Bit Crypto Investor Scam Review – WARNING!


If you were thinking about investing money with the Bit Crypto Investor Program, you might want to reconsider. The story here is that the Bit Crypto Investor HYIP engages in both Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading. Of course, as is claimed here, the aim of this is to provide you with massive weekly profits. In fact, these anonymous folks say that you can earn up to 340% in ROI per week, simply by sending them some cash.

Sure, it all definitely sounds like a great deal for any investor. However, it also sounds far too good to be true. Folks, whenever you come across investment programs like the Bit Crypto Investor system, ones that make outlandish claims, it is more than reasonable to be skeptical. After all, this program really doesn’t provide any evidence that it performs any of the investment practices as advertised.

Even worse, there just is not any proof that profits are generated whatsoever. This is why we are suspicious of this Bit Crypto Investor high yield investment program. The numbers and the claims just don’t add up. The whole thing does not make any sense. This is why we are here today doing this Bit Crypto Investor review. We want to get to the bottom of things and find out exactly what is going on here.

Bit Crypto Investor

The Bit Crypto Investor Company – ANONYMOUS & BOGUS!

Ok, so first and foremost, we are left in the dark concerning company ownership and leadership. When it comes to our hard earned money being in other people’s hands, we absolutely want to know whose hands they are. This is a big problem with the Bit Crypto Investor HYIP.

There is not a single mention of this. We are not about to trust these guys if they won’t even tell us who they are. There is always a reason why the owners of such investment programs won’t reveal their true identities. The reasons are always nefarious and it is a signal that something illegal is going on here.

Moreover, when it comes to contacting the good people at the Bit Crypto Investor system, it is totally impossible. There is an email address, as well as a phone number, listed on the website. Well, we tried contacting these crooks through both methods. Surprise, surprise, the contact info is totally fake. The phone number just does not work, and nobody ever emailed us back.

As far as the location of the Bit Crypto Investor company is concerned, it is also a mystery. Yes, the website provides us with an Australian address which is supposed to be the HQ. However, a quick map check revealed that this address is not real. To top it all off, the Australian government and business registry has never heard of this Bit Crypto Investor company. It is not registered, it is not licensed, and it is definitely not legal in any way, shape, or form!

Bit Crypto Investor

Is The Bit Crypto Investor System Profitable?

What also does not sit right with us is how the Bit Crypto Investor system is so vague about is business model. We are told that this is an investment company that works with cryptocurrencies. Ok, so far so good. However, the about us page then goes into talk about Bitcoin trading and mining, plus some other profit methods too. Well, the problem here is that there is simply no evidence that any of this ever takes place. Both in terms of trading and mining, there is not a single explanation given to us. Yeah, it is really easy to make claims, but actually providing evidence of them is whole different story.

The story here is that the Bit Crypto Investor HYIP can generate roughly 340% ROI per week. Sounds great right? Yeah, we though the same thing, which is that this is too good to be true. Do you really think that you can more than quadruple your money in just a week? This is not something that is possible, not with cryptocurrency trading, and certainly not with mining. The whole thing is just one massive lie. Heck, to confirm this, just to talk to any poor soul that has actually piled money onto this sinking ship. People’s investments are disappearing below the surface and sinking to the briny depths, never to be seen again.

Bit Crypto Investor

Bit Crypto Investor HYIP – The Ponzi & Pyramid Scheme

Finally, we also know for a fact that this Bit Crypto Investor program is a Ponzi scheme. It claims to provide you with profits through mining and trading, but the only profits which could be available here are from new investors. Besides that, we know that people are not getting their returns as promised, guaranteed returns which never materialize. It is obvious that this is a blatant Ponzi scheme.

To top it all off, the Bit Crypto Investor HYIP is also a pyramid scheme. It offers some ludicrous affiliate program. Apparently you can make big money by just getting others to invest. Well, this is what a pyramid scheme is, and these morons don’t even do it very well. The bottom line is that they do not actually pay out the referral bonuses as promised!

Bit Crypto Investor

Bit Crypto Investor Scam Review – Final Thoughts

When all has been said and done, there really is not a single good reason why you would ever want to invest money with this Bit Crypto Investor HYIP. It seems to be nothing more than a lowdown cryptocurrency scam. This program claims to engage in Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading. However, there is simply no evidence of this. Moreover, the owners have purposely kept themselves hidden from sight. The company itself is not registered or legal in any way. To top it all off, the Bit Crypto Investor system is a total Ponzi scheme too. Investing money here is just not worth it!

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