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As you probably know by now, The Calloway Software app is currently the very best cryptocurrency trading platform in existence. Yes, it can also trade stocks, fiat currencies, and more. As you also know, The Calloway Software app has recently added some more features. These features have made this autotrader much more user friendly, they help to minimize risk, and to maximize profits too. Today’s The Calloway Software review is all about using all of the available features to your advantage. Let’s explain each of the most important features and how you need to use them if you want to make a healthy profit on a daily basis.



The Calloway Software Tip #1 – Check The Economic Calendar

One of the first things that you want to do before you start trading with The Calloway Software app is to check the economic calendar. This is a great feature which this autotrader comes with and it is very important to take advantage of. You always want to check the economic calendar in relation to various fiat currencies. The thing you are looking for here is 3 BULL NEWS.

Guys, 3 bull news is bad when it comes to fiat currency trading. If any particular world currency is shown to be experiencing 3 bulls news, stay away from it. Do not trade with any currencies displaying 3 bull news. On a side note, if the USD is experiencing 3 bull news, it is recommended to stay away from trading all national currencies for the time being. If this is the case, it is recommended that you only trade with cryptocurrencies.


The Calloway Software



The Calloway Software Tip #2 – Check The Confidence Factor

One of the most important things that you need to do before you start trading is to take advantage of the confidence factor which each and every pairing in The Calloway Software app comes with. The confidence factor is a percentage and it lets you know the chances of any given trade being won. The confidence factor ranges from 0 to 100 percent, and the higher this confidence factor is, the better off you are making a trade with that particular currency or cryptocurrency pairing.

For instance, if the USD/JPY has a confidence factor of 90%, but the EUR/JPY pairing only has a factor of 70%, the USD/JPY pairing would be the much better one to trade with. At any rate, never trade with any pairings, crypto or otherwise, that has a confidence factor below 70%. Once again guys, the higher this confidence factor is for a pairing, the more likely that trade is to turn out to be profitable.


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The Calloway Software Tip #3 – Checking The Market News

Before you get into the hardcore analysis of cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairings, you should check the market news section. The market news section provides you with all kinds of important news updates from around the world. This should give you a good idea of which currencies and cryptocurrencies are the best ones to trade with at any given time. You really want to pay attention to big market, political, and economic developments here.

For instance, if there is a story about how the USD is about to plummet due to something awesome Mr. Trump did, you know that the USD is going to sink, therefore making it very volatile and a great option to trade with. Just remember that you will want to sell the USD in relation to another currency it is paired with. Using the market news section with The Calloway Software app is very important no doubt.


The Calloway Software Tip #4 – Check Market Signals For Volatility

If you did not already know, The Calloway Software app recently added a new feature. This new feature is the market signals feature. In terms of conducting some fundamental and technical analysis, this is quite important no doubt. This market signals section provides with you all kinds of price information in regards to all of the possible currency pairings featured within this crypto trading platform. Sure, the price differences over certain periods of time are important.

However, what you are really looking for here is volatility. You want a high level of volatility for any currency pairings you want to trade with. The more volatile a certain currency pairing is, the more the price is likely to change, thus allowing for higher profit margins. Generally speaking, you want the volatility rating to be at 1% or higher. If the volatility is under 1%, you should choose a different pair to trade with. This will help minimize risk as well as maximize your profits at the same time.


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The Calloway Software Tip #5 – Using The Free Technical Analysis

Another thing that you definitely need to do when using The Calloway Software system is to use the free technical analysis feature. This feature was actually just added a couple of days ago and it is super useful to say the least.

The currency and cryptocurrency pairings here all feature a technical analysis tab, located on each pairing. This technical analysis feature lets you know whether you should buy or sell, or in other words, if you should place a put or call trade, or no trade at all, with any given pairing. This is a needle graph and it ranges from strong buy, and buy, to neutral, to sell, and strong sell.

It’s a great way to tell how volatile a pairing is, and which direction you should trade in. Yes, guys, knowing whether to buy or sell is a really big deal with The Calloway Software app, and it can make all of the difference between losing your money and making a big profit. This free technical analysis feature is a really important one to pay attention to with The Calloway Software system.


The Calloway Software



The Calloway Software Trading Tips – Conclusion

There is simply no denying that The Calloway Software autotrader is the best of its kind. If you follow all of our tips and take advantage of the features discussed here today, making money should be a breeze.


The Calloway Software

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