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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin appear to be making quite the comeback, and the Ruver Gold mining system claims to take advantage of this for your benefit. The claim here is this Ruver Gold HYIP is a heavy duty Bitcoin and Ethereum mining app. As far as the website is concerned, it can provide you with a massive 6,500% ROI in just 1 single month. Yes, it would of course be amazing if this crypto HYIP had the ability to multiply your money almost infinitely in such a short amount of time.

However, of course, the claim that this Ruver Gold miner can provide you with such high profits is questionable and highly suspicious at best.

If you look at the website, you will notice that there is a total lack of information in regards to all important aspects that we want to know about. Sure, the website repeats over and over again that this cryptocurrency mining app can make you super wealthy. Yet, when it comes to any kind of evidence or proof to back up these claims to fame, there is none present. We are here today to do this Ruver Gold scam review to get to the bottom of things once and for all!  

Ruver Gold Scam Alert

Ruver Gold HYIP – Company & Leadership

The first thing we noticed about the Ruver Gold mining app is that there is no defined leadership. If you look at the website, you will see that there is exactly zero reference to anybody who might own or lead this cryptocurrency mining operation. Not a single thing. Of course, this is something which does not sit right with us in the least. Why would we ever trust any kind of investment with people who refuse to tell us who they are? It just does not make any sense.

If we are to trust the Ruver Gold mining system with our cash, we definitely want to know who is running the show. There is one reason why the crooks behind this scam don’t want us knowing who they are. It is because they are operating an illegal investment scam. They just don’t want to end up in prison for fraud, so they are choosing to remain hidden within a shroud of anonymity.

The company behind this Ruver Gold app is not any better either. Just like there is no info on the website about ownership, there is also no info about the company itself. If we are to invest money here, we want to know where this company is based, who is in charge, if they are licensed, and a lot more. The most important aspect is registration and licensing.

Of course, there is no info on about registration or where the company is based. Moreover, neither the FTC nor FCA have ever heard of these guys, which means that the Ruver Gold HYIP is not licensed. In other words, it has absolutely no legal right or authority to provide any kind of financial investment services.



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Does The Ruver Gold Investment Program Work?

Of course, the most important thing to think about here is whether or not the Ruver Gold mining application actually works. Guys, this is highly doubtful and questionable at best. If you look at, you will notice that there is zero information in regards to the actual mining itself. Where are these crypto mining farms? What is the hash rate? What are the overhead costs? Are there fees or commissions involved?

All we are ever told is that Ruver Gold mines for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other than that, there is no viable or usable information present. Such vagueness and a total lack of legit information and facts does not sit right with us.

Ruver Gold Scam Alert

Based on what we have just said, it is also safe to assume that the Ruver Gold mining app does not produce any kind of profits at all. Yes, the claim is that it will provide with an ROI of 6,500% in just 30 days. We feel that we do not need to elaborate here, because anybody and everybody should know that this is downright impossible. You can never make that much in ROI through crypto mining, especially not in a single month.

Don’t let the profits chart on fool you either, because all of this is 100% falsified. It’s not hard. Microsoft pain could have been used to create this supposed Ruver Gold payouts chart. We have talked to nearly 50 people who have invested money with this crypto mining app. They have all said the same thing, which is that their cash vanished and no returns ever materialized.

Ruver Gold Scam Alert


Ruver Gold Crypto Miner – A Bogus Affiliate Program

The other Ruver Gold scam factor we need to bring to you attention has to do with the bogus affiliate program involved here. The Ruver Gold affiliate program claims to provide you with 12% of any investment made through your referral. Sure, it would be nice, but it just is not true. These guys will take money from anybody, but it is not like you will ever get 12% of anything. It’s just another lie to help sucker in more unsuspecting victims.

Ruver Gold Scam Alert


Ruver Gold Scam Review – Final Thoughts

What else is left to say about this Ruver Gold mining scam? Not much really. Guys, the Ruver Gold mining app is a scam, a rip off, nothing more than highway thievery at its finest. These crooks seem to have perfected the art of unceremoniously screwing you out of your hard earned money. These criminals have no qualms or second thoughts about stealing money from you, your kids, your grandmother, and anybody else you’d feel bad about if they got their money stolen! This Ruver Gold mining scam is dangerous and it wants to steal your cash!


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