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OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: software claims to be this awesome BTC doubling service which supposedly provides 100% ROI in just 24 hours. Folks, if you are not already aware, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of BTC doubling systems out there. Of course, the vast majority of t is hem, or actually all of them, are totally bogus. Scams like the app are super prevalent right now.

Yes, it would be completely awesome if you could invest any amount of BTC, and receive double the money back after just a single day. Even better, as the system advertises, you can do this as many times as you want. Folks, we always say that things which seem too good to be true are most likely a total rip off. This absolutely seems to be the case here. The fact that these crooks claim that they can double any investment in just 24 hours seems super ridiculous. We are here today doing this scam review to keep you and your money safe from harm. alert Software – Company & Leadership

First and foremost, if we are expected to invest our money with this system, we want to know who is in charge of it. Well, at no point on the website are we ever informed of who owns this program or who leads it. Seriously, there is not a single mention of anything to do with company ownership or leadership. This is very suspicious to say the least. Folks, unless there is something illegal going on, there is no good reason why the owners of the app would choose to remain anonymous. It is a telltale sign that there is something illegal going on here.

Furthermore, we tried contacting the people behind the app using the contact form on the website. Well, nobody ever got back to us, plus there is no phone number or address listed either. We looked up the system in various company databases from around the world, and we could not find it. This company is not registered in the UK, Australia, USA, Russia, Cyprus, or in any other country for that matter. From what we can tell, the company is not real at all. It is not registered or regulated, and it certainly has no legal or official standing. This whole thing is one giant rip off. – Inner Workings & Profits

The next red flag which came to our attention here has to do with the supposed profits promised by the system. For one, we are never actually informed how these profits are to be generated. The website never mentions whether this is supposed to be a Bitcoin trading or mining operation, or anything else for that matter.

We are left totally in the dark when it comes to the business model here, which is undoubtedly a huge issue. How are we supposed to trust the app with our cash, when they refuse to tell us how it works. In fact, the website actually states that profits are paid using money from new investors. Hmm, well, to us this sounds exactly like a Ponzi scheme, something we will get back to later on in this review.

Even more ridiculous is how we are promised a 100% ROI rate every 24 hours, plus we can supposedly invest as many times as we want. Think about it folks. Does it seem reasonable to be able to double any amount of BTC in just 24 hours, over and over again? No, of course it is not reasonable, realistic, or doable at all. This is not something that can be done, not ever. Doubling an investment in just 24 hours is unheard of. You would be really lucky to achieve this after a year, which is unrealistic too, let alone a single day. It just is not possible. alert

There is also the fact that the website,, displays a bunch of payouts to random BTC wallet addresses. There is no way to confirm that these payouts are real at all. It would have taken literally 2 minutes to PhotoShop this image. We have gotten quite a few complaints from people who have never received payouts, which definitely speaks against this payouts section on the website. alert

Other Scam Factors

There are indeed a few other scam factors worth mentioning here, ones which work to confirm that the system is indeed a scam.

  • The system requires you to enter your BTC wallet address before you can make an investment. Folks, it does not matter what the system or software is. You should never have to provide your BTC wallet address to anybody. We have gotten complaints of wallets being hacked and emptied shortly after investing money with software. It is clear evidence that there is something shady going on here.

  • The is obviously a Ponzi scheme too. As we touched on before, these crooks literally state that profits are provided to investors using investments from newer investors. Guys, this is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is. However, why these idiots would actually admit to it blatantly on the website is beyond us. alert

  • Forget about the affiliate program here. These guys claim to provide 50% in affiliate commission if you refer other people to this program. Folks, do you really think that this app is going to give away 50% of investments for a simple referral. It’s completely bogus. alert Review – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, it is totally obvious that software is a scam. There is literally not a single legit thing about it. The owners are totally anonymous, and the company itself is a complete sham. Moreover, there is no clear mention of how profits are generated, plus people have never actually received profits. To top it all off, the system is obviously both a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme. There is no way that we could ever trust this ridiculous scam with our hard earned money!

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