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If you would like to mine Bitcoin for a healthy profit, you might have taken a look at the BTCPool system. The BTCPool app is a Bitcoin mining pool which claims to be highly profitable. According to it, you can make profits on a daily basis for the rest of your life, all on a minimal investment and with no work involved on your behalf. Yes, the claim here is that the BTCPool system can make you filthy rich in a matter of months, with no end in sight to the cash flow.

However, we personally do have some qualms about this Bitcoin mining system. For one, the profits it promises are quite unrealistic. This is beside the point that this Bitcoin mining program appears to be anonymous and illegal in pretty much every way imaginable. These guys really offer zero proof that this crypto mining app works as advertised. Yet, through our own research, we have found plenty of evidence which speaks to the opposite. We are here today doing this BTCPool review for your benefit, to keep your financial security safe and to stop you from getting scammed.


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The BTCPool Company

First and foremost, we have no idea who owns or leads this crypto mining system. This is definitely not due to a lack of research on our behalf. These crooks have purposely gone out of their way to ensure that we never find out who they are. When it comes down to it, it is blatantly obvious that the BTCPool leadership team is hiding in a shroud of anonymity. Nowhere on the website is there even so much as a mention of leadership.

Guys, we have said it before and we will say it again. You simply cannot trust an anonymous investment program like this. Once you hand these guys your money, you don’t know whose hands it is in, thus making you vulnerable to theft and fraud. This is exactly what happens here.

On that same note, the actual company, BTCPool, is not legitimate either. This kind of investment company needs to be registered and licensed in order to take investments from people and to provide returns. Well, we could not find BTCPool software registered in a single country on this planet, nor could we confirm that it is licensed. This means that the BTCPool app is totally illegal. It has no legal right or authority to do any of the things which it claims. However, we suppose that this does not really matter, as the main point of this crypto mining app is to steal money from you.


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Is The BTCPool Mining System Profitable?

The BTCPool app claims to be able to deliver you with around $110 in profits on a daily basis through Bitcoin mining. Well, first off, we are never told any valuable information about the mining itself. There are a ton of questions we always want answered when it comes to any crypto mining app like this. Where are the facilities? What is the hash rate? What kind of hardware is being used? How much of our investment is actually used for mining?

These are all questions that remain unanswered here and that is a huge problem no doubt. How can we be expected to trust our hard earned money with the BTCPool app when it does not even really clarify how it works or what it does?

Furthermore, the profit margins and ROI promised to the investor here is also quite ridiculous. Guys, if we are to convert Bitcoin to USD, it means that with an $1,100 investment, we would earn $110 per day. So, this would mean that we would make our money back in under 2 weeks. Furthermore, apparently these profits keep on rolling in for however long this system will be active for. Guys, this would translate to hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars in profits over several years.

To say the very least, this is highly unrealistic. For one, these guys never mention what percentage of the profits they keep for themselves or how much of our initial investment is actually used for mining. Moreover, making this kind of cash on a daily basis off such a small investment is not only highly unrealistic, but totally impossible too. This whole BTCPool mining app is a complete joke, an epic exercise in thievery, one where innocent investors like you are the target.


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BTCPool System – Other Dangerous Aspects

  • The BTCPool app is definitely a pyramid scheme of epic proportions. These crooks claim to provide you with as much as 17% of the action if you go through the affiliate program. In other words, if your father invests $1,000, you will supposedly get $170 for free. Well, this is not true. For one, this is an easy way for the BTCPool system to get to more victims. Second, these crooks never actually pay out the affiliate bonuses at all.
  • The BTCPool shows a bunch of payouts. These are obviously fabricated. There is no way to confirm that these payouts are real. Moreover, everybody we have been in contact with will confirm that their investments disappeared and no profits ever materialized.

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  • We know for a fact that several people have had their Bitcoin wallets plundered shortly after investing money with BTCPool software. These crooks want access to your Bitcoin wallet, which they more or less get because they ask for your wallet address. After they have your address, they will do everything they can to hack into the wallet and clean it out.

BTCPool Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing that we can say about this BTCPool system is that it is a scam. As you can see, there is no proof to show that it is the real deal, while there are plenty of facts to show its true nature. Hundreds of people have already been taken to the cleaners by this deplorable crypto mining scam, so make sure that you are not the next victim on the list. Guys, just stay away from this BTCPool scam altogether. It’s just not worth the trouble.

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