Crypton.Trading Review – REAL HYIP?


Crypton.Trading is a relatively new cryptocurrency investment platform, one which claims to be the best in the world. According to the website, the profits you will gain from investing here will far outweigh any other investment system. Sure, investing in cryptocurrencies, and trading them, can be quite profitable.

However, we personally have a few issues with this Crypton.Trading software. Yeah, these guys make some bold claims and big promises. However, they do not offer evidence to back any of them up. Heck, they barely offer any information at all. It is definitely very suspicious, and we do not really know what to make of this Crypton.Trading investment app.

We have done quite a bit of researching here, and the signs are definitely not positive. There are a lot of shady aspects and much missing information that does not sit well with us. At any rate, we are here today to do this Crypton.Trading scam review. Our aim is to find out whether or not this cryptocurrency investment system is the real deal, or just another big crypto scam. alert

Crypton.Trading Leadership & Ownership

The first aspect of the Crypton.Trading system which came to our attention has to do with company leadership. If we are ever expected to invest any amount of money into a crypto investment system like this, we definitely want to know who is behind it. After all, how can we expect our money to be safe, and to make a profit none the less, if we have no idea who is running the show?

It really does not sit right with us. Based on our experience, whenever you come across an anonymous investment program like this, crypto or otherwise, it is not to be trusted. The only reason why the owners of the Crypton.Trading system are choosing to remain anonymous is because they have something to hide. There is absolutely something shady going on here.

Crypton.Trading – A Bogus Company?

The next scam factor that came to our attention has to do with the legal standing of the Crypton.Trading company. So, we are told that we can contact these people through email and by phone. Well, we tried contacting them. They did not pick up the telephone, not for either of the provided numbers. They also never got back to us when we emailed them. This total silence is very suspicious to say the least.

Next, the Crypton.Trading company claims to be based out of the USA, San Francisco to be exact. Well, of course, the address provided on the website is not real. It does not belong to this company at all. Moreover, when we checked the US business registry, we came up empty as well. As far as the government of the Californian, and The USA is concerned, this company does not exist. Simply put, it is not a real or legal entity. It has no right to take investments from people. It’s all just a big pile of lies. alert

The Inner Workings Of The Crypton.Trading System

Something else that really does not sit right with us is how we are not provided with any information in regards to how this app actually works. Yeah, sure, we are told that this is the world’s best cryptocurrency trading software. The website makes mentions of lighting fast software and algorithms.

These supposedly work faster than anything else on the planet to come up with the best positions to be placed. However, this is nothing more than a jumbled and useless explanation. At its most basic, every crypto trading app in the world has algorithms, so this info really does not help us at all. The bottom line here is that we are not told a single thing about trading strategies or anything else of importance.

Heck, one of the most suspicious aspects of this Crypton.Trading system is which cryptocurrencies are actually being traded with. Not once does the website disclose which cryptocurrencies are being traded on the platform. Heck, this seems like really basic information. Unless there is no trading going on here, as we suspect, there is no reason why these guys would not disclose such basic info as this.

Moreover, the whole point of any crypto trading or investment program like this is to make money. Well, the Crypton.Trading website never tells us a single thing about ROI or returns. We are just supposed to believe that this Crypton.Trading software will put money in our pockets, but how much that is, is left up to the imagination. alert

Crypton.Trading Software – A Website Worthy Of The Rubbish Bin

Ok, so we do feel that this is worth mentioning. Crypton.Trading, the website, looks like it should be burned at the stake. It looks like some middle school child took a couple of minutes and used a free website builder to put this together.

The website is full of useless graphics, it is hard to navigate, has no information on it, and it just looks bad. If the Crypton.Trading app had so much money behind it, why does the website look so bad? It’s just yet another suspicious aspect of this Crypton.Trading system which leads us to believe that it is not the real deal.

Crypton.Trading Scam Review – Final Thoughts

So, when all has been said and done, it is pretty obvious that Crypton.Trading software is just a scam. The people behind it do not want us knowing who they are, plus the company itself appears to be totally bogus. We are never really informed of how this trading system works, nor which cryptocurrencies are being traded with. Heck, we are not even told what to expect in terms of profits. When it comes down to it, you just cannot trust this Crypton.Trading scam. It is not worth the trouble.

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