Digital Payday Review: GREAT AD REVENUE??


The Digital Payday program is supposed to be this awesome advertisement revenue system that lets you get rich by doing nothing. Yeah, this would be nice, but it is also a huge load of lies. This is our Digital Payday scam review and we are here to give you fair warning about this complete rip off.



Digital Payday System – ANONYMOUS!

Perhaps the most suspicious aspect of the Digital Payday program is the fact that it is seemingly anonymous. Yes, on the main website we are shown a picture of a man named Daniel Bluth. He is described as being the owner and CEO of this ad revenue program. There is a little section about him being a self-made millionaire, an aquarium enthusiast, and some other weird info that nobody cares about. Well, we know for a fact that this is all just a big load of lies.

For one, they name this guy Daniel Bluth, which is the name of a famous TV character on the hit show Arrested Development. Using this character’s name is actually quite smart, because when we try to find this man, all we ever find is the TV character. It makes it impossible for anybody to confirm or deny that this man is actually the leader of the Digital Payday system. However, we can see right through this trick.

We know for a fact that the image used to portray Daniel the CEO is actually just a stock image that has been stolen or purchased. This guy is not the real CEO of this Digital Payday ad revenue system, nor is he even a real life person at all. The conclusion here is that this Digital Payday software is totally anonymous and completely lacks transparency.

This is super suspicious and it is something that we cannot get past. If this app were legit, the people behind it would be proud to display their faces and let us know who they are. The one and only reason why these crooks are concealing themselves in a shroud of anonymity is because they are doing something shady and illegal. They just do not want to end up in prison for stealing your cash.



Digital Payday Ad Revenue System – Phony User Testimonials

Another huge red flag that came to our attention has to do with the Digital Payday user testimonials. There are literally dozens of these testimonials featured on the website and each one is more fake and phonier than the next. The fact of the matter is that these Digital Payday user testimonials are anything but real and genuine. They have been fabricated and made up out of thin air by the very same crooks trying to sell us on this horrible get rich quick scheme. It is painfully obvious that they were written by a sales and marketing expert that knows how to move horrible products.

Many of the faces we see here have been seen before. Many of the faces used to portray real Digital Payday users have been spotted for other scams and marketing campaigns of all sorts. They are nothing more than stolen or purchased stock images that have been combined with fake names. These people most likely do not even know that their faces have been used to try and scam innocent people out of money. They have never used this system and they certainly have never profited with this Digital Payday scam program.



How Does The Digital Payday System Work?

One thing that is a little ambiguous and confusing about this Digital Payday system is how it actually works to put money in our pockets. Yes, we are told that this is an ad revenue system where we choose banners. These banners, once people click on them, are supposed to generate huge loads of money for us.

However, what is unclear here is whether or not you already have to possess a good website to use this Digital Payday program. After all, you have to put these banners on a website that already gets loads of traffic. If nobody sees your site, nobody sees the banners, and therefore you won’t make any money. These guys conveniently and purposefully leave out the whole discussion about having to make your own website.

The Digital Payday app claims that you can make a ton of money by doing nothing at all, but the fact of the matter is that you need to have a great fully functioning and super popular site for this system to work at all. They simply leave out this whole bit. Now, this is assuming that the Digital Payday app actually works when there is a good website, which is not true either way.

Digital Payday System – NOT PROFITABLE!

Ok, so the Digital Payday system does not work at all. That is a given. Even if you did have your own website, this is a total get rich quick scheme meant to profit the crooks running the show, not you. There is no way that you can ever make $5,000 per day with this program. Heck, you will never make a single penny. All this is, is a good way for the anonymous crooks running the program to charge you a few bucks for their system.

Once you pay the fees, you get nothing at all, nothing happens, and there are no profits to speak of. We have talked to quite a few people that have been taken to the cleaners by this ad revenue scam. It is blatantly obvious that these guys are just stealing a few bucks from as many people as they can. However, when it comes time for money to be sent your way, it just never happens.


Digital Payday


Digital Payday Review – Conclusion

There is simply nothing left to say about this Digital Payday scam other than that you need to stay away from it. It is specifically designed to steal money from you and it will do just that if you make the mistake of getting mixed up with it.




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