eBitInvest Scam Review – LEGIT HYIP?

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If you like high yield investment programs like the eBitInvest program, you do need to be very careful before investing money. Sure, eBitInvest.com is quite extensive and it looks pretty legit. These guys have put a fair amount of work into making a website that looks passable, not great, but passable.

They do make some pretty big claims though, with the biggest being that eBitInvest.com can double any Bitcoin investment in just 5 days. Yes, this would make you super wealthy after just a couple of weeks. However, like we just said, the claims made here are quite over the top. While these people do a good job at bombarding us with information to try and convince users of its legitimacy, they have not managed to fool us.

eBitInvest.com makes a lot of promises and provides quite a bit of information for the user. The problem is that the promises are seemingly exaggerated, or just downright lies, and all of the info provided is just as phony. At any rate, the eBitInvest app is very shady and suspicious to say the least. For this reason we are here doing this eBitInvest review right now. What is actually going on here? Is this the real deal, or just a big rip off?


eBitInvest Scam Alert


Phony eBitInvest.com Leadership

First and foremost, the leadership team for eBitInvest.com is clearly a bunch of stock images combined with fake names. There are a total of 8 people displayed here, and none of them are real at all. The people behind this Bitcoin investment system are trying to trick people. They are doing something illegal and they do not want us finding out who they really are.


eBitInvest Scam Alert



eBitInvest Software – Is It Profitable?

Of course, the most important thing to look at here is whether or not this Bitcoin investment app is profitable. So, first off, we are never really told how this system works to generate a profit. Yes, we are told that this is a Bitcoin and crypto trading system, but this really does not tell us much at all. We want to know about the trading strategies, methods, analysis tools, and the trading software itself. The eBitInvest app is very vague and lacks information concerning its inner workings. This is very suspicious and therefore it stands to reason that there is no actual Bitcoin trading going on here at all.


eBitInvest Scam Alert


Next, the profits which eBitInvest.com software promises are totally unrealistic, if not impossible to achieve. The claim here is that this Bitcoin trading system can generate profits of 20% on a daily basis for life. This would technically mean that you could double any investment you make in just 5 days, triple it in 10 days, and so on and so forth. By the way, these guys never mention whether the ROI is compound or not. At any rate, generating this much cash on a daily basis is absolutely unheard of and has never been done before. The promises made by eBitInvest software are definitely not realistic.


eBitInvest Scam Alert


Furthermore, the latest payments displayed on the eBitInvest.com payouts page do not seem real. We say this because all we see is a random list of BTC wallet addresses and random amounts of money paid out. Yet, there is no way for us to confirm that these are real at all. However, we can confirm that nobody has ever received a payout from this particular Bitcoin trading scam. We have gotten literally hundreds of complaints from people who have been screwed out of their money by this software, this confirming that a scam is afoot here.


eBitInvest Scam Alert


eBitInvest.com – The Ponzi Scheme

The eBitInvest system promises to provide you with a 10% cut of the action if you manage to get somebody else to invest. In other words, if you get your friend to invest $10,000, you are supposed to get a $1,000 bonus for referring him to this Bitcoin investment system. This is what a classic Ponzi scheme does, and it also closely resembles a pyramid scheme.

While having an affiliate program is not illegal in itself, what is definitely illegal is the fact that these crooks never actually pay out the bonuses. We have gotten more than one complaint from people who referred others to invest, but then never received the 10% bonus as promised.


eBitInvest Scam Alert


eBitInvest Software – Raiding Your BTC Wallet

The next scam factor to keep in mind here is that the eBitInvest system wants the address to your Bitcoin wallet. Guys, you should never have to provide your BTC wallet address upfront no matter what the circumstances.

We have received word from many people out there who have had their Bitcoin wallets raided shortly after investing money with eBitInvest.com. Guys, BTC wallets are not immune to hacking, which is evidence by how the crooks from this very scam have managed to hack and clean out several of them already.


eBitInvest Scam Alert


Bogus eBitInvest User Testimonials

The final thing we need to mention about this eBitInvest app is how the user testimonials are clearly fabricated out of thin air. There are a bunch of eBitInvest user testimonials featured on the website. For one, they are super positive, like way too good to be real.

Not a single person has had a single complaint here, which is always suspicious. Next, there is just no way to confirm that any of these people are legit. We are not shown any pictures of them, and when we go to look them up, our results come back empty.


eBitInvest Scam Alert


eBitInvest.com Scam Review

After all has been said and done, it is glaringly obvious that the eBitInvest system is a complete rip off. This is a Bitcoin HYIP scam, a crypto investment scam that targets people who are desperate to make a profit.

The leadership team we are shown is bogus, as are the user testimonials. Trading never actually happens here, the profits are impossible to achieve, and payouts never occur. There is also the fact that this is a Ponzi scheme, one that does its best to clean out anybody’s Bitcoin wallet which it comes across.

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