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The Jet Mining HYIP claims to be a high powered Bitcoin miner that can provide you with a cool $10,000 USD in profits per day. Sounds great right? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? This is our Jet Mining scam review and we are here to chop this bogus Bitcoin miner down to size!

Jet Mining Scam – Horribly Minimalistic

The very first thing which we noticed about is that it is very minimal and barely has any information present whatsoever. Sometimes being minimalistic in nature is a good thing, but definitely not when it comes to info about our investments. If you look at the site, you will see that there is barely anything there at all.

These guys claim to be making a ton of cash with their Bitcoin miner app, but from the looks of the website, these crooks can barely pay for a hamburger dinner. The point here is that when a company claims to be so highly profitable, and then has a really terrible low budget website, it arouses a great deal of suspicion. If the Jet Mining HYIP is worth so much money, then why does the website look like total garbage?


Jet Mining Company Ownership

One thing which came to our attention right away about this Jet Mining application is that there is no leadership to be found. If you look at the super minimal, you will see that there is barely any information on the site whatsoever. There is definitely nothing to indicate that there is any kind of legit ownership or leadership. Folks, whenever you come across a crypto investment app like this, you have to be extremely suspicious and very cautious.

There is always a reason why the people behind apps like this refuse to divulge their identities, and it is not a good one, at least as far as any investor is concerned. We have it on very good authority that the Jet Mining HYIP does not produce any profits, and not only that, it steals your initial investment too. Therefore, it would make sense why the crooks behind this malicious Bitcoin miner scam would choose to stay hidden from sight. They just don’t want to end up behind bars for scamming you out of your hard earned money.



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Jet Mining HYIP – Not Licensed

The next huge red flag which popped up here has to do with the Jet Mining company itself. Realistically speaking, there is nothing truthful on the site about the company. For one, there is a contact form that can be used in a vain attempt to contact these crooks. Naturally, we tried contacting them, and of course, there was absolutely no response.

Second, the site does list an address which we assume is supposed to be the Jet Mining headquarters. The address claims to be in England, but as far as we can tell, it is a totally phony address. Google certainly has no clue where this address is. It’s a bogus address and it does not belong to this company.

There is also the fact that the UK Companies House has no record of this company existing, which is obviously a really big deal. It shows that this company is not real or legit at all. Finally, neither the FTC nor any other trade or financial regulation commission has ever heard of these guys either. This means that Jet Mining is not licensed, and therefore has absolutely no legal right or authority to do anything related with financial investments. The whole company is totally bogus and should not even be in existence at all.

Jet Mining Scam

Fake Jet Mining User Testimonials

One of the funniest, yes funniest, aspects of is the section with user testimonials. Well, to be fair, there are 3 user testimonials, so not very many. What is funny is that apparently all 3 of the Jet Mining user testimonials were left by the exact same person, a dapper looking, suit wearing professional.

Yeah, he certainly looks well dressed, almost like the image came straight from a business weekly photo shoot. It’s a total joke, because his image is used for all 3 user testimonials, but we never even get his name. The whole thing is just horribly unbelievable and terribly executed. Heck, we would probably respect these scammers more if they actually put a modicum of effort into trying to fake a bunch of user testimonials.

Jet Mining Scam

Does Produce Profits?

Something that you are undoubtedly wondering here is whether or not the Jet Mining HYIP can put money in your pocket. Based on everything we have said about this get rich quick scheme so far, you can probably predict what direction we are going in here. Anyway, claims to be a Bitcoin miner. However, there is exactly zero information present on the website about it. There is not even the smallest explanation in regards to the inner workings of this BTC miner HYIP. This is already super suspicious as is.

The real kicker here is that we are told that the Jet Mining app can produce around 1.8 BTC per day in profits, which translates roughly to $10,000 USD. Folks, do you really think that this is true? Unless you are robbing banks, there is no way any investment could ever provide you with such a large figure per day. Bitcoin mining is just not all that profitable to begin with, so making such a large ROI every single day is totally bogus. This would be the case even if actually mined for Bitcoin, which, spoiler alert, it does not.

Jet Mining Scam

So, the Jet Mining Bitcoin miner does not mine for anything at all, and you won’t ever make a profit with it. The cherry on top here is that the best investment plan here costs 4.5 BTC, which is about $25,000 USD. So, at the end of the day, buying the best investment plan will accomplish nothing more than burning $25,000 in an instant. You would be better off using $25,000 to heat your home by burning the cash in your fireplace. That would at least provide you with a couple hours of warmth. Review – Conclusion

When all has been said and done, the only thing left for us to tell you is to stay away from this Jet Mining HYIP. It’s a scam and nothing else.


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