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If you are on the hunt for a good new cryptocurrency trading system, you definitely need to stay away from the ICE9 Technology application. The ICE9 Technology system is supposed to be this really powerful, reliable, and profitable automated trading platform for all kinds of cryptocurrencies. We are told that it has an amazing win/loss ratio and that the profits are even better.

However, we have discovered a whole lot of factors which reveal this terrible system to be a total rip off and a monumental scam. At the same time as there are tons of scam factors, there is also not a single shred of evidence which would prove that this ICE9 Technology system is at all real, genuine, or reliable. This is a very bad combination no doubt, one that makes us lose every last ounce of faith we had in this application.

Sure, trading cryptocurrencies can be very profitable, but that is certainly not the case if you end up getting stuck with a thieving scheme like this one. We are here today doing an ICE9 Technology review to give you fair warning about this malicious and dangerous cryptocurrency auto trader. This ICE9 Technology review is going to tell you everything you need to know about the very real threat posed to you by this ludicrous automated trading scam.


ICE9 Technology Scam


ICE9 Technology Software – How Does It Work?

One of the first indications that this ICE9 Technology app is a scam is that we are never actually told how it works. This is a really big problem for us. Yes, we are told that this is a fully automated cryptocurrency trading system that uses advanced technology to make profitable trades. However, past that, we are not told a single thing about it. This is not nearly enough information to convince us that the ICE9 Technology system actually works as advertised.

These guys are very vague and their explanation in terms of the inner workings of this system is completely useless. We want to know all about what kind of trading strategies are involved, which algorithms are being used, which indicators are in use, and what kind of analysis tools are being utilized. We are never told any of these things and therefore we cannot trust the ICE9 Technology system in the least. It just does not feel right at all.



Is The ICE9 Technology App Profitable?

The short answer to this question is that the ICE9 Technology app is not profitable in the least. Based on the above paragraphs, it is totally apparent that this crypto trading app does not work at all. It is safe to assume that it never actually places any trades. It simply steals any money that you deposit into your trading account. The crooks running the show here are just robbing your hard earned cash right out from under your nose.

The ICE9 Technology program claims to be able to generate several thousand dollars on a daily basis with near perfect ITM rates. However, this is just a lie and is not to be trusted at all. Since we have no idea how this app actually works, it is safe to assume that it doesn’t work at all. Making several thousand dollars per day with a crypto trading system, with near perfect ITM rates, is just not feasible not matter what world you live in. This is all just one big lie.

Who Is In Charge Of The ICE9 Technology App?

We are lead to believe that a man named Aaron Palmer is at the helm of this operation. We do actually get to see him live in action throughout the ICE9 Technology presentation video. However, as we quickly discovered, he is not the real deal. He goes on about his own life and how he came to create this bogus cryptocurrency trading platform. Well, we know for a fact that he is nothing more than a paid actor being used as a scapegoat.

We did our due diligence and we researched this Aaron Palmer guy in depth. Besides his affiliation with this ICE9 Technology scam, we found no results about him at all. This is a very bad sign because a man like this should have LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media presences online. Seeing as we can’t find him anywhere, it is safe to assume that he is not a real person.

We did manage to find his acting profile on several low tier actor for hire websites, thus confirming our suspicions that he is indeed a paid actor. The only reason for the crooks behind the ICE9 Technology system to use paid actors is to protect themselves from legal consequences. They know that they are stealing from people, so they are using a fake actor scapegoat to keep themselves safe from legal prosecution.



ICE9 Technology System – No Licensing

The other important point that we want to mention about this ICE9 Technology scam app is that it is not legally allowed to provide trading signals, take your investment, or perform crypto trades at all. Seeing as we know that everyone we are lead to believe is related to this system is actually a phony and how there is no real company, it is obvious that this bogus trading system has no licensing at all.

There is not a single sane registration or licensing agency in the whole world which would give these criminals any kind of trading or signals provision license. You need to be real, reputable, and genuine to get one of these licenses. Seeing as this ICE9 Technology scam software has no good or real qualities at all, you can bet your bottom dollar that it has no legal authority to take your money or make trades with it. These guys just take your money and use it for themselves.

ICE9 Technology Review – Conclusion

If you want to use a good crypto auto trader, don’t use this ICE9 Technology scam system. There is not a single legit or honest thing about it. The only purpose it has is to steal money from innocent people such as yourselves.



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