99 Mining Scam Review – DANGER!

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: 99mining.cloud

99 Mining software is a relatively new Bitcoin cloud miner which promises to deliver massive ROIs on a daily basis. Apparently, if you send these guys some of your BTC, they will use it for cloud mining and give you a cool $1,000 in profits per day! Yes, this does of course sound like a very attractive deal to anybody who wants to make some quick cash. However, this 99 Mining HYIP features many suspicious aspects and scam factors which just don’t sit right with us.

In all reality, this looks like nothing more than another bogus get rich quick scheme that wants to steal cash from you. While there is absolutely no proof that 99mining.cloud is legit in any way, through our research, we have plenty of evidence to prove that this is indeed a scam. We are here today doing this 99 Mining scam review to keep you and your finances safe from harm, so let’s get right to it!

99 Mining Scam

99 Mining App – Leadership

The first scam factor that came to our attention here is that 99mining.cloud features a total lack of transparency. There is not a single mention on the website of anything to do with company ownership or leadership. This is very suspicious and super shady to say the least. Unless the crooks behind the 99 Mining scam are doing something illegal, there would be no good reason for them to keep their identities a secret. The whole point of this Bitcoin mining app is to steal money from you, so of course the criminals behind it do not want us knowing who they are.


99 Mining HYIP – The Company

The next red flag which came to our attention has to do with the 99 Mining company itself, especially its legitimacy. If you look at the website, there is an address provided for the headquarters of the company. However, this is a total lie.

Now, the address is real and it does exist in the UK. However, from our Google search, it became apparent that dozens of scam companies and other fake business entities use this address register phony headquarters. The provided address does not belong to 99 Mining.

Moreover, it is also apparent that this company is not registered, as the UK Companies House has no record of 99mining.cloud. Even worse, this BTC miner is not licensed with any kind of financial authority or control board. The bottom line is that this Bitcoin miner is not registered, licensed, or legal in any way, shape, or form.

99 Mining Scam


99mining.cloud – How Does It Work?

This next scam factor is a pretty big one no doubt. The point here is that this 99 Mining system does not actually explain how it works. Yes, this is a Bitcoin miner. This much is made clear. However, other than that, there is literally no valuable or useful information provided about it. We always have big suspicions when investment programs like this are very vague and do not provide much information. It definitely does not inspire the least amount of confidence.



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99 Mining Bitcoin Miner – What Are The Profits Like?

The 99 Mining HYIP claims to provide users with up to 0.1728 BTC per day in ROI, which translates roughly to $1,000 USD per day. Sure, this would be great if it were true, but of course, it is a total lie. Bitcoin mining is not all that profitable. Yeah, you might be able to make a few bucks per day, but not $1,000. That is ignoring the fact that this 99 Mining HYIP really does not work or do any BTC mining at all. It’s just a huge lie meant to attract more victims. There are no profits to be gained here.

99 Mining Scam


99 Mining BTC Cloud Miner – Bogus Payouts

99mining.cloud does feature supposed payouts on the website. There is a section which supposedly displays the latest profits made by people using this 99 Mining solution. Moreover, there is also a leaderboard section for the people who have profited the most. Guys, if you look at these payout charts, you will notice that they are very easy to falsify.

Literally a 5 year old child could have put these charts together using Microsoft Paint. We have spoken to dozens of people who have been scammed out of money by the 99 Mining HYIP. There is a lot of evidence to prove that this is a losing scam, yet none to prove that people are actually making money with it.

99 Mining Scam


99mining.cloud Affiliate Program – More Lies!

The 99 Mining BTC miner also claims that you can earn a compounding 5% bonus of every investment made by other people whom you refer. Folks, this is just a way for these crooks to expand their net and to get as much cash from people as possible. You won’t ever see that 5%, not ever.

99 Mining Scam


99 Mining HYIP Scam – BTC Wallet Hacking

The other thing you need to be weary of here is how the 99 Mining app wants your BTC wallet address, even before you invest money. This is super suspicious and it all boils down to these crooks hacking BTC wallets and emptying them of all funds. This has happened several times now.

99 Mining Scam


99 Mining Review – Final Thoughts

The only thing left to say about this 99 Mining HYIP is that it is a rip off and a scam per extraordinaire. The only purpose it serves is to scam you out of as much cash as humanly possible in as little time as possible. There is literally not a single legit aspect to it.

The owners are nowhere to be found, the address is bogus, and the company is not registered or licensed. There is absolutely no information about how this 99 Mining miner plans to put money in your pocket, but there are plenty of falsified lies on the website. At the end of the day, the only thing you will accomplish by investing here is the total loss of any and all investment capital.



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