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The Verified Robot trading application is supposed to be an awesome automated crypto trading platform. However, it is anything but awesome or profitable in the least. The fact of the matter is that there are a ton of scam factors which clearly indicate that there is a scam afoot here. Today we are here doing a Verified Robot scam review to give you all of the dirty details about this bogus cryptocurrency trading software.


verified robot scam


Verified Robot Software – Demo Scam

The first clear indication that this Verified Robot app is a scam has to do with this so called free demo that we can supposedly use. Apparently, this free demo is supposed to show us exactly how this cryptocurrency auto trader works and what the results are like. As far as we can tell, the Verified Robot demo is meant to be a simulation of the full software so we know what kind of results to expect. Sure, this would be totally awesome if the demo were not actually just a load of crap.

However, as is usually always the case when it comes to free demos like this one, they are meant to trick you, to reassure you, and to fool you into thinking that the crypto auto trader actually works. The reality is that the Verified Robot system demo is specially set up to only show you the good stuff and to show you awesome results. Of course, these results are completely fabricated and bear no genuine merit whatsoever. Everything you see here is completely fake and is surely not to be trusted in the least.


Verified Robot System – Totally Anonymous

Yet another indicative sign that the Verified Robot app is a rip off is the fact that it is totally anonymous. Whenever we are expected to trust a crypto trading system with our cash, we definitely want to know whose hands it will be in. We want to know who the owners of this system are, who the creators are, and operates it. This is essential information that we simply cannot do without by any means.

When it comes to this Verified Robot software, there is not a single place on the website which informs us of who is running the show. In other words, this crypto trading system is 100% totally anonymous and faceless. This is a huge problem for us. There is only one good reason for these crooks to keep their identities a secret. The reason is because they know that what they are doing is completely illegal, that they are stealing money from innocent people, and they just don’t want to go to prison for doing so.


Verified Robot Program – Lack Of Licensing

Yet another red flag that quickly came to our attention about this Verified Robot scam app is that is obviously unregulated, unregistered, and unlicensed. First off, there is no company name to speak of, which means that it is automatically unregistered. There needs to be an actual company or business entity behind the Verified Robot app for it to be legit in any way, but of course there is not.

Moreover, any kind of system like this that provides people with cryptocurrency trading signals needs to be licensed to do so. This is not something that any average Joe can just do at will. Without the proper licensing, a system like this Verified Robot program is trading and providing licensed without legal consent.

We know for a fact that this particular crypto trading software has no license because it is illegitimate, unreliable, has no company behind it, and is completely anonymous. There is no way in hell that this cryptocurrency auto trader could ever have a license. Therefore, it is taking your money illegally, most likely never placing trades with it at all. These criminals simply steal the money you deposit in order to line their own pockets.


Verified Robot AppFake User Testimonials

The next indication that this Verified Robot system is a monumental scam is that the website is riddled with totally fake user testimonials and trading results. Sure, there are lots of good Verified Robot user testimonials featured on the website, but just like the free demo, everything you see is totally fabricated and doctored to look good. The reality here is that all of the reviews and testimonials are way too good to be true.

Furthermore, we know for a fact that none of the people we see leaving reviews are actually genuine people. They are nothing more than stock images ripped off from other sites, combined with fake names, and then used to portray satisfied users of this Verified Robot system. Obviously, these crooks had to create fake reviews because there is not a single real happy user around. These Verified Robot user testimonials come to us courtesy of the same crooks trying to steal our money here.


Verified Robot Fake People



Does Verified Robot Software Work?

The final thing that we want to mention about this Verified Robot scam is that we actually have no idea how it works or what it does. Yes, we are told that it is an automated signals provider and trading system for cryptocurrencies. We are also told that it uses some really advanced software, technology, and algorithms to execute successful and highly profitable trades. However, none of this is true at all.

We are never actually told anything of value concerning the inner workings of this app, things such as algorithms, trading strategies, analysis tools, indicators, or any of that other relevant stuff. Not only does this mean that the Verified Robot app is totally bogus, but you surely won’t make any money with it either. You will never make a single penny in profits using this scam system, so just stay away from it.


Verified Robot Fake Results


Verified Robot Review – Conclusion

The only thing that you need to know about this Verified Robot system is that it is a scam and you need to keep your distance from it. Losing all of your money just is not worth it.



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