Temcoins.com Scam Review – BEWARE!

At first glance the Temcoins.com investment app for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies appears to be quite legit. This company is supposedly based in the USA and it engages in cryptocurrency investment management for investors. Sure, it sounds great. After all, who doesn’t want to make money by investing in something, and then sitting back and letting others do the work? However, the world is not such a forgiving place, and money tons of money is simply not so easy.


The Temcoins.com HYIP claims to be able to provide several hundred percent points in returns in just a few hours. Once again, this would be awesome if it were real, but it does sound a little too good to be true. After all, the Temcoins.com program does not really provide much in the way of evidence or proof that anything said on the website is real. On the other hand, we here have found quite a few scam factors that definitely deserve some attention. This is our Temcoins.com scam review and we are here to find out whether or not this is a cryptocurrency scam.

The Temcoins.com Company & Ownership

Perhaps the most suspicious aspect of this Temcoins.com program is that it has no clear owners. The website does not provide us with any information in regards to who owns or runs this crypto investment firm. This is very shady and we do not like it at all. There is always a reason why the owners of such investment programs do not want us knowing who they are. It always has something to do with an illegal scam. If the Temcoins.com HYIP were the real deal, the owners would have no problems showing their faces to us.


Furthermore, the Temcoins.com company itself does not seem to be legitimate either. For one, the provided address, which is for New York, is not real. The address is totally bogus and definitely does not belong to this Temcoins.com company. Moreover, both the email address and phone number provided for contact info are not real either. We came up empty when we tried to get into contact with them.

However, the real kicker here is that the Temcoins.com HYIP claims to be an official company based in the USA. Well. This is simply not true at all. The US government and the USA business registry have both never heard of these guys. As far as the US government is concerned, the Temcoins.com HYIP does not exist in any legal sense. It is not a real or official company, and it has no legal standing, nor is it licensed. Therefore, it has absolutely no right to accept an investment from anybody, or to handle that investment. The whole thing appears to be a huge scam.

Is The Temcoins.com Investment Program Profitable?

The most important thing to ask with any investment program like this is whether or not it is profitable. First of all, we want to know how the ROI is being generated, supposedly. The story with this Temcoins.com system is that it allegedly engages in Bitcoin mining to create profits. At the same time, it also claims to engage in cryptocurrency trading, and other forms of investment too. Sure, this sounds good, and after all, diversification is a great investment strategy.


However, where the Temcoins.com HYIP runs into problems is when it comes time to back up any of these claims. You see, there is exactly zero evidence to show that any such crypto mining or trading goes on here. We are not told a single thing about the mining or trading operation. Anybody can claim that they can lift a car over their heads, but the proof is in the pudding, and here, there is no pudding. The bottom line is that we cannot trust the Temcoins.com system due to this total lack of information.


Besides that, the Temcoins.com HYIP alleges that it can produce returns of 300% in just 3 hours, which would be 2,100% in 24 hours. Folks, do you really think that you can multiply your money by a factor of 21 in just a single day? These kinds of results are unrealistic, unachievable, and 100% impossible. Even if there was evidence that this Temcoins.com system engaged in mining or trading, those numbers are still way too high to be real. It just cannot be true at all. We should probably also mention that the Temcoins.com website displays a bunch of payouts which also cannot be real. There is a lot of evidence to support the theory that this payout section is totally bogus.


Temcoins.com HYIP – The Ponzi Scheme

The other thing which came to our attention about this Temcoins.com HYIP is that it is quite clearly a Ponzi scheme. There is an affiliate referral program in place here. It claims to provide you with up to 8% of the investments made by others through you. Sure, it sounds like a great deal, but it just is not true either. We have spoken to many people out there who have referred others to invest. However, none of these people have gotten the promised referral bonuses. It is just another dirty trick orchestrated by this Temcoins.com scam to screw you and others out of more money.


Temcoins.com Scam Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there is really no denying the fact that this Temcoins.com HYIP is a total rip off. The owners and leaders are nowhere to be found. The company claims to be based in the USA, when this is obviously not true. There is no evidence to support the claims that Temcoins.com engages in either Bitcoin mining or crypto trading. Moreover, the promised profits, and the affiliate bonuses, are way too high to be real, and never materialize anyway. When all has been analyzed, it is crystal clear that the Temcoins.com scam is not worth your time or any risk whatsoever.

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