DER Global Limited Review – BEWARE!

DER Global Limited

If you have looked at the DER Global Limited investment program, you might have considered investing some cash into it. Sure, these guys claim to trade all kinds of assets and generate huge profits doing so. It definitely sounds like a good deal. Apparently, just send your cash to the DER Global Limited HYIP, and it will do all of the heavy lifting for you. They just send you the profits and you can be on your merry way. However, does this seem realistic to you? It definitely seems way too good to be true to us.

For one, we would definitely like to see some more evidence to back up at least one single claim made by this DER Global Limited HYIP. While they make some big claims, evidence to back any of them up seems to be non-existent. When it comes to crypto and FX investment programs like this, we are always a bit weary. There are tons of scams out there, so our trust is hard earned. Anyway, we are here today doing this DER Global Limited scam review to get to the bottom of things once and for all.

DER Global Limited HYIP – The Company & Leaders

The first red flag which came to our attention in relation to this DER Global Limited HYIP has to do with the company itself. Simply put, there is absolutely no evidence to indicate that this company is real at all.

DER Global Limited

When it comes to an address or contact information, none of those things are provided here. You would think that a legit crypto and FX investment company would provide an address, an email address, and contact phone numbers too. However, exactly zero company information is available here. Talk about being suspicious.

Moreover, the DER Global Limited company claims that it is located in the UK. Yet, there is also no evidence to prove that this is true. The DER Global Limited HYIP is not registered as an official company in the UK. The UK Companies House has no record of the existence of this company. In other words, this company is not real, registered, or licensed. It is not a legal business entity and has no business taking money from people. Sure, they do take money from people, but it is not in a legal manner.

Moreover, we also have no idea who is in charge of the DER Global Limited HYIP. The website makes absolutely no mentions of owners, founders, or leaders. This is super suspicious and it is a telltale sign that something shady and illegal is in the works here. The only reason why these crooks would purposely choose to remain hidden from sight is because they are doing something illegal.

DER Global Limited Investment Program – What Profits?

Yet another thing that stands out about the DER Global Limited HYIP has to do with the profit systems and business model. We are informed that this is a cryptocurrency, Forex, and stock trading system.

DER Global Limited

Supposedly, if we invest money here, a group of professional managers will invest it for us and make profits. The profits here are guaranteed, or at least so goes the story. The reality is that there is no realistic way to guarantee profits through trading. Trading involves a lot of risk and money can always be lost. Therefore, it is literally impossible to guarantee any profits through any kind of trading. It is nothing more than a lie told by these DER Global Limited gangsters.

Furthermore, even if profits could be somewhat guaranteed, they would not be at the level as advertised here. The DER Global Limited system claims to be able to provide you with a 6,500% ROI within 90 days. Folks, does this sound doable to you?

Heck, most investments will not grow by that much over a whole lifetime, let alone in just 3 months. Also, we know for a fact that so far nobody has been able to get their money back here. It seems as though the DER Global Limited system is nothing more than a cheap Ponzi scheme that steals money from people and then never provides any returns.

DER Global Limited HYIP – Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme!

The final scam factor that we want to talk about here is how the DER Global Limited system is clearly both a pyramid and a Ponzi scheme. We say that it is a Ponzi scheme because it guarantees huge returns, yet never really provides payouts at all. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is.

DER Global Limited

Furthermore, we also know that it is a total pyramid scheme. The DER Global Limited HYIP promises to provide you with around 10% of the investments made when people invest through you. It is the referral system.

However, do you really think that any company is going to give away a full 10% of investments? Moreover, we have talked to dozens of people who have been ripped off by this DER Global Limited affiliate program. Sure, these crooks will take money from anybody, but you won’t ever see that affiliate bonus as promised.

DER Global Limited Scam Review – Final Thoughts

After everything that we have just exposed about the DER Global Limited HYIP, do you really think that it is trustworthy? This is a totally anonymous and faceless investment company. Well, calling it a company is a bit of an overstatement seeing as it is not regulated or licensed.  Moreover, there is also clear evidence that the DER Global Limited investment program is both a Ponzi and a pyramid scheme. Furthermore, the business model here just doesn’t make sense, plus we know for a fact that profits are non-existent. Please guys, stay away from this DER Global Limited scam, because you will get taken to the cleaners if you get involved with it!

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