Cardonio Review: A LEGIT CRYPTO ICO?


The Cardonio initial coin offering promises big results and appears to have a good concept. However, we have done a lot of research and it has become obvious that something shady is going on here. This is our Cardonio ICO review and we are here to shut this crypto scam down once and for all.


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The first red flag that came to our attention almost instantly has to do with the leadership team. Sure, the website shows us 9 different people who are supposed to comprise the leadership team for this cryptocurrency initial coin offering. Well, all 9 of the people we are shown are totally phonies.

These are fictitious personalities created by the anonymous crooks in charge. The purpose is to make it seem like this Cardonio ICO has a real, legit, and trustworthy leadership team. This is surely not the case, not one bit. We are not going to bother naming the titles or names which these people have been assigned. All 9 of the people shown are just stock images combined with made up names.

They are not real people, they have no online presence, and they probably do not even know that their faces have been displayed on this website at all. The Cardonio initial coin offering is faceless, anonymous, and lacks transparency. This is a very bad sign no matter what the cryptocurrency investment system is. You just cannot trust anybody with your cash when you do not actually know who the people are.


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Cardanio Scam ICO – Unregistered & Unlicensed

Another scam factor that came to our attention about this Cardonio initial coin offering has to do with the company itself. What we mean to say here is that there is actually no real company at all. Besides on, the website, this company seemingly does not exist at all. As far as we can tell, it is not registered in the UK, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

There is no evidence that this company is registered anywhere on this planet. It does not appear to be a real company whatsoever. All this consists of is a website that tricks people out of their hard earned money. Investing in the Cardanio ICO is like throwing money into the US real estate market right before the last big economic meltdown happened.

There is also the fact that the Cardonio initial coin offering is not licensed at all. A company needs to be real, registered, and have transparency in order to get a license. A group of criminals cannot just go out and start taking money from people at will. Life just does not work this way. It takes special authorization and licensing to do this kind of thing. This whole thing is just totally illegal and these crooks are not legally allowed to accept investments. Of course, they will take your money, but it is nothing more than blatant theft which is going on here. – A Bad Whitepaper & Unclear Plan

What we do need to say about the Cardonio ICO is that it just does not look good at all. From what we can tell, this is all about creating a credit card for cryptos. As the story goes, all people now accept cryptocurrencies and you will be able to use this Cardonio card to pay for anything and everything. This is all there is to it.

Now, the idea here is not too bad. It does make sense to a certain degree, but only if you do not look closely. The fact of the matter is that many institutions and retailers still do not accept cryptocurrencies, which really does defeat the purpose of this whole thing. Moreover, if you take a look at the Cardonio whitepaper, it is quite unclear and nonsensical.

The whole thing uses big words and fancy terms to sound legit, but if you know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies, you will quickly realize that it’s all just empty space and hot air. It’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors with no merit to it whatsoever. It’s a novel idea, one which at this time just cannot possibly come to fruition. This is all really beside the point that is a total scam anyway.


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Cardanio Initial Coin Offering – Impossible To Profit

From what we can tell, it is not really possible to profit with the Cardonio initial coin offering. Ok, so even if it weren’t a total scam, there is still no way to make money here. For one, there is no proof of concept. A lot of the statements made by these crooks are false, they are lies, and they just cannot be taken at face value. In other words, there is absolutely no evidence, not even minimal evidence, that this business structure could work to make money.

There is also the fact that we have talked to a few people who have invested money here. All of them say that they never even received any tokens to begin with. Several people made investments of varying amounts. Yet, none of these people actually received Cardonio tokens. Their money was taken, no tokens were provided, and the investments just disappeared into thin air. Guys, the claim here is that you can turn 2 cents into $1.50 in just a couple months. The promised ROI here is just not possible, which is true regardless of whether the business concept here is genuine or not.


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Cardanio Crypto Scam – No Connection With Visa

The final thing that needs to be mentioned here is that the ICO really has nothing to do with Visa at all. Of course, Visa is a huge credit card company, but they have no relation to this ICO as is claimed on the website. It just is not true at all.


Cardonio Alert Review – Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that the Cardonio initial coin offering is totally bogus. There is no real way to make money here, and the people in charge do not even want us knowing who they are. It is brazen highway robbery at its finest.



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