Solid Mining LTD Review – BIG OR BUST?


If you like Bitcoin miner apps, you might have checked out the Solid Mining LTD App. This BTC miner has actually been around for several months, but just now has it become insanely popular and viral. However, it seems that although this BTC miner has become very viral and the website often visited, it may not be what it seems. Although popular for people that have never encountered it before, due to massive profits being promised, people who have gotten mixed up here have seemingly paid the price for it.

The Solid Mining LTD system claims to offer a 15% ROI daily for the rest of your life. Yes, of course this sounds very attractive, which is why so many inexperienced crypto investors have forked over their hard earned Bitcoin to these guys. However, while they make some big claims to fame, the evidence to back up these claims cannot be found anywhere on planet earth. Yeah, these guys promise that you can become a millionaire in a matter of weeks, but there is just no proof of this whatsoever.

At the same time, we did a lot of digging around and research into this Solid Mining LTD program. The results and information we came across were less than flattering to say the least. We encountered a few different scam factors which definitely call the reputability of this BTC miner system into questions. We are here doing this Solid Mining LTD scam review today to warn you about the very real threat which this BTC miner scam might pose to you.


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Solid Mining LTD System – What Company?

The Solid Mining LTD website claims that this is a real company. To prove that this company is real, or at least in a vain attempt to do so, we are shown a registration certificate. This certificate is supposed to prove that Solid Mining LTD is an officially registered company in the UK. However, we know for a fact that this is not true at all.

All it took for us to confirm that this Solid Mining LTD system is not really registered in the UK is a quick business registry check. Guys, this company and the program is not registered in the UK or in any other country in the world. It is all a big lie meant to get us to believe that this is legit, when in fact it is a complete scam.

It also stands to reason that the Solid Mining LTD app is not licensed. In other words, it is not legally allowed to accept investments form people at all. In order to obtain an investment license like this, the Solid Mining LTD program would have to be transparent and actually registered. So, while this app does take money from people, it is not doing so legally. Oh yeah, and this company has no clear leadership. The owners have gone out of their way to ensure that we never find out who they really are, a telltale sign that a scam is afoot here.


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Solid Mining LTD Program – What Mining?

One thing that definitely needs to be mentioned here is that there is no actual evidence to support the claim that any mining happens here. There are many questions that remain unanswered, questions we absolutely need answers to if we are expected to trust this Solid Mining LTD system with our money. Things like the hash rate, mining capabilities, the location of the facilities, and the hardware being used are all things we want to know.

The fact that these crooks remain so vague about this Solid Mining LTD operation is very disconcerting. From our own experience, the only reason why these guys would be so vague about the inner workings of this BTC miner is because there is no miner app to speak of. From what we can tell, this has to be an empty shell. It is just a trick meant to lure in unsuspecting crypto investors that have no idea what a scam looks like.

Solid Mining LTD App – What Profits?

Did you know that this Solid Mining LTD system claims to provide a daily ROI of 15% on your investment? Moreover, the claim here is that you can get these daily profits for a lifetime. That is right, this miner app claims to provide lifetime profits of 15% daily on your investment. Sure, the minimum investment amount for the best package is a whopping $325,000, but that seems reasonable right?

Folks, this would mean that you could turn $325,000 into millions of dollars by the end of the first month, and into billions after a few short years, but once again, it seems reasonable right? Of course not! It is totally unreasonable and completely impossible. It just is not possible for any kind of Bitcoin miner app to perform like this.


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Sure, Bitcoin mining can be a little profitable, but not the point which is claimed by the Solid Mining LTD system. If it were possible to generate profits like this, the whole world would be using this system. It would literally end world hunger and poverty across the globe. The claim of such high profits here is totally absurd and it is a surefire way of telling that this is indeed a scam.

Did you know that this Solid Mining LTD app is also a Ponzi scheme? It claims to provide people with big referral bonuses, but this is also a lie.


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Solid Mining LTD Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that the Solid Mining LTD system is undoubtedly a scam. The sole purpose which this software serves is to steal Bitcoin from people like you. This system is anonymous and faceless, the company is not legit or licensed, it appears to be a Ponzi scheme, and of course, nobody has ever received any kind of payouts here. We simply have no other choice but to label this Solid Mining LTD app as a scam, so please stay away from it at all costs.

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