The News Spy app claims to be a super powered automated cryptocurrency trading system. Apparently, thanks to some awesome algorithms, this software will provide you with a minimum of $1,500 in profits per day. These profits are guaranteed and risk free, or at least so say the anonymous crooks running the show. Yes, it would be nice to make tens of thousands of dollars per day without any risk of losing an investment ever. However, this is what we like to call wishful thinking. It is just way too good to be true and unrealistic in every way imaginable

The people behind this The News Spy system provide absolutely no proof or evidence that this cryptocurrency trading platform actually works as advertised, or that it works at all for that matter. However, we have come across many scam factors and multiple pieces of evidence which back up our point that this The News Spy software is a complete rip off. There just is not a single thing about it which inspires confidence in any way. We are here today doing this The News Spy scam review for your benefit. We are here to give you fair warning about the very real threat which this crypto scam poses to your financial security and your sanity.


The News Spy



The first red flag that came to our attention here is that The News Spy app features a total lack of transparency. What we mean is that the owners never bother to reveal their true identities to us. There are no contact details included here and not so much as even a fake name or actor which is meant to portray some kind of CEO. These guys just don’t want us knowing who they really are, which is a big problem and it makes us very suspicious.

Whenever we encounter any kind of anonymous crypto trading system, we automatically become very suspicious. These guys want you to invest money with their The News Spy system, yet they don’t tell us whose hands our money will be in. In other words, you can never trust your money when you don’t know who is going to be handling it. There is a good reason why these crooks don’t want you knowing who they are. They are choosing to remain anonymous purposely so that they don’t end up behind bars for robbing you of your hard earned money.

False The News Spy User Testimonials

The News Spy website is loaded to the brim with user testimonials, ones that seem way too good to be true. All 3 of The News Spy user testimonials featured on the website are so positive that they sound like an infomercial sales pitch. They just do not seem realistic at all. Moreover, we know for a fact that the people featured in these The News Spy user testimonials are paid actors.


The News Spy The News Spy


There is one guy, from the middle in the video, who we have seen many times before. As you can see from the image above, he loves dressing up as a Nazi. This seems very suspicious to us, mainly because we did not think that Nazis knew how to use crypto trading applications. Anyway, all jokes aside, the point here is that all of the people seen in these videos are paid actors, not real members or happy user of The News Spy app.



The most important part of any crypto trading system like The News Spy software is of course how much money it can generate on a daily basis. Almost as important is how the system in question makes the money, or claims to do so anyway. One of the really suspicious aspects here is that The News Spy system never actually reveals how it makes money.

Yes, there is talk of super fast and accurate algorithms which monitor the news. They are supposed to collect vital info in regards to anything that will affect cryptocurrency values. Based on this, trades are made. However, this explanation is quite convoluted, it is nonsensical, and it really does not tell us much at all. This leaves us with the suspicion that The News Spy app does not work at all.


The News Spy


Next, we are guaranteed to make at least $1,500 per day, or as much as $20,000 if things go well. Ok, so making $1,500 per day is not totally unrealistic, but making $20,000 certainly is, not to mention that we are never really told how the system actually works. Next, guaranteeing these profits is simply not possible. There is no system or algorithm in the world which can guarantee 100% positive results 100% of the time. This just cannot be done no matter what universe you live in. The bottom line is that The News Spy app is full of lies and false promises that cannot be trusted.


The News Spy


The News Spy System & Fake Media Mentions

The other thing that needs to be mentioned about this The News Spy software is that it uses a bunch of news media logos on the website. These are strategically placed to make us thing that these website and news outlets have actually said positive things about this trading system.

Well, this is a big lie and the website features nothing more than copy and pasted logos. They do not have the right or the authority to use these logos, and if you check with the various outlets, they have never mentioned this software, not ever.


The News Spy


The News Spy Review – Conclusion

So, just to recap, there is no real explanation of how this system works, it used paid actors that like cosplaying as Nazis, the owners are nowhere to be found, and the promised profits are just as elusive as the owners themselves. There is no evidence which would indicate that this The News Spy system is profitable in the least, yet there is more than enough proof to show that it is a scam. People, just stay away from this complete crypto scam.




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