CoinVus Scam Review: ICO SCAM?


The CoinVus ICO is said to be a super profitable Bitcoin mining operation. The story here is that if you invest just a little bit of money, you can earn some really big returns. Even better is that you do not actually have to do any work at all to get these returns. Sounds really awesome right? Well, this CoinVus initial coin offering actually sounds way too good to be true to us.

Yes, the promise huge returns, but this is not unlike any other pyramid or Ponzi scheme out there. Our problem here is that the people behind the CoinVus crypto mining program do not reveal any information to us that would help us be confident in its merit or value. There is literally no valuable info given to us, nor is there any proof that any kinds of returns exist at all.

However, we have found plenty of evidence which goes a long way in indication that there is a cryptocurrency scam going on here. There are so many scam factors present that we simply cannot ignore what is right in front of our eyes. These guys appear to be legit, but upon closer inspection things just fall apart. We are here today doing this CoinVus review for your benefit. We want to keep you and your financial security safe from harm, which means warning you about Bitcoin mining scams like this one.


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CoinVus Mining System – ANONYMOUS & FAKE!

First off, this CoinVus app lacks transparency in every single way imaginable. On the about us page, we are shown a picture of the supposed leadership team. As well, there is a little blurb about the company, which is signed by the alleged CEO, Lucas Weber. Well, for one, the image of the team we are shown is very clearly a stock image taken from some sales campaign. It definitely does not have a single thing to do with this CoinVus mining software.


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Moreover, we are never actually shown the face of Lucas Weber, only a little blurb of writing with some phony signature. We looked up Mr. Weber, and of course, we came up empty. Besides his presence on this CoinVus scam, he does not have any kind of online presence whatsoever. It is obvious that this CoinVus system is totally anonymous, faceless, and it is doing its best to conceal the identities of the real people in charge. If this is not a big red warning flag, then we don’t know what is.


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There is also the fact that this company claims to be registered in Australia and legally allowed to take investments from people. This is of course a lie. The registration documents shown on the website are 100% fake and created with some crappy photo editing tool. We looked this company up, and sure enough, it is not registered anywhere in the world. This means that anything the CoinVus system does, especially when it comes to taking investments, is not legal in the least.


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Perhaps the biggest red flag that came to our attention in regards to this CoinVus app is in terms of the supposed profits and ROI which it can provide. Sure, BTC mining can indeed be very profitable, but it is also risky, time consuming, and not a surefire thing. In the case of the CoinVus app, they promise that if you invest $10,500, you will earn daily interest of close to 7%. Apparently, after the 30 day period is up, you will have earned a total of 206% in ROI. Making this kind of money by doing nothing at all is totally unheard of.  

In other words, you would be able to turn $10,500 into over $30,000 simply by sending these crooks some money. Of course, this is way too good to be true and there is absolutely no evidence that this is real or legit. We have already talked to a few people who have invested money with this CoinVus software, and they have all been taken to the cleaners and left out to dry. The bottom line is that these anonymous crooks are just stealing money from people. They are not investing it or mining with it, just robbing you of your hard earned money.


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CoinVus Mining Scam – A PONZI SCHEME!

One thing that we know without a shadow of a doubt about this CoinVus mining system is that it is a neatly packaged Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. First of all, this BTC miner follows all of the classic rules of a Ponzi scheme. It guarantees huge returns on minimal investments, but of course, it never pays out any money to investors at all. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is.

Moreover, we do also know that it is a pyramid scheme thanks to the affiliate referral system in place here. Sure, the people behind this CoinVus scam call it the “partners program”, but a referral system is all it really is. The bottom line is that if you help these crooks screw your friends and family out of their money, you are supposed to get a cut of the action. However, of course, these guys are just casting a wide net and getting you to do the dirty work for them. As we have gathered from other people, these criminals never actually pay out the referral bonuses, making this not only a pyramid scheme, but a super illegal one at that.


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CoinVus Scam Review – The Verdict

At the end of the day, it is glaringly obvious that this CoinVus mining system is a total rip off. The owners are anonymous, the company itself is not legal or real at all, and the promised profits are simply non-existent. To top it all off, this cryptocurrency mining program is clearly both a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme. Whichever way you look at it, by investing your hard earned money here, the only thing you will accomplish is the total loss of your investment and a strong feeling of regret. Please folks, stay away from this CoinVus system at all costs because there is simply nothing to gain from it.




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