SpaceMining Scam Review: FRAUDULENT!


When it comes to cryptocurrency mining and investment scams, you definitely need to keep your eye on SpaceMining software. Supposedly, this is the best, fastest, safest, and most profitable cryptocurrency mining system in the world. Oh, but we are never actually told what the SpaceMining app mines for. At any rate, these guys promise to take our small investments and provide us with up to 16% ROI per day, which would of course be totally awesome. However, just as much as it would be awesome, it is also a complete lie. Do you really think that these kinds of returns are possible on a daily basis?

The fact that the SpaceMining app is completely anonymous and faceless is another bad sign too. The point here is that there are just way too many lies being told to us by the crooks behind this shady crypto mining system and we don’t like that one bit. We are here today doing a SpaceMining scam review to give you fair warning about this horrible malicious crypto mining system. This SpaceMining review is going to give you all of the dirty details you need to ensure that you never come near this terrible crypto mining system ever again.




SpaceMining Scam – Fake Creators

One of the first telltale signs that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the obviously fake owners. The main SpaceMining website claims that Lewis Wright and Lei Wang are the leaders of this crypto mining operation. However, this is simply not true in any way, shape, or form. All we ever get to see of these two is their faces along with their names. Yet, this is not nearly enough to prove that they are real and genuine people.

We looked both of these men up and came up empty both times. The only evidence of their existence is their relation to this SpaceMining scam. We could not find a single shred of evidence online which would prove that either of these men is genuine and that they are in fact the leaders of the SpaceMining scam app. The bottom line is that this really bad mining system is totally anonymous and we have no idea who is leading the charge here.

Whenever you come across an anonymous cryptocurrency mining system like this, you can rest assured that it is a bogus and fraudulent scam. If this cryptocurrency mining system were the real deal, there would be absolutely no reason for the owners to conceal their identities. However, these crooks know that their SpaceMining software is a huge thievery and they just don’t want to face criminal prosecution for it.




SpaceMining Scam System – No Licensing

Something else that is glaringly obvious about this SpaceMining scam is that it is definitely not licensed to mine for BTC or any other cryptocurrency. At the same time, it is also not registered, regulated, or licensed to take investments from people. These cryptocurrency and investment related activities require special licenses to perform within the boundaries of the law. Well, regulation and licensing agencies don’t just hand these things out like a soup kitchen gives out free food.

People and companies need to be real, transparent, legitimate, and trustworthy if they are to attain the proper licenses needed to do this kind of thing legally. However, there is not a single sane regulatory or licensing agency in the world that would ever afford these SpaceMining crooks a license to steal your money, because that is exactly what they would be doing. This means that the SpaceMining system is taking investments illegally, which is a telltale sign that this whole thing is a massive scam intended to do nothing more than steal all of your money from you.




SpaceMining Software – What Does It Mine?

Yet another surefire way that we can tell that the SpaceMining app is a scam is because we are never actually told what it mines for. Yes, we are informed that our deposit has to be made with Bitcoin, but what SpaceMining software actually mines for is beyond us.

We are told that it mines for cryptocurrency and provides us with astounding profits, but we don’t actually know which type of cryptocurrency it mines for. Being so vague and not telling us what this bogus crypto app mines for is very suspicious to say the least. It is a huge indication that the SpaceMining system is a huge rip off that probably does not perform any mining whatsoever.


SpaceMining Scam Software – Impossible Returns

Something else that jumped out at us is the fact that the returns promised by the SpaceMining system are totally ludicrous and ridiculous. Yes, we are actually told that this crypto mining system can provide us with anywhere from 10% to 16% ROI per day, every single day. This would of course be really nice because anybody who uses this particular crypto mining app would never have to work again. However, this is of course not true at all.

Making that much money on a daily basis is totally unrealistic, impossible, and simply cannot be achieved. Everybody who uses this SpaceMining app would be filthy rich in a matter of mere days, but that is clearly not the case. Not only have people not been able to make a profit using the SpaceMining system, but they have not even been able to break even. Not a single person has ever managed to make a single penny in profits using this bogus crypto mining app, plus nobody has even managed to get their investment back.

The bottom line here is that this horrible crypto program is just a terrible Ponzi scheme and Pyramid scheme all rolled into one. It has the aim of suckering as many people as possible out of their hard earned money without any intention of ever providing investors with any returns. This system is designed to steal from you and nothing else.




SpaceMining Review – Conclusion

There is not a single valuable or honest thing about this whole SpaceMining scam. Just stay away from it because investing money in it will do you no good whatsoever.

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