The ThornCoin presale is going to start January 18, and the initial coin offering will begin on January 22nd. ThornCoin is a new cryptocurrency that is now in its initial stages and is ready to be released to the greater public. Make no mistake about it. ThornCoin currency is going to offer you many different ways of making some big bucks. Keep reading our ThornCoin review update so you are ready when the time comes to invest.



What Is ThornCoin Software & Currency

Thorncoin is a brand new crypto-coin that is currently in its development and initial stages. THRN is going to be considered an altcoin, since it is cryptocurrency alternative to Bitcoin. However, fear not, because there are many cryptocurrencies out there and ThornCoin is set to be one of the biggest one in just a few years’ time. Just like any other good cryptocurrency, this one is about to begin its ICO, which is the initial coin offering.

The ICO begins really soon and tokens are going to be sold for very cheap. This is great for you because anybody who invests in ThornCoin cryptocurrency during the presale or ICO is going to make a killing come a few months’ time. Just in case you were wondering, the call sign for this is going to be THRN. There are currently 9,000,000 THRN in supply, 6,200,000 of those will be for the presale and ICO. There will also be 11% of the nine million held in reserve, with 20% being held for staking. Also, ThornCoin is written is written in solidity and is executed as an ERC20 token using the Ethereum block chain. In other words, transaction fees are going to be small, everything is anonymous but transparent, and everything is going to be very secure.

It gets even better because there are many ways to make money with ThornCoin, not just from having it, but through many other avenues too. There is going to be an internal and external ThornCoin exchange, a trading platform, lending, staking, and affiliate bonuses too. Simply put, Thorncoin currency is going to offer you multiple money making avenues so you can make a healthy profit in many different ways.




ThornCoin Cryptocurrency – TIME TO INVEST!

One thing that we definitely need to say about the THRN cryptocurrency is that the time to invest is right now. With the way the cryptocurrency markets are looking right now, the time to invest is right now. It is shown that various cryptocurrencies, especially these new ones, are going to explode on the market and potentially overtake the current leaders like Bitcoin.



The point here is that it is predicted that by June 2018, the price of a single ThornCoin will be around $75, with the price potentially hitting $200 per Thorncoin by the end of the year. If this is not enough evidence that the time to invest is right now, let’s talk about the ThornCoin price at this current time. Just in case, you can buy the tokens with Bitcoin or Ethereum if you so choose.



The ThornCoin ICO is about to start, and of course, the price of each token is going to be quite cheap seeing as it is the presale. The presale for THRN, which is the call sign, is going to begin on January 18th, with the official ICO beginning on January 22nd. The ThornCoin cost is going to be nothing in this initial stage compared to the price level it is going to reach in just a few months’ time. This makes the time to invest in THRN right now. Let’s take a quick look at the presale and ICO cost of THRN right now.

  • January 18th     – Presale              – 50 cents (USD)
  • January 22nd    – ICO Stage 1      – 70 cents (USD)
  • January 23rd     – ICO Stage 2      – 80 cents (USD)
  • January 24th     – ICO Stage 3      – 90 cents (USD)
  • January 25th      – ICO Stage 4      – 1.00 (USD)
  • January 26th     – ICO Stage 5      – 1.10 (USD)
  • January 27th      – ICO Stage 6      – 1.20 (USD)

How To Make Money With The ThornCoin Currency

Like we said before, there are many ways in which you can make money with this new THRN trading system, the currency itself, and more. Let’s talk about all of the different ways in which you can make a profit with THRN.

  • Having THRN – The simplest way to make money with Thorncoin is simply by having it in your wallet. Like we said, the price is going to go from 50 cents to 75 dollars by the time June 2018 comes around. Therefore, simply buying THRN and having it in your wallet will create large gains for you.


  • Staking THRN – Another way in which you can make a good profit with ThornCoin is by staking your coins. Staking is simply letting the coins sit in your wallet without touching them. This will provide you with quite a bit of interest. During the first quarter of 2018 you can get as much as 12% per month, 11% per month during the second quarter, and 10% per month during the third and fourth quarters of 2018.



  • Trading THRN – You will also be able to buy, sell, and trade the ThornCoin currency on the internal and external exchanges to make a healthy profit.
  • Lending THRN – The next way you can make money with ThornCoin is by lending it using the new lending platform that is going to be launched. There are various different levels of lending packages that you can go with. The higher your investment in the lending platform is, the more money you will end up making. The lowest level will provide you with 43% monthly interest and you will get your money back after 260 days. The highest level will also provide you with 43% monthly interest, a daily bonus of 0.20%, and you will get your capital back after 120 days.


  • THRN Affiliate Program – The other way you can make money with THRN is through the affiliate program. The more people you refer to using ThornCoin and investing in it, the more money you will make. There are 3 different affiliate commission levels.
    • Affiliate Level 1: 8% Bonus
    • Affiliate Level 2: 4% Bonus
    • Affiliate Level 3: 1% Bonus



ThornCoin Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is going to shoot out of the gates like a bat out of hell, so get ready because the price of investment will never be so low again!



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