Miner Server Scam Review – PROFITABLE?

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The Miner Server system claims to be the very best Bitcoin mining tool in the world, one which allegedly provides huge returns. Sure, this sounds great, but is it really true? We have found quite a bit of contradictory evidence that points away from the Miner Server app being profitable. The purpose of this Miner Server review is to share our findings with you.


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Miner Server App – Leadership

One thing that we always want to know about any Bitcoin mining operation is who the leadership team consists of. After all, if we are expected to invest our hard earned money with any kind of software, we need to know that we can trust the people in charge of it. If we can’t trust the people, we also can’t trust that our money will get returned to us, especially not with a profit.

Well, the Miner Server app does not appear to have clear leadership. It is totally anonymous and lacks any semblance of transparency. We are never informed of who is in charge here. Heck, we even tried doing some research, but came up totally empty. When we checked the website domain, Miner-Server.com, there was some info to be found. However, the info about the domain has clearly been fabricated and falsified. It is evident that whoever is leading the charge here does not want anybody knowing who they are.

Folks, the only reason why the people behind Miner Server software would choose to remain hidden from sight is because they are doing something illegal, which in this case is theft on an epic scale. They don’t want their true identities revealed because they are planning on robbing people of their investments, something which they have already done to hundreds of people. They just don’t want to end up in jail for stealing your money.

Miner Server System – The Company

Another suspicious aspect that came to our attention here has to do with the supposed company behind the Miner Server app. We are told that the company is officially registered in the UK. At the same time, we are even provided with an address for the business HQ, plus a phone number too. Yet, none of this seems to be real at all. For one, the address listed, as can be seen on Google Maps, is not legit at all. It definitely does not belong to the Miner Server company. The phone number is also phony, as nobody ever picks up the call when we try.

Furthermore, although these crooks claim to be registered as an official company in the UK, this does also not seem to be the case. All it took was a quick check of the UK business registry to confirm that the Miner Server company is not actually registered in the UK. In other words, it is not an official company, not in the UK or anywhere else in the world, at least not in any legal sense. Moreover, this also means that the Miner Server business is not properly licensed. It does not possess any real legal authority to accept investments from people.


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Miner Server Software – Free To Use?

The next scam factor that we noticed in regards to Miner Server software is that it claims to be totally free to use. Does this sound realistic to you? Guys, this is supposedly a business, and businesses are in it to make a profit. So, if these guys don’t charge you any money to use this Bitcoin mining software, they charge no maintenance fees, and they give you a full 100% of the profits, how do they make money?

Nothing in life is free and nobody is going to do BTC mining for no cost. This is actually one of the bigger scam factors that came to our attention because it just makes this whole Miner Server operation very unfeasible and unrealistic. It just does not make any sense at all, unless of course these crooks are just enticing people with free money, which of course never materializes.


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Miner Server Program – What Mining?

Yes, we are told that this is a Bitcoin mining system, so where is the mining? What we mean to say is that besides the hash rate and alleged profits, we are not actually told a single thing about this Bitcoin mining operation. Where are the BTC mining facilities located? What kind of hardware is being used?

There are a few other question that we would want answers to before investing any amount of money here, questions that are all unanswered. As far as we can tell, based on a total lack of evidence and the super vague nature of Miner Server software, it is clear that no such Bitcoin mining ever happens here. It is just an empty shell for you to deposit your money is, all just so the criminals running this operation can steal it from you without warning.

Miner Server App – Impossible Profits

The other thing that we absolutely need to mention about the Miner Server app is that the alleged ROI is totally impossible and unrealistic. If we were to convert the value of BTC into money, if you invest $3,300 here, you should be able to make close to $30,000 in ROI in 12 months. Sure, this definitely sounds like an attractive offer, especially because the Miner Server app guarantees these returns.

However, do you really think that anybody is going to mine BTC for you, free of cost, and give you all of the profits, especially such large numbers? The answer here is a resounding no! All of the people we have talked to, who have invested money here, have bit the bullet and paid the price. Nobody has made money with Miner Server software, and that is the bottom line.


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Miner Server Review – Conclusion

After all is said and done, it is painfully obvious that Miner Server software is just another cryptocurrency scam. Its sole purpose is to steal money from innocent investors like you, something it will surely do if given the chance.

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