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If you are tired of losing trades, you might finally want to switch over to The Calloway Software autotrader. As you will soon find out, there is simply no better cryptocurrency trading app in the world than this. We have posted another live trading session here and we want to talk all about it. It is by far the best and most profitable The Calloway Software trading session to date.



The Calloway Software App – Latest ITM Rates

When it comes to trading fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, of course one of the most important aspects is the ITM rate. If you did not already know, the ITM rate is the percentage of trades won vs lost. An 80% ITM rate would mean that 4 of 5, or 8 of 10 trades were winner. In terms of The Calloway Software system, we have always been able to achieve extremely high ITM rates. Generally speaking, if you follow all of the tips which we give here on a near daily basis, you should have no problem achieving a 75% to 85% ITM rate. This is actually the minimum.

We usually win most of our trades, 9 out of 10 trades placed at the very least. No, winning trades with The Calloway Software app is not totally fool proof. However, if you take advantage of all of the features which we have explained in previous reviews, losing your money is nearly impossible. Yes, we have also experienced trading sessions where not a single trade was lost, which is because we know how to use The Calloway Software autotrader in a very effective way.

As you can see from the video which we have posted here, our latest The Calloway Software trading session turned out to be very fruitful to say the least. Here there were a total of 4 trades placed. Out of the 4 positions opened, all 4 turned out to be profitable winning trades. In other words, this latest trading session saw a 100% ITM rate. Although achieving this kid of win rate is somewhat rare, it is definitely not impossible. So, if you are tired of always losing trades with other trading platforms, you should absolutely give The Calloway Software app a try, as it seems to be the most accurate system in the world right now.

The Calloway Software – Latest ROI

Of course, in terms of crypto trading, the ITM rates have a direct relationship with the ROI which you can achieve. The more trades are won in comparison to those place, the more money you will end up making at the end of the day. As we mentioned, as can be seen in the trading video, there were 4 trades placed in total in the most recent The Calloway Software trading session. As we also already mentioned, all 4 of these trades were winners.

So, in those 4 trades, we invested 1,250 Euros in total, with slightly different initial investment amounts for each trade. At the end of the it all, we walked away with 2,175 Euros, which is no small number indeed. If you do the calculations here, 2,175 – 1,250, comes to a total of 925 Euros in profits. In other words, the ROI here was absolutely spectacular. This translates to a near 75% ROI rate. Folks, this means that we managed to nearly double our initial investment!

Now, while it is not unheard of that crypto trading programs can be very profitable, it usually takes several days to make this kind of cash from just a few trades. Do you know how long this recent trading session lasted, the one where we walked away with 925 Euros? It only lasted 35 minutes. That is right guys, we made close to 1,000 Euros in just 35 minutes of trading! Clearly The Calloway Software app is the best system of its kind, and if you like making money, using anything but this particular piece of trading tech would not be wise.



Some Quick The Calloway Software Trading Tips

  1. Always check the economic calendar for the latest news concerning currencies. Always keep an eye out for 3 bulls news. If any particular currency is listed as having 3 bull news, do not trade with it. Even more important to remember, if the United States Dollar is going through 3 bull news, do not trade with any national fiat currencies. If this is the case, stick to trading cryptocurrencies exclusively, at least for that day.

  1. Make sure to take advantage of the technical analysis feature which The Calloway Software app comes with. This is actually a brand new feature which was just added last week. It is pretty much just a graph which indicates whether you should place a buy or sell trade with a specific currency pairing. This technical analysis feature is very accurate and should not be ignored by all means.

  1. The Calloway Software app also comes with something called the confidence factor. Simply put, it tells you what the chances of winning a specific trade are. If one pairing has a 60% confidence factor, and another pairing has an 80% confidence factor, choose the one with 80%. The higher the confidence factor is, the higher the chances of a trade being won.

  1. When using The Calloway Software app, always make sure to pay attention to the market signals section. The most important thing to look for here is the volatility rating. Opposed to what you might think, the more volatile a pairing is, the better off you are trading with it. You always want the volatility to be at 1% or higher if you want to make some real profits by trading that particular pairing.


The Calloway Software Latest Update – Conclusion

The bottom line is that The Calloway Software app is still the best crypto trading solution in the world right now. The signals provided are very accurate, as are all of the technical and fundamental analysis tools included. Everything here is super easy to use, which makes walking home with a healthy profit almost guaranteed.


The Calloway Software

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