Finsilk Inc. Scam Review – REAL DEAL?


If you are interested in cryptocurrency investment programs, you might have already looked at the Finsilk Inc. program. Apparently, this is a Bitcoin and Forex  trading system where all of the work gets done for us. Supposedly, we just have to send these people our money, and Finsilk Inc. software will provide us with huge returns. In fact, the claim here is that we will be able to double our money in just 9 days. Sure, these guys make some pretty big and bold claims, most of which sound super awesome, like way too good to be true.

The problem here is that the Finsilk Inc. investment system just looks too good to be true. No, we are not talking about the website, because the site itself looks awful. We mean the promises made here in terms of potential profits just don’t seem right. There are a lot of scam factors present here, vague language, a lack of info, and downright lies. All of these things signify that there is something shady and illegal going on here, with you the investor being the primary target.

When it comes down to it, we just could not find any real evidence that this Finsilk Inc. system is the real deal. Everything we found speaks to the exact opposite, while of course these crooks don’t provide us with any info which would prove this whole thing to be legit. At any rate, we are here today doing this Finsilk Inc. review to share all of our findings with you. Our goal is to keep you safe and keep your financial security intact, so let’s get on with this review right here and right now.


Finsilk Inc.


The Finsilk Inc. Software Company

First off, we are told that the Finsilk Inc. system is an officially registered business in the country of Panama. Now, we were not able to find any evidence that this is true. We did some looking into the Panama business registry, and in terms of this Finsilk Inc. program, we came up totally empty.

As far as we can tell, the business is neither registered nor legit. Even if we just couldn’t find the listing for it, either way, Panama is a financial safe haven where criminals go to keep their money hidden. Even if it is a real company, there is a very real and very crooked reason why they would choose to be located in Panama. It is all super suspicious to say the least.

In terms of company ownership, the about us page for the Finsilk Inc. app lists 7 different people from the CEO and CFO to marketing managers too. Well, we are never shown any of these guys in action, or even so much as a picture. All we get is a bunch of names with short descriptions about their role in this so called business.

We did some research and could not actually locate any of these people. Therefore, it stands to reason that these people are fictitious characters. They are non-existent scapegoats meant to safeguard the identities of the real criminals in charge here. The whole point of Finsilk Inc. software is to steal money from people, which is why they are choosing to remain hidden within a shroud of anonymity.


Finsilk Inc.



Is The Finsilk Inc. System Profitable?

The people behind the Finsilk Inc. app would have you believe that this crypto investment program is very profitable. The claim here is that the best investment package can double our money in just 9 days. To be exact, they promise a 97% ROI in just 9 days. Now, while this would of course be totally awesome, it is also a total load of horse manure.

Folks, do you really think that becoming wealthy and filthy rich is as easy as sending the Finsilk Inc. app some money so they can trade with it? Guys, making this kind of money in such a short period of time is nothing short of wholly impossible. Life just does not work this way, because if it did, there would be no such thing as world poverty.

This is supposed to be a Forex and Bitcoin trading app, so how exactly these crooks propose to double our money up to 3 times per month is absolutely beyond us. Moreover, we are never actually told how the Finsilk Inc. program works. Yeah, we are informed that this is a Bitcoin and Forex trading system, but other than that, there is a lack of information.

We are not told about trading startegies, how the system decides which trades are profitable to execute, or anything else of importance. The combination of high profit claims and a total lack of info regarding the inner workings of Finsilk Inc. software is enough to send us running for the hills. The whole thing just does not make any sense at all and is way too good to be true.


Finsilk Inc.


Other Dangerous Finsilk Inc. Scam Factors

  • The Finsilk Inc. website is total garbage. It looks like it was designed by a drunkard during a single night of booze fueled creativity, or a lack of it should be say. The website just does not seem fitting for such a high earning crypto venture. It just does not look right.

  • It is clear that the Finsilk Inc. app is a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme. It has an affiliate program where you can get a cut of the action if you get friends and family to invest. Sure, these crooks will steal money from your friends and family, just like they will steal from you too. However, you will not ever get any kind of affiliate bonus. This much is clear.


Finsilk Inc.


Finsilk Inc. Review – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is literally not a single positive aspect to this Finsilk Inc. system. It is anonymous, it is not a real company, it is a pyramid scheme, and it promises results that never materialize at all. At the end of the day, it is totally obvious that this Finsilk Inc. program is a total rip off. It is meant to steal money from innocent investors like you, and if given the chance, it will do just that.

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