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Cryptocurrency mining can definitely be quite a profitable venture if you go about it the right way. This Mineland app is supposed to be this awesome Bitcoin mining system with high returns. We are told that we just need to make a minimal investment in order to profit with this Mineland software. Apparently, it automatically mines Bitcoin for us and provides us with astounding returns on any investment we make. Sure, this sounds really awesome, and it looks good upon first glance too. However, the reality is very different from the appearances here.

The truth of the matter here is that we know hands down that this Mineland system is indeed a scam and a huge rip off. There is not a single shred of evidence which would confirm that this BTC mining system is real, legit, honest, and profitable. Yet, there is plenty of evidence to prove once and for all that it is indeed a scam. This is our Mineland scam review and we are here to provide you with fair warning about this super dangerous and malicious app that wants nothing more than to get its dirty little hands on your money.


Mineland scam alert


Mineland Scam – Totally Anonymous

The first and probably the most telling indication that this whole Bitcoin mining system is a scam, is the fact that it is completely faceless and anonymous. Not a single place on the website tells us the name of a person or the company in charge. We are never informed who owns this system, the person behind it, who runs it, who created it, or what company stands behind it. The Mineland scam app is 100% totally anonymous and that is a really bad sign no doubt.

The point here is that you can never trust any kind of anonymous crypto mining operation, or any kind of anonymous system like this in general. These crooks just want you to hand over your hard earned money to them, without you knowing who they are. This is a big problem. The Mineland app is designed to steal money from people, which is exactly why the people behind it refuse to reveal their identities.

They are doing something fraudulent and illegal here, which is why they don’t want anybody knowing who they actually are. They know darn well that if they were to get caught, they would spend a very long time in prison for stealing money from countless people. You can never trust an anonymous BTC mining system like this because it is bound to end in disaster.


Mineland Scam System – Unregulated & Unlicensed

Something that we know for a fact about this Mineland scam software is that it is both unregulated and unlicensed. The website claims that this Mineland company is registered in the UK. However, we did our research and came up empty. There is not a single business or investment registry in all of the UK which could confirm this. In other words, not only are the owners choosing to stay anonymous, but their company does not actually exist at all.

Furthermore, being unregulated and unregistered is a big deal when it comes to licensing. If you did not know, you can just go around taking investments from people with the aim of reinvesting the money at will. This is a financial activity that requires special licenses. The problem is of course that no sane licensing agency would ever allow these Mineland crooks to operate.

Giving these criminals a license is pretty much giving the Mineland app the green light to steal money from you. What we can say is that the Mineland system does not take investments per say. Sure, they have no problem taking your money, but they never use it to mine BTC or any other kind of cryptocurrency.


mineland more lies



Mineland Scam Software – Unreal Returns

Another red flag that came to our attention here has to do with the alleged returns which this BTC mining app is supposed to provide us with. The claim on the website is that the Mineland system offers up to 2% in daily returns on your investment, which is created through Bitcoin mining. We know that this is a lie without a shadow of a doubt.

First off, gaining that much money in ROI per day is not possible from any mining operation, especially considering the high costs associated with crypto mining. Moreover, we have talked to very many people out there and all of them say the exact same thing. People have invested money in this Mineland mining system and it has simply disappeared, with no profits ever coming in. This is a scam and it is designed to sucker innocent people such as yourselves out of your hard earned money.


Mineland Bogus Profits



Mineland Software Is A Ponzi Scheme & Pyramid Scheme

The next thing to mention about the Mineland scam app that needs to be mentioned is that it is both a Ponzi scheme and a Pyramid scheme of epic proportions. This BTC mining scam system has all of the qualities and aspects that any other Ponzi scheme has. It promises big returns that are guaranteed, all from a minimal investment. They don’t invest the money in mining and simply take it for themselves. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is.

Furthermore, these crooks have an affiliate referral bonus commission program in place. Make no mistake about it because this is just another low down trick as well. The Mineland app claims to reward you if you get your friends and family to sign up. Apparently the commissions are excellent. However, we have talked to many people who have been fooled by the Mineland app and once again, they all say the same thing. There is not a single person out there who has ever received any kind of bonus for getting friends to sign up. It’s all just a really big lie.


Mineland Review – Conclusion

Please folks, just stay away from this terrible BTC mining scam. The Mineland system is a rip off and it will undoubtedly rob your blind of all the money you make the mistake of investing in it.




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