BoomCurrency Scam Review: PROFITABLE HYIP?


If you have already gotten mixed up with the BoomCurrency system, you probably know just how bad it really is. This whole thing is very confused, as at one point it claims to be a crypto trading platform, while at other times it alleges to be a Bitcoin mining system. Moreover, there are tons of different shady aspects to this crypto HYIP.

It claims that you can invest just a couple of BTC and get massive returns guaranteed. However, the innocent victims who have gotten caught up in this scam would definitely say otherwise. This whole thing is just way too good to be true, and what seems to be the case here, is that this is a giant pile of lies. While there is absolutely not a single shred of a proof to back up the claims made by the anonymous people behind this BoomCurrency program, there are many pieces of evidence we have gathered which prove that it is undoubtedly a scam.

This is our BoomCurrency scam review and we are here on behalf of all of you innocent traders and investors. We’re here to provide you with advanced warning about this malicious piece of crypto trading and mining software and the threat which it poses to your financial well being.




BoomCurrency System & Nursecurrency System – EXACT SAME SCAM!

You might have also heard of the Nursecurrency system, which promises suspiciously similar results. Actually wait, no, the results are exactly the same. If you have not noticed yet, both of these scams are actually the exact same.


They were made by the same people, they look exactly the same, and they promise the same ridiculous results. Even the writing on both of the websites is exactly the same. The only difference is a slight change of name and a slightly different color scheme. Folks, these scams are both the same and they are both meant to steal your money.





BoomCurrency System – ANONYMOUS, FAKE, & ILLEGAL!

One of the first things that we noticed about this BoomCurrency investment scam is that it has no transparency or clear leadership whatsoever. We are never told who is running the show here. We are sure that the crooks behind this scam are doing their best to purposefully stay hidden from sight. They know darn well that what they are doing is completely illegal and absolutely fraudulent. They refuse to reveal their true identities from us because they do not want to go to prison for stealing your money and your Bitcoin.

Not only is the BoomCurrency program totally anonymous, but it also consists of a fake company. For one, we know that the contact details provided on the main website are fake. If you try and contact these guys, you will quickly discover that they never reply at all. Moreover, the BoomCurrency company claims to be based in the USA. However, on the website, the system claims to be registered in the UNTED STATE, not the UNITED STATES. Notice how these crooks try to pull the wool over our eyes by using a purposeful and hard to notice spelling error.

The fact of the matter is that the BoomCurrency company is not located in the USA and it is certainly not registered there as a legit business entity. There are not registration or incorporation documents to speak of. Finally, seeing as the BoomCurrency company is fake, anonymous, and lacks any sort of transparency, it also stands to reason that the business is not licensed to accept investments from people. Whatever is going on here, you can be sure that it is completely illegal.





BoomCurrency Program – PONZI & PYRAMID SCHEME!

One thing that we know for certain about this BoomCurrency system is that it is both a Ponzi scheme and a pyramid scheme rolled into one crappy little package. We know that it is a pyramid scheme because of what is promised, versus what the actual results are. You are promised absolutely massive returns that are guaranteed to be risk free, all with minimal investment amounts. However, no profits ever materialize. Therefore, the BoomCurrency app is a Ponzi scheme.

On that same note, the BoomCurrency system is also a pyramid scheme. People are promised a 10% commission for getting others to sign up for this HYIP scam. Now, while this is not technically illegal, what is illegal is never handing out these commission bonuses. We have contacted a few people who have used the affiliate program to get friends to sign up, only to find out that no such affiliate commission bonuses are ever paid out. It is obvious that this is just another massive scam meant to screw as many people out of as much money as humanly possible.





For one, if you take a closer look at what it says on the website, this BoomCurrency system at one point claims to be a crypto trading app. However, at another point, further down on the site, it claims to be a Bitcoin mining system. This scam is so bad that it seems to not be able to make up its mind about how it wants to scam people.




Furthermore, the amount of profits promised here is just ridiculous. Apparently you could make as much as $500,000 in a single week of using this BoomCurrency investment program, and mind you, these profits are allegedly guaranteed and risk free. Well, nobody has ever made a profit here, so there is no reason to think that things will be any different for you.




BoomCurrency Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only reasonable thing to say about this BoomCurrency system is that it is a scam, a rip off, and nothing more than an epic exercise in thievery. These guys are criminals, the express intent of this software is to steal your Bitcoin, and you are the target. Please guys, just stay away from this BoomCurrency scam because you will gain nothing from it, but you will surely lose every single last penny that you invest.




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