Westland Storage Review – REAL ESTATE SCAM?

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The Westland Storage company claims to be a real estate ICO that can provide huge daily returns on any investment. Sure, it sounds great, but it also sounds way too good to be true. This is our Westland Storage scam review and we are here to get to the bottom of this mess once and for all.


Westland Storage


Westland Storage ICO – Leadership

In terms of the leadership of the Westland Storage ICO, we are left totally in the dark. There is not a single mention on the whole website about any kind of company leadership. This is of course very suspicious and super shady to say the least.

If we are expected to invest thousands of dollars into this real estate ICO, we definitely want to know who is in charge. If somebody runs off with your money, if you don’t know who it is, how will you ever recover it?

The fact of the matter is that there is only one good reason as to why the leaders of the Westland Storage ICO would choose to purposely keep their identities a secret. It is because the company is not legit and the whole point of this crypto venture is to steal money from people. These crooks just don’t want to end up in prison for screwing you out of your hard earned money.


The Westland Storage Company

So, this is supposed to be a real estate investment firm. As far as the website is concerned, this company allegedly buys real estate such as houses, condominiums, apartments, and other housing. They then rent these properties out to turn a profit. Therefore, as far as we can tell, our investment is going to be used for the purchasing of this housing. Our profits apparently will come from the rentals and dividends which these properties create.

Sure, this is all fine, but things start to look a little shady once we look a little closer into everything. For one, the Westland Storage company claims to be an official business entity that is registered in the UK. To prove this, the website displays a registration form from the UK Companies House. Well, it is apparent that these documents displayed on westlandstorage.com are forged and fabricated. They have been created out of thin air and hold no merit whatsoever.


Westland Storage


We looked this company up in the real data base, and it is not registered at all. It is registered neither as a real estate business nor as an investment firm. It’s not registered in the UK or in another country in this world. You see, both real estate and investment firms require special licenses to perform the activities related to these businesses. If the Westland Storage business is not legally official or registered, it also stands to reason that it has none of the required licensing. Therefore, at the end of the day, the Westland Storage system is nothing more than a completely illegal real estate investment scam.

Westland Storage HYIP – Where Is The Real Estate?

The claim on the website is of course that this Westland Storage HYIP is all about buying and renting out properties to generate a profit. According to westlandstorage.com, this real estate investment program is already active in 39 countries worldwide and has generated over 50 million dollars in annual profits for investors.

Therefore, one would assume that the property holdings here are absolutely immense. Yet, there is not a single shred of evidence to prove this. We are never told in which countries these real estate holdings are in. We are not shown a list of owned and invested properties. We are not even shown a single picture of one single home which is owned through this Westland Storage venture.

Guys, if we are expected to invest in real estate we want to know what the track record of this company is like and which properties are already generating profits. Seeing as there is literally nothing to show here, we have no choice but to label this a scam. Any half decent real estate business will always display a portfolio of the specific properties already generating revenue. Seeing as this does not exist here, it is safe to assume that the Westland Storage ICO is in fact a total rip off.


Westland Storage


Westland Storage Investment Program – What Profits?

The Westland Storage company claims that any investment you make will result in a profit of 1% daily for the rest of your life. This of course sounds absolutely enticing and luring no doubt. Sure, 1% per day might not sound like a whole lot, certainly not unreasonable.

However, when it comes to real estate, this is actually very unreasonable. If you invest in properties, you might be able to expect a maximum ROI of 3% to 5% on a monthly basis, not over 30% per month. Yeah, real estate is very valuable, but not this valuable, and it certainly does not experience this kind of growth.

What is probably also very important to mention is that nobody has ever managed to get any kind of payout here. We know that thousands of people have invested money with Westland Storage. Yet, we have yet to hear of anybody to actually make a profit, but of course, we have received tons of complaints from people. At any rate, it is safe to assume that if you invest money here, you can kiss it goodbye.


Westland Storage


Westland Storage HYIP – The Ponzi Scheme

The other thing that we need to mention about this Westland Storage investment system is that it is quite obviously a Ponzi scheme. This company features an affiliate program where you can earn up to 10% of an investment made by your friends and family.

Now, this in itself is not technically illegal. However, what is illegal is the fact that the Westland Storage company never actually pays out the affiliate commissions as promised. This is just a way for these crooks to lure in more people and sucker as many people out of as much cash as humanly possible.

Westland Storage Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the Westland Storage ICO is a rip off. It is designed to steal money from people and it never provides any ROI at all.

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