ThornCoin System: HUGE CYRPTO ICO

The ThornCoin ICO is a brand new initial coin offering that is about to begin in a few days’ time. ThornCoin is well on its way to being one of the biggest and best cryptocurrencies out there. Of course, it has not been released yet, but the pre-sale and the ICO is about to begin shortly. Now, many people are weary of new cryptocurrencies like the ThornCoin currency, known by its call sign of THRN. However, that is why we are here, to do a ThornCoin scam review.

We are here doing a ThornCoin review to give you all of the pertinent details about it. There is a whole lot going on with the ThornCoin whitepaper, and you definitely need to know all about it. THRN is going to be big, it is going to be highly profitable, and you do not want to miss out on it. This is going to be a great cryptocurrency, one that you can buy, trade, sell, lend, stake, and more. Not only is THRN a new cryptocurrency, but there is also a high caliber trading and lending platform to go along with it, which is why we are doing a short ThornCoin platform review too. Let’s get to it and talk about the ThornCoin platform and ICO right now.



The ThornCoin ICO

The presale for THRN is going to being on the 18th of January, with the initial coin offering starting January 22nd. There will be a total of 7 sale phases for THRN spanning 10 days. The ThornCoin cost for the presale is going to start off at 50 cents per token for the presale on January 18th. The ThornCoin price is then going to rise steadily from the 22nd to the 27th. Phase 1 of the ICO will see the THRN price at 70 cents, and ending at $1.20 in the final phase on January 27th.



Currently there are a total of 9,000,000 THRN, with the ICO consisting of 6,200,000 tokens. There are then also 20% of that 9,000,000 supply saved for staking, with 11% of the 9 million being held for reserve. Just in case you do not know, the ThornCoin is an ERC20 token written using the Ethereum blockchain. This means that transactions are accurate, fast, transparent, secure, and have low fees.



ThornCoin Whitepaper – The Roadmap

When it comes to new launches of cryptocurrencies such as the ThornCoin cryptocurrency, one important thing to always be aware of is the roadmap. So, let’s go over the THRN roadmap real quick so you know exactly what is going on and when it is going to happen.

  • January 10: Launch
  • January 15: Back Office
  • January 18: Presale & ICO Begin
  • February 1: Launch Staking Platform
  • February 5: Launch Lending Platform
  • February 15: Launch Internal Exchange
  • March 2018: Listed On External Exchanges
  • April 2018: Launch Mobile Apps
  • June 2018: First ThornCoin Burn
  • June 2018: Price Expected To Hit $75 Per THRN


Staking With ThornCoin Currency

One of the best ways to make money with this new ThornCoin cryptocurrency is to stake it. This is a way to make passive income with THRN without actually lending, trading, or putting any of your coins at risk of loss. You can make money simply by letting it sit in your account. Now, the THRN profits through staking are not as high as with other money making methods, but it is a surefire way to make a profit. Here are the profits associated with ThornCoin staking.

  • First Quarter 2018 – 0.40% per day or 12% per month
  • Second Quarter 2018 – 0.37% per day or 11% per month
  • Third Quarter 2018 – 0.33% per day or 10% per month
  • Fourth Quarter 2018: 0.30% per day or 10% per month



Lending With ThornCoin Currency

A really good way to make money with the ThornCoin currency is to lend it. Lending is a little more risky and also requires a larger investment, but the money making opportunity is huge here. There are various different THRN lending packages you can choose to go with. Let’s take a minute to look at them right now.

  • Level 1: 100 – 1,000 USD, 43% monthly interest, capital back after 260 days
  • Level 2: 1,001 – 5,000 USD, 43% monthly interest + 0.05% daily bonus, capital back after 180 days
  • Level 3: 5,001 – 10,000 USD, 43% monthly interest + 0.10% daily bonus, capital back after 160 days
  • Level 4: 10,001 – 20,000 USD, 43% monthly interest + 0.15% daily bonus, capital back after 150 days
  • Level 5: 20,001+ USD, 43% monthly interest + 0.20% daily bonus, capital back after 120 days

You can also withdraw your capital early, but there is a 25% fee for this.



Trading With ThornCoin Currency

You will also be able to buy, sell, and trade the ThornCoin cryptocurrency, both on the exclusive THRN trading platform and on other external exchanges. This will give you a great opportunity to earn money, especially if you take advantage of the great trading algorithms which the platform will utilize. Later on you will be able to sue THRN in the marketplace for the purchase and exchange of goods.



The ThornCoin Referral Program

Another really cool part about the THRN cryptocurrency is that you will be able to make a healthy profit simply by referring your friends and family to participate. The affiliate bonus structure for referrals is actually very generous in terms of the commissions you will get from it. Let’s take a look at the referral affiliate levels and how much money you can generate simply by getting others to sign up with THRN software, engage in the ICO, and invest some money.

  • Affiliate Level 1: 8% Bonus
  • Affiliate Level 2: 4% Bonus
  • Affiliate Level 3: 1% Bonus




ThornCoin Review: Conclusion

The bottom line is that the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is going to be big and it is going to be worth a whole lot of money in no time at all. The THRN price is going to be relatively low during the presale and ICO, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to scoop up the tokens for cheap!




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