Automated Crypto System – DAY 2 Results


We are pleased to announce that we have finally done our first Automated Crypto System trading session. In case you missed it, this Automated Crypto System autotrader was just released a couple of days ago. It has already made quite the commotion in the world of cryptocurrency and Forex trading. Just to be clear, this is a semi-automated trading platform for Forex and cryptocurrencies.

We had our doubts at first, but now that we have gone through our first highly profitable trading session, all doubts are quashed. One thing to note here is that the Automated Crypto System app is super easy to use. It’s perfect for beginners and pro traders alike, a big bonus indeed. Even better is that this program generates highly accurate signals for big win rates and even bigger profits. Today’s Automated Crypto System review is all about our first trading session and our profits. We will mention some other points as well.

Automated Crypto System Autotrader – Day 2 Profits

Of course, what you really want to know is how profitable the Automated Crypto System autotrader is. Well, this is our first trading session and it turned out to be highly profitable. We placed a total of 4 small trades, each of which we invested €50 in. Remember folks, this was just our first test run, so we wanted to keep our investment small. It would have actually been beneficial to invest more than €50, because all 4 trades turned out to be highly profitable.

First of all, all 4 of the trades ended up being big winners. In other words, the ITM rate for our first Automated Crypto System trading session was 100%. This is very good no doubt, as not a single trade was lost. In terms of profits, we made an astounding €517 in profits. This is pure profit. That is an ROI of close to 260%. In other words, with just 4 small trades, in 1 hour of trading, we nearly tripled our initial investment. It really does not get any better than that.

Automated Crypto System Profits


Automated Crypto System Platform – The Economic Calendar

Although trading with the Automated Crypto System program is indeed very easy, you do want to take advantage of the economic calendar. This economic calendar will tell you which Forex pairings are safe to trade with and which ones are not.

This is not something that you want to ignore, not in the least. You probably know by now, but what you want to pay attention to is 3 Bull News. Never trade with currencies that have 3 Bull News scheduled for release. It’s a good way to ensure that your trades will be profitable winners. Don’t forget it!


Automated Crypto System Program – The Educational Content

One thing that you definitely want to take advantage of here is the plethora of educational content available to use. Now, we as experts do not really have a need for this educational content. However, if you are a trading newbie, you might want to take a look at it. There are a bunch of videos and tutorials on how to use this Automated Crypto System app.

They are all very useful and will teach you the ins and outs of using this autotrader. It’s definitely quite useful. Moreover, there are also various trading lessons available which teach you how to trade Forex and cryptocurrencies. If you have never really traded before, these are very important to look at. You might not feel that confident in your trading abilities yet. This will change after you check out the educational content of the Automated Crypto System app.

Automated Crypto System App – Registration & Issues

Yes, as we mentioned in our Automated Crypto System review yesterday, there have been some account registration issues here. For one, the system was just totally overloaded. So many people tried to sign up at once that the servers could not handle it. At the same time, there also appeared to be some issues with various countries being blocked.

Well, the technical support staff and the developers have been working tirelessly to resolve these issues. For the most part, the issues have been resolved. The base has been greatly expanded to allow tens of thousands more people to sign up. Moreover, the list of accepted countries has also grown greatly. If you could not sign up for an Automated Crypto System account yesterday, chances are that you can today. Now, this is not to say that all registration issues have been resolved, but for the most part they have.

If you want to register for your own Automated Crypto System app trading account, follow the links which we have provided here today. Just fill out the form with all necessary personal info. You will then have to verify your account through your email address. Finally, you will need to connect your broker to the platform, fund it with some cash, and then you can begin trading. If you still cannot sign up for an account, try again in the following days and it should work.


Automated Crypto System Day 2 – Conclusion

So, all in all, we think that the Automated Crypto System autotrader is currently the best of its kind in the whole world. Yes, there have been a couple of issues in regards to registration, but these have been resolved for the most part. Like we said before, if you still cannot create an account, just give it another couple of days and you should be able to.

When it comes to ease of trading and user friendliness, there really is no better program to be using. It’s great for newbies, and still works just fine for expert traders too. It has the perfect mix of user friendliness and profitability. As you can see from our own Automated Crypto System trading results, we nearly tripled our initial investment. If you want to make money like this, we absolutely recommend giving this autotrader a spin.

Automated Crypto System Sign Up

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