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Do you like money? Do you like barely working at all? Well, if this is the case, you might have taken a look at the Wealth Academy program. The Wealth Academy system is an affiliate marketing program. The claim here is that you can make close to $10,000 per day, just by working for under 2 hours.

Apparently, after you pay a small fee, you will get access to a ready to go affiliate marketing system. The story goes that you don’t even need to have your own website for this to make money for you. It sounds awesome right? Well, if you as us, being able to make $8,000 per day for less than 2 hours of work sounds way too good to be true! Have you ever heard of anybody except for celebrities making that kind of cash? We sure haven’t.

Anyway, the Wealth Academy system provides absolutely no evidence that it actually works. However, through our own research, we have found many scam factors. None of them indicate that you will ever make a profit using Wealth Academy software. We are here today doing this Wealth Academy review to keep you safe. There is a lot of shady activity here and you need to know all about it.


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The Terrible Wealth Academy Website

The first thing that we noticed about the Wealthacademy.click is that the website itself is about as minimal as can get. Seriously guys, the only thing featured on the website is a terrible presentation video. There is no explanation of how the business works. There are no images or screenshots of the software in action.

There is no about us page or information about owners, and there are no legit user testimonials either. The only thing on the Wealth Academy website is a really terrible presentation video that only uses voice narration. It seems like one guy sitting in his mother’s basement took about 20 minutes to slap this site together. Wealthacademy.click does not look nice, no work has gone into it, and it definitely does not inspire us with any confidence whatsoever.

The Wealth Academy Program Cost

The Wealth Academy system is very misleading in terms of the pricing. At first, it seems like you only have to pay a $25 to get access to the software. Well, yes, it does only cost $25 to access the software. However, you will then be bombarded constantly with offers to upgrade your account.

In fact, once you pay the $25, to actually use the software, depending on which package you want, you will have to pay between $100 and $200 more. It’s a really cheap, sleazy, and lowdown way to trick people out of their money, and this just does not sit right with us at all. It is definitely a telltale sign that the Wealth Academy system is a rip off.

Wealth Academy Software Leadership

Yet another thing about the Wealth Academy system that is very suspicious has to do with the leadership. As we mentioned before, the only thing featured on the website is a presentation video. We are told that the man talking in the video is named Richard.

Well, he is just a voice narrator. He never shows his face, not even so much as a still picture. This is extremely suspicious to say the least. Are you really going to buy a program and invest a bunch of cash into an affiliate marketing system when the owners are doing this? It is obvious that Richard is not a real person. Well, it is a real person talking, but he is just a paid actor, not the real owner of this affiliate marketing program.

Guys, whenever you come across any kind of affiliate marketing program or investment scheme that uses voice narration, you can be sure that something super shady is going on. The owners of Wealth Academy software do not want us knowing who they really are. This is more than enough to send us running for the hills.

Is The Wealth Academy Program Profitable?

We are informed that the Wealth Academy system will provide us with around $8,000 per day in profits. Moreover, it is said that we only have to work for 2 hours per day to make this kind of money. Folks, do you really think that this is doable? Even the highest earning business people and movie stars usually cannot make that kind of cash. Life just does not work that way, especially when a totally bogus marketing system like this is concerned.

For one, we are told that this is a readymade system. This is bad because it makes the user rely on these anonymous crooks for success. Moreover, we are also told that you don’t actually need your own website in order to use Wealth Academy software. This really does not make any sense at all. Affiliate marketing is all about having your own website to promote various products, in this case from Amazon. Exactly how you can engage in affiliate marketing without your own website is completely beyond us.

The fact of the matter is that no affiliate marketing system in the world can produce profits as advertised by this Wealth Academy scam. Heck, you would be lucky to make $800 per day through this marketing technique, let alone $8,000. Once again, the whole thing just does not make sense. It’s pretty obvious that this is just another bogus get rich quick scheme!

Wealth Academy Review – Final Thoughts

After all of the evidence and research has been looked at, it is clear that Wealth Academy software is not the real deal. It is just another huge affiliate marketing scam that targets people who want to make a quick buck, but don’t want to do any work. Guys, please don’t fall for this Wealth Academy scam. It just is not worth the trouble. You will end up paying as much as $300 for nothing at all! You definitely won’t make a profit. That much we know.

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