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The Infinit Hour app is supposedly the best crypto investment opportunity in the world right now. As the story goes, you can invest just a couple thousand dollars here and be rewarded with several times your initial investment in profits. All of this can allegedly be achieved in just 24 hours. This definitely sounds way too good to be true to us. These criminals present no facts or evidence to back up any of their claims. However, through our research, we have found plenty of scam factors. We are here today doing this Infinit Hour scam review to present you with our findings.


Infinit Hour


Infinit Hour System – TOTALLY FAKE & ANONYMOUS!

The very first red flag that came to our attention here has to do with the Infinit Hour LTD company, as well as its so called leadership. First and foremost, we are informed that is a legitimate company that is registered in the United Kingdom. These guys even go so far as to provide us with a bunch of contact details, and even the company registration info as well.

Well, we did a bunch of researching, and from what we have gathered, Infinit Hour LTD is not actually a real company. From what we can tell, it is not really registered in the UK. The info provided is completely fake and fictitious. It is nothing more than some quick photo editing work to create fake documents. This is a very bad sign indeed. If this is not a real company, it means that whatever is going on cannot possibly be legit.


Infinit Hour


The other thing that we noticed about this Infinit Hour system is that the leadership team is clearly bogus as well. We are shown 3 people, the CEO, CFO, and the manager. The CEO’s name is allegedly Helen Pritts. Interestingly enough, even though Helen is strictly a woman’s name, here the name belongs to some moustache clad 60 year old man. In other words, the crooks running the InfinitHour scam did not even bother assigning coherent names to these people.

At any rate, we looked up the CEO, CFO, and the manager of this Infinit Hour application. None of them are real. We could not find any of them online as they do not have a single shred of an online presence to speak of. The pictures used here are just stolen or purchased stock images from other websites. The names are totally fake. These people we see are not the leaders of the system.


Infinit Hour


This brings us to our final point about the Infinit Hour leadership team and the company. This whole cryptocurrency investment and trading app is not licensed at all. Taking investments from people, reinvesting them, and providing financial advice are all strictly monitored financial activities. You require a license to do this kind of thing.

However, the Infinit Hour LTD company is not actually registered, the leadership team is phony, and there is no transparency to speak of. The obvious conclusion here is that this crypto investment program is therefore not licensed. It cannot possibly be licensed. Yes, these crooks will still take money from you, but it is not legal and they surely are not using it to generate a profit for you.


Infinit Hour Trading App – BOGUS USER TESTIMONIALS!

The next scam factor that came to our attention in regards to this Infinit Hour software has to do with the user testimonials. The InfinitHour user testimonials look and are completely fake. We are not even shown so much as a picture of the people who supposedly left these user testimonials.

Sure, the people have names, but names are super easy to invent, as can be seen by the phony leadership team. At any rate, the user testimonials here are way too overly positive to be real, plus we cannot confirm who wrote them. This is just another scam factor that cannot be overlooked.


Infinit Hour



Infinite Hour Program – ABSOLUTELY NO PROFITS!

Perhaps the most important thing to mention in terms of this InfinitHour app is that it does not provide any profits whatsoever. Sure, these guys talk a huge game, but it is all just a bunch of hot air, smoke, and mirrors too. The claim here is that the InfinitHour system can provide you with 21% hourly returns for 24 hours on a small $2,000 investment. This is not true at all.

Folks, if you invest $2,000, you would walk away with profits of $8,000+ after just a single day. Guys, this is not possible at all. Returns like these simply do not exist no matter what the investment opportunity is. The Infinit Hour system promises these returns. They are allegedly guaranteed. This is already really stupid. It is not possible to guarantee returns through cryptocurrency trading. The crypto market is very volatile, and while it is possible to make good money, returns simply cannot be guaranteed.

Heck, even if returns were 100% guaranteed, making the amount of money promised by the Infinit Hour app is not realistic. There is also the fact that we have spoken to many people who have invested money with They all say the same thing. They invested their money and then it vanished into thin air without a trace. Guys, you just won’t make a profit here. This Infinit Hour crypto scam is meant to steal your money, and it will do just that if given the chance, so please stay away from it.


Infinit Hour



Infinit Hour Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing that we can say about the Infinit Hour app is that it is a total rip off. It consists of a fake company with a bogus leadership team and phony user testimonials. Profits are non-existent and they simply never materialize. To top it all off, the app is a Ponzi scheme too. Please guys, just stay as far away from this scam as you humanly can. Its sole purpose to steal money from innocent people like you.




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