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The Automated Crypto System trading platform is indeed extremely popular and profitable, but you may have some questions regarding it. Today we are here doing this Automated Crypto System FAQ update to answer the most pressing questions about it.


Is The Automated Crypto System Fully Automated & Do I have To Trade From Home?

Yes, the Automated Crypto System does imply that it is fully automated, but this is actually not so. First off, the signals which are provided are automated. In other words, the signals provided are automatically generated for you. This much is true, so you do not have to go out and actively search for signals. It is indeed quite convenient.

However, what you need to keep in mind here is that this platform is not fully automated in the sense that it will not execute trades for you. There is no fully automated mode which you can use to sit back and watch the Automated Crypto System place trades for you. You do have to execute each and every single trade manually. Sure, this might be a bit more time consuming and require more focus, but it does also allow for a greater degree of control over individual trades.

In terms of having to trade from home and always be sitting in front of your computer, this is not the case. What is nice about this Automated Crypto System autotrader is that it does come with a fully functional and responsive mobile platform. So, as long as you have internet or a data connection, and a relatively modern smartphone or tablet, you will be able to use the Automated Crypto System app to trade from anywhere.


What Are The ITM Rates Like With Automated Crypto System Software?

Well, this does depend on multiple factors. Your ITM or win loss rate can differ greatly here based on how you trade. It all depends on the confidence factor, the economic calendar, how much you invest per trade, what time of day you trade, and so much more. However, generally speaking, the Automated Crypto System app is quite reliable in terms of the signals which it provides.

If you trade smart and follow the tips which we always provide here, achieving a win loss rate of 90% should be possible. If you have seen our own trading videos, you know that achieving a 100% win rate is not actually uncommon here. Yet, at the very least, an ITM rate of 80% and up is what you can expect. In relation to profits, it is not uncommon to achieve an ROI between 50% and 150% per trade. In other words, the Automated Crypto System app is a reliable signals provider, and if you trade smart, you can indeed make a whole lot of money with it.

How Do I Sign Up For The Automated Crypto System App, And What About Brokers?

If you have not yet opened up your own Automated Crypto System trading account, you definitely want to give it a try. To do so, simply follow the links which we have provided here to the Automated Crypto System website and follow the instructions provided. All you really have to do is provide your name and email address, then verify the account through your email. Once you have done this, you must sign up for a broker’s account, with the assigned broker. Afterwards, simply fund your trading account and use the software to start trading.

Now, in relation to brokers, you cannot choose your own broker. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with all trading platforms. You must use the broker which you have been assigned. However, there is a little loophole here, and with all trading platforms in fact, that should allow you to use a different broker. If you want to switch brokers, you have to open up a new trading account with the Automated Crypto System autotrader, using a different email address than you used the first time. The result should be a new broker being assigned to you.

What Can I Trade With Automated Crypto System Software?

Sure, as the name of the Automated Crypto System app implies, its main purpose was originally to trade cryptocurrencies. While this is definitely possible, at this time we would not recommend it. The reason for this is because they cryptocurrency market is currently not in a very good state. Simply put, making money by trading cryptocurrencies at this time is just not very safe or profitable. The good part about the Automated Crypto System app is that it is also designed to trade Forex. Our recommendation is that you should use this software to trade Forex only, at least until the situation with the cryptocurrency market improves.

Are There Some Automated Crypto System Trading Tips I Should Know About?

Yes, absolutely. For one, you always want to pay attention to the confidence factor. The confidence factor for each pairing and currency is displayed underneath said pairing. This confidence factor comes in the form of a percent, and it informs you of what the chances are of that trade being won. For instance, the USD/JPY pairing might have a confidence factor of 85%, which would be considered great. On the other hand, any confidence factor under 70% should not be traded with.

At the same time, you do also want to pay attention the economic calendar, a feature which is conveniently included in the Automated Crypto System platform. Always check to see that no currency you want to trade with is experiencing 3 Bull News. If there is a 3 Bull News release for any given currency, do not trade with it.


Automated Crypto System FAQ Update Conclusion

We hope that we have been able to satisfactorily answer all of your questions. If you still have more questions about the Automated Crypto System app, please feel free to ask us. At any rate, the Automated Crypto System platform is currently the best one in the world. If you like trading and making money, this is undoubtedly the best way to go about it.

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