Tera App Scam Review: DANGEROUS!

SCAM WEBSITE: teraapp.co

If you like cryptocurrency trading bots and making money, stay away from this Tera App scam system. We have done plenty of research on it can found way too many lies and scam factors to trust it. While it may seem profitable at first glance, this Tera App scam review is going to show you why you cannot trust it in the least. This is the Tera App review and we are here to keep you away from this dangerous and malicious program.


Tera App Scam




The first clear indication that this Tera App system is a scam, is that it use classic low down marketing pressure tactics to fool people into signing up. On the website, we are told that there are only a limited number of spots left to sign up for free. This of course creates pressure because it forces people to sign up for this crypto trading app without considering the consequences.

However, this is nothing more than a cheap trick and pressure tactic that holds no merit whatsoever. You can refresh the website as many times as you want and the counter that keeps track of so called available spots starts over at the original number. This is proof that there in fact not a limited amount of spots. Put it this way, these crooks want to steal from as many people as possible, so they are not about to limit the number of people they steal from.


Tera App More Lies



Tera App Scam Software – Free Trial Trick

Another low down trick that we came across in terms of this Tera App scam app is the free trial scam. We are told that we can currently sign up for a free trial of this crypto trading system. The alleged intention here is to allow potential users to get a hang of this crypto trading system and how it works. It is supposed to show us what real results are like.

Yet, this is also just a trick and a lie. The free trial is not realistic whatsoever and has been specially designed to look overly positive. In the Tera App free trial, all of the trades are winners and money just flows in. The intention is to make it seem like the full version of this software is highly profitable. Well, this is of course not true in the least. This free trial is completely doctored, fabricated, and rigged to win. It bears no semblance to what trading with this crypto trading scam is actually like.


Tera App Scam Alert



Tera App Software – Fake Leader

The next clear indication that this is a rip off is that the leader is a total phony. We are told that a  man who goes by the name of Richard Heffner is the founder, creator, and CEO of this Tera App trading system. However, this is not true at all. We did our research on him and came up empty, not so much as a Facebook profile. Moreover, we have seen him represent several other crypto and BO scams in the past, which is a really bad sign.

Besides that, we know for a fact that he is a paid actor. We found his acting profile on several actor for hire websites. He is not a genuine person. He is a made up character. Besides being an actor in the video, he is in no way related to this Tera App scam. The real owners are keeping themselves hidden from the public and using this Richard persona as a scapegoat. They don’t want to end up behind bars for stealing your money, something they will surely do if you let them.




Tera App System – Phony Testimonials

The next red flag that we noticed here is that all of the Tera App user testimonials are completely fabricated. The people we see are just phonies. They are stolen images combined with fictitious names to make it seem like the are real happy users and satisfied customers of this crypto trading app. However, these people are all made up out of thin air, their names are bogus, and the results they claim to have achieved are just as phony.




How Does The Tera App System Work?

Something that really strikes us as suspicious is that we are never informed of how this Tera App trading app works. We are told that it is very accurate at trading cryptocurrencies and can put a whole lot of money in your pockets. However, we don’t actually know how it works, what kind of trading strategies, algorithms, analysis tools, and indicators are involved. We cannot possibly be expected to believe that this Tera App scam system is profitable in the least when the owners refuse to divulge such relevant info to us.


Tera App Scam & Unrealistic Profits

The Tera App scam app claims to be able to generate over $2,000 per day, while also allowing for up to $440,000 in ROI per month. First of all, these numbers do not match up at all. Two thousand bucks per day for a month does not equal $440,000 per month. These crooks cannot even get their lies straight. Besides that, either way, you will never earn any amount of money using this scam system.





Something else that came to our attention about this Tera App scam is that they claim that there are always members in your area using the system. For instance, if you are using a Canadian IP address, or just happen to live in Canada, it will tell you that there are tons of memebers in your area using this crypto trading app to make money.

Well, if you did not know already, automated cryptocurrency trading is illegal in Canada. They do not allow for it and actively block sites and programs that are automated cryptocurrency trading apps. Therefore, there is nobody in Canada using this Tera App scam app, thus proving that this whole MEMBERS IN YOUR AREA gag is just a lie.



Tera App Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this Tera App system is a scam, a rip off, and a thievery of monumental proportions. Stay away from it at all costs.




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