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The BTC Super Mining app claims to be a highly profitable cryptocurrency trading tool. Supposedly, it can generate profits of 24% on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Yeah, one thing that did come to our attention here has to do with the name of the app itself. Why in the world would the creators call this the BTC Super Mining system, when it is actually an automated trading app? It is totally misleading, and at the very least, it just does not make any sense at all.

However, the odd choice of name for this system is not why we are here. After all, although a bit perplexing, it does not mean that the BTC Super Mining app is a scam. However, we did do a lot of research and we have come across some other very disturbing pieces of information. For one, these guys don’t provide any proof whatsoever that this system is legit or profitable. Yet, through our research, we have found a few scam factors which indicate that something shady is going on here. This is our BTC Super Mining scam review and we are here to get to the bottom of things once and for all.


BTC Super Mining


BTC Super Mining Company & Leadership

First off, we noticed some off stuff going on in terms of the BTC Super Mining company. They claim to be registered in the UK. They even provide a UK Companies House registration document to try and provide that this app is legit. Well, it did not take much for us to find out that the document shown is a fake. We looked up the BTC Super Mining LTD company, and sure enough, it just does not exist at all. It is not legally allowed to operate in the UK or in another country on this planet. The whole operation is completely illegal and unlicensed. It has no legal authority to do anything it claims.


BTC Super Mining


Furthermore, the leadership is also totally hidden. In other words, the BTC Super Mining system totally lacks transparency. The owners of this app have gone out of their way to ensure that we never find out who they are. This is very suspicious no doubt. Unless there is something illegal going on here, why would the owners not want us knowing who they are? The obvious answer is that the BTC Super Mining app is designed to steal money from people. The owners just don’t want to end up in prison for defrauding thousands of people.

Another lie that we busted here is that the BTC Super Mining app has been active for something like 2 months now. We did a domain registry check, and no, the has not been running for as long as is claimed. The website only went live a couple of weeks ago. On that same note, all ownership information for the domain and website is totally private. The people in charge really do not want us knowing who they are!


Is The BTC Super Mining System Profitable?

Of course, the most important thing to find out here is whether or not the BTC Super Mining app is profitable. After all, the whole point of it would be for investors to make a profit, right? Wrong! The point here is most likely to scam you out of money. Guys, it’s a crypto trading app that is named as if it were a Bitcoin mining system!

Moreover, we aren’t ever actually informed of how it works at all. Sure, we’re told that it trades Bitcoin and Ethereum for a profit. However, there is no proof that this is true at all. We never get to see the trading platform. We aren’t told what the trading strategies are. We aren’t told what kind of indicators and analysis tools are being used either. When it comes to the inner workings of BTC Super Mining software, we are left totally in the dark. Talk about being suspicious!


BTC Super Mining


Besides that, we’re told that the BTC Super Mining app can generate an ROI of 24% on our investment each and every single day. First off, when you are trading crypto, there is never a guarantee of returns whatsoever. This app would have to be magical if it could guarantee profits. Yet, as you probably know, through trading, there is no such thing as a profit guarantee. Life just does not work that way.


BTC Super Mining


Furthermore, even if it were possible to guarantee returns, a daily and lifelong ROI of 24% just is not realistic either. Heck, it is not even possible, especially considering that this is supposedly an automated app. It’s not even in your control. Finally, we have talked to several people out there who have been taken to the cleaners by this app. Everybody we have talked to has the same story. They invested some money with BTC Super Mining software, and that money was never seen again, not to speak of actual returns.

BTC Super Mining – A Ponzi Scheme?

The other thing that we noticed about the BTC Super Mining system is that it is most definitely a Ponzi scheme. There is a referral program in place which promised to pay you 20% of an investment if you get your friends to invest. Well, we know that this software never actually pays the bonuses as promised. It’s just a ruse to try and lure more people into willingly handing over their hard earned money.


BTC Super Mining


BTC Super Mining Scam Review – The Verdict

At the end of the day, it is painfully obvious that this is just another cryptocurrency scam. You are the target and this system will rip you off given the chance. The owners are keeping themselves hidden, plus the company is bogus. The name of the app makes no sense, and it surely is not profitable at all. The cherry on top is that BTC Super Mining software is also a massive Ponzi scheme. Folks, the only thing you will accomplish by investing money into this crypto trading app is the total loss of your money!

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