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The PagareX cryptocurrency is a brand crypto-coin that is set for release. It is currently in its opening stages, with the ICO starting any day now. PagareX software is going to be a trading, lending, and staking platform that allows users to make money with this new cryptocurrency. The PGX ICO starts on January 17th, so be prepared to scoop up as many tokens as you can. This thing is going to explode and it will definitely get really big.

PagareX calls itself a totally decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem which will allow you to operate financial free from the constraints of banks and centralized monetary institutions. We are here doing a PagareX review with the aim of telling you all about this brand new investment opportunity. Let’s get on with this PagareX platform review so you can start making big profits as soon as possible.



What Is The PagareX Platform

The PagareX platform is going to be this awesome platform for this new PGX cryptocurrency. Just like many other new cryptocurrencies, this one aims to make you financially independent and free from the strict rules of financial institutions such as banks. Not only is PagareX its own cryptocurrency, but it also comes with an awesome platform.

The PagareX platform will allow you to trade stake, mine, and lend this new digital currency, plus there are commissions and affiliate programs too. In other words, there are countless ways in which you can make money with this awesome new cryptocurrency. In case you were wondering, the call sign for this digital currency is PGX. PGX and the platform is a self-regulated currency and financial system with multiple opportunities for investment and to make a profit.

Currently there are a total of 35,000,000 available coins, with 26,180,000 for miners, 7,000,000 for sale, and 1,820,000 for the partnership program. The coins for sale are going to go really fast because the ICO is pretty much giving them out. These PGX coins will start out really cheap, only for a few cents per piece, but are expected to reach $720 a piece in just over 1 year from now. Therefore, if you want to make some serious cash, investing in this PGX ICO is highly recommended. The exact PagareX cost for the ICO is to be determined and will be announced shortly.




PagareX White Paper Report – The Roadmap

Every brand new cryptocurrency in the initial coin offering stage needs to show us their roadmap in order to convince us of its merit. The PagareX roadmap looks pretty good indeed. Their plan is well thought out and it is very solid. Let’s just go over the most important points on the PagareX roadmap right now.

  • December 20 – Website launch
  • December 26 – Website registration & affiliate marketing
  • January 2 – Pre ICO
  • January 7 – Internal exchange requests
  • January 10 – Wallet distribution
  • January 12 – Internal exchange launch
  • January 17 – ICO & Start of pre lending program
  • January 26 – Full internal exchange launch
  • March 2018 – First 100 online shops accept ParageX
  • April 2018 – Global event #1
  • May 2018 – Launch of ParageX debit card
  • August 2018 – Connection to ATM
  • 2019 – ParageX expected to reach $760 in value per coin



What we really like here is that PGX will release its own debit card and will connect to ATM machines so you can actually use it as a direct form of payment and withdraw cash with it.

How To Make Money With The PagareX Program

The really neat part about PagareX software is that there are multiple ways to make a profit using the platform. Let’s talk about all of the different money making opportunities that come your way with this awesome new system.



PagareX Trading

One of the main ways in which you can make a profit is by using the PagareX platform to buy and sell PGX on the internal exchange and eventually with the external exchange. You can buy, sell, and trade PGX to make a profit. Seeing as this market is fairly volatile right now, this is definitely a great money generating opportunity.



PagareX Lending

Another great way to make money with the PGX system is by lending your supply of coins to other people. The platform allows for this, which is pretty cool if you ask us. There are currently 4 different lending options that you can go with. The lowest level gives you up to 48% interest per month and you get your capital back in 250 days. The highest PagareX lending level also gives you 48% interest per month, with a 0.30% bonus, and you get your capital back after 100 days.

PagareX ICO Commission

Another way in which the PGX platform allows you to make money is through commissions earned through the initial coin offering. There are 10 different levels of ICO referrals, so the more people your get to invest in the ICO, the more commission you will get. Here is a breakdown of the 10 ICO commission levels and how much money (commission) you will earn from each.

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 – 5%
  • Level 3 – 2.5%
  • Level 4 – 2.5%
  • Levels 5 through 10 – 1% per level



PagareX Staking

Staking is a really cool way to make money without having to invest anything at all. All you have to do is let your PGX coins sit in your wallet and let it gain interest. Depending on the amount of PGX you stake, you can make up to 10% in interest on a monthly basis.



PagareX Mining

The PGX platform will also come with a mobile mining app so you can literally mine your own PGX coins and make money doing so. The more blocks there are, the higher the reward in the amount of PGX you get.



PagareX Affiliate Program

This PGX system also comes with an affiliate program for anybody you convince to invest in this awesome new cryptocurrency and money making system. There are 10 different affiliate commission levels, each of which gives you a certain percentage from referrals, with up to 26% in total affiliate commissions.



PagareX Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that this new PagareX ICO is a great investment opportunity that you should definitely not pass up on. This is going to be a big time money making machine, something we can all appreciate.



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