Forex trading tips, guides, and strategies around. Of course, this resource is 100% free, and therefore perfect for people who are just starting out.

How to Trade Forex

How to Trade Forex – Best Tips & Strategies

Right now, we want to take a look at some of the best and most popular Forex trading guide videos featured on Andrew’s trading channel. These are guides designed for newbies, so that beginners can easily grasp the concepts and put them to use right away.

How to Trade Forex

Trading with a Small Account

The fact of the matter is that as a beginner trader, you probably don’t have all that much money to spare. Remember people, never risk any money that you cannot afford to lose, and comfortably so. Keeping this in mind, it could mean that you have very limited capital to start trading with, maybe only $100. There is no denying that starting your Forex journey with such little cash is hard.

However, it is not impossible, and if you trade wisely, you can easily grow that trading account into something substantial. In this particular video tutorial on how to trade Forex, Andrew teaches you how you can start with as little as $100 and grow that into something much larger in a very short amount of time.


Finding Good Trading Setups

One of the most important things that you need to learn how to do if you plan on being successful in the world of Forex is to find the right trading setups. Folks, there is a lot of work that goes into finding the right setups, or in other words, potential trades that can put profits in your pockets.

It all starts here, and if you are unable to find the proper setups, the rest will never come together. In this particular video on how to trade Forex, Andrew provides you with some awesome tips and rules on how to get started with trading and how to find those setups.

Signs to Cut Your Trade

Just as important as finding the right trading setups and the right exit points is knowing when you need to cut a trade. Folks, sometimes trades just won’t go your way. This is normal in Forex trading. Simply put, you can’t win them all. It happens to the best of us.

With that being said, money and risk management is essential, both for success and to prevent excessive losses in the event that a trade doesn’t go your way. In this particular video, Andrew tells you what the two main signs are that you need to close out a trade, particularly if it looks like it will go against you or has already started moving against you.

Trading Part Time with a Full Time Job

The final guide we want to touch on today is this one on how to be a successful part time trader while still retaining your day job. People, here you will learn that you can make great money trading part time, while not giving up the security of your full time job.

Learning to Trade Forex Like a Pro – Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. As you can see, Andrew’s Trading Channel is by far one of the best places to learn to trade Forex. He’s a great teacher that makes learning both fun and easy, and he doesn’t waste your time either. He gets right to the meat and potatoes of it all so you can start making money fast, not to mention that it’s free.

Now, the fact here is that this YouTube channel is indeed one of the best places for Forex trading tips, guides, rules, and strategies. However, it does not qualify as a ground-up education. If you really want a comprehensive Forex education that will teach you the basics and the fundamentals of it all, we would recommend checking out the Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy.




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