Folks, the PagareX ICO is starting tomorrow on January 17 at 9PM GMT, so don’t miss it! If you want to make a profit in the world of cryptocurrencies. This brand new PagareX currency is a great way to do so. Let’s get on with this PagareX review and tell you all about this brand new cryptocurrency that is set to be launched.




The PagareX Whitepaper

There are some key things that you need to know about the PagareX cryptocurrency. First off, this is not only a cryptocurrency per say. Yes, it is a cryptocurrency, but there is also going to a PGX trading platform, lending platform, a staking program, and much more. In fact, there are over 5 different ways in which you can make a profit with PGX.

Currently there are a total of 35,000,000 tokens available. Over 26,000,000 are for mining, 7,000,000 are for sale, and the rest are going to be held for rewards and the partnership program. The bottom line is that that PagareX currency and the platform are going to revolutionize the world. If you want to make money in the world of cryptocurrencies, this might just be your best bet at doing so.



Just in case, let’s take a quick look at the PagareX roadmap.

  • December 20 – Website launch
  • December 26 – Website registration & affiliate marketing
  • January 2 – Pre ICO
  • January 7 – Internal exchange requests
  • January 10 – Wallet distribution
  • January 12 – Internal exchange launch
  • January 17 – ICO & Start of pre lending program
  • January 26 – Full internal exchange launch
  • March 2018 – First 100 online shops accept ParageX
  • April 2018 – Global event #1
  • May 2018 – Launch of ParageX debit card
  • August 2018 – Connection to ATM
  • 2019 – ParageX expected to reach $760 in value per coin




The PagareX Initial Coin Offering

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the PagareX ICO starts tomorrow on January 17th at 9 PM GMT. If you want to make some serious money, we would definitely recommend investing in the ICO as soon as possible. The longer you wait to invest in the ICO or in PGX itself, the more expensive the tokens or coins will become. The earlier you do it, the cheaper the tokens are, and the more money you will end up being able to make.

The price of a single PagareX token is going to start out at just a few cents apiece in the first stage of the initial coin offering. However, as the offering goes on, the price will continue to rise. It is actually predicted that the price of a single PGX will rise to over $720 by this time next year. This means that you can make a massive ROI simply by engaging in the initial coin offering.


How Do I Make Money With PagareX Crypto

The really neat thing about the PagareX cryptocurrency is that there are multiple ways of making money with it. We are not kidding when we day that investing in the PagareX ICO is going to help you make some serious money. The fact that there are 6 different ways of making money with PGX is absolutely astounding. Let’s talk about all of the different ways in which PGX will help put cash in your pocket.

  • Having PGX – The easiest way you can make money with the PagareX currency is by simply buying it and having it. Like we said, it is expected that the value of a single PGX will reach $760 in value by the year 2019. This means that simply buying them at a very low price, such as the initial coin offering offers, will help you make lots of money simply through the increase in its value over time.
  • Staking PGX – The next way in which you can make money with the PagareX ICO and platform is by staking it. Staking it is a little different than just having it. You promise to keep a certain amount of PGX coins in your wallet, and by doing so you will gain a lot of money in the form of interest payments. By staking the PagareX cryptocurrency, you can make as much as 10% on a monthly basis.


  • Trading PGX – The PagareX trading platform is going to be released fairly soon as well. PGX will be available for trading on both internal and external trading systems. This means that you can buy, sell, and trade this cryptocurrency, as well as engaging in put and call trading, in order to make a profit. Technically, this means that you can make a profit with this currency even if the value goes down at one point or another. However, the value is predicted to rise steadily, so this should not be an issue.


  • Mining PGX – The PagareX platform is also going to allow you to mine PGX just like people mine for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. There is going to be a mobile mining app released that you can use at home or on the go in order to mine for coins. It’s easier, safer, and more energy efficient than mining Bitcoin, plus the rewards are very substantial.


  • Lending PGX – You can also use the lending platform to lend this PagareX currency to other people at great interest rates. Just like banks loan people money, you can loan people PGX and make a very healthy profit doing so. There are various different lending levels, with the lowest providing you with 48% interest and you get your money back after 250 days. The highest or best lending package allows for 48% interest, a 0.30% bonus, and you get your money back after 100 days.


  • PGX Referral Program – The final way in which you can money with the PagareX cryptocurrency is through the referral program. Simply by getting other people to invest in the ICO and sign up for the services, you can earn up to 26% in commissions. There are 10 different affiliate commission levels, so the more people you get to sign up and invest, the more money will end up coming your way.


PagareX Review: Conclusion

The bottom line is that you need to be ready for the PagareX ICO on January 17th because you will never be able to buy PGX at such a low price ever again.

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