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The BTC Midas investment program claims to be able to generate unreal profits, both through Forex and cryptocurrency trading. The story here is that, apparently, you just have to send these guys your money, and an expert team of investors will manage it for you. Sounds great right? You know what sounds even better?

The claim that the BTC Midas system can provide you with up to 500 times your initial investment in profits in just 3 days. Yes, that is right, supposedly, if you invest a certain amount of cash here, you can get a 50,000% ROI in 72 hours. Of course, this has attracted the attention of investors around the world. After all, that is some serious cash.

However, as is often the case, things that are way too good to be true are mostly totally bogus. When it comes to the BTC Midas HYIP, too good to be true definitely seems to be the case. When it comes down to it, we have done a lot of research here, and we have found more than a couple of red flags. We are here today to do this BTC Midas scam review to keep you from making a huge mistake by forking over your hard earned money to these crooks.

BTC Midas

Who Is In Charge Of BTC Midas Limited?

The first red flag that came to our attention in regards to the BTC Midas investment system has to do with the people in charge of it. Yes, the website claims that a man named David Cruzoe is both the founder and CEO of BTC Midas Limited. However, this is simply not true.

We know this for a fact because we have seen his same face being used for at least a dozen other sales and marketing campaigns. It is just a stock image stolen or purchased from somewhere else, with a fake name attached to it. Mr. Cruzoe is not the real CEO or founder of the BTC Midas Limited Company.

The fact that these crooks blatantly lie to us on their website is more than enough to scare us away once and for all. Folks, you can’t ever trust anonymous investment programs like this, and even less so, ones that outright lie about leadership and make up fictitious characters. The only reason why the owners of the BTC Midas system would do this, is because they are doing something highly illegal and do not want to go to prison for it.

BTC Midas

The Company Behind It All – BTC Midas Limited

Perhaps the most important thing to recognize about this BTC Midas investment system is that the company itself is not what it appears to be. Sure, the company is actually registered in the UK under the UK Companies House. Honestly this surprised us, because usually, these scam companies will simply claim to be registered, but won’t actually be registered.

This is not the case with BTC Midas LTD, which is actually registered. However, there is a problem here, which has to do with the registration information. For one, the address provided for BTC Midas LTD is bogus. Well, the address does exist, but it is also shared by over 300 other companies. In other words, these idiots picked a random address out of a hat and ran with it.

Moreover, all of the contact details, including the phone number and email address, are both bogus too. Also, the name used to register the company is an alias. Folks, the UK does have a pretty serious problem, one where criminals can register companies with fake names and bogus addresses. For one reason or another, this is a problem which the British government cannot seem to get ahead of.

Is Profitable?

Well, the people behind the BTC Midas system would definitely have you believe that it is profitable. For one, we are told that this is a Bitcoin and Forex trading system. In other words, we give these guys our money, and expert traders then trade in BTC and FX to make a profit for us. Our problem with this is that we are never shown any evidence of this. There is no talk of the trading team and we do not know who they are, plus there are no mentions of trading strategies, risk levels, or anything else which would signify that actual trading goes on here.

Next, the level of profit which is promised by the BTC Midas investment system is horribly unrealistic. Apparently, you can make 700% ROI after 1 day, 6,000% after 2 days, or 50,000% after 3 days. These are all different investment packages. To be eligble for the 50,000% ROI in 72 hours, you need to invest at least $3,000. Guys, this would equate to 1.5 million dollars in pure profits in just 3 days.

Does this really sound realistic to you? There is no way, not through any kind of Bitcoin or Forex trading, that you could ever make this kind of money in such a limited amount of time. It is total nonsense. Speaking of nonsense, the BTC Midas system also comes with a referral program that promises people 10% of the action for referring friends and family. This is also totally bogus, as nobody has ever received such a referral bonus. It’s just another huge lie.

BTC Midas

BTC Midas Review – Final Thoughts

There is really nothing left to say here. The BTC Midas investment program is nothing more than another crypto and Forex scam. Yeah, it claims to provide big results, seriously big results, but these are yet to be seen. As far as we are concerned, the anonymous crooks running the show simply steal all investments for themselves. There has not been a single investor to make a profit from this BTC Midas scam. Folks, please stay away from this monumental exercise in thievery, because at the end of the day, this is all it really is.

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