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If you are worried about being scammed by a crypto scam, you definitely need to keep an eye out for the Coinsrobot app. This is by far the most destructive and malicious cryptocurrency scam that we have seen all year. We have received tons of complaints from disgruntled users of this particular crypto trading system. People everywhere have been complaining about this Ponzi scheme that has already managed to steal tons of money from countless people. We are here doing a Coinsrobot scam review for your benefit, to give you fair warning about the very real threat posed to you by this bogus cryptocurrency trading system. Keep reading our Coinsrobot review to get all of the details on this nasty Bitcoin based trading scam.



Coinsrobot App – Anonymous Leadership

One of the most suspicious things about the Coinsrobot app is that it does not have any clear leadership. Never are we told the name of a person or company who could be at the helm of this BTC trading tool. This is extremely concerning to say the very least. You can never trust a totally anonymous crypto trading system because you don’t know who has your money. As the complaints roll in, it is becoming clear that the Coinsrobot system is designed to steal money from you.

Therefore, the owners of this horrible crypto scam are choosing to keep their identities hidden. Simply put, they know darn well that they are stealing money from people, so in order to avoid criminal prosecution for fraud and theft, they are staying hidden in the shadows. Once again folks, don’t be blind and trust a crypto trading system when you don’t know who the people in charge really are. This is one of the biggest indications that that the Coinsrobot trading system is a total rip off.




Coinsrobot Software – No License

What is also blatantly obvious about the Coinsrobot system is that it does not have a license to do this kind of thing at all. Crypto trading software, as well as taking investments from people, are both activities which require special licensing and regulation. Without the proper licensing and regulation, a crypto system like Coinsrobot software would be operating illegally. Well, for any crypto trading service and investment program to acquire these licenses, they need to be transparent, honest, reliable, and they need to in fact be real.

Seeing as the Coinsrobot scam app is no registered, only has complaints, and is totally anonymous, there is no chance in hell that any sane licensing agency has afforded these crooks a license. Heck, that would more or less be a license to steal your money from you. This implies that this crypto trading software never actually performs any trades at all. They probably just drain your investment right out of the account and use it to go buy fancy cars and several thousand dollar bottles of champagne.


Coinsrobot Scam App – The Ponzi Scheme

What is pretty obvious about the Coinsrobot system is that it is indeed a Ponzi scheme. If you are not aware of what a Ponzi scheme is, it is when investors promise massive returns on minimal investments, just like here, only to screw you over and take the majority of the money for themselves. They might take some recent investments from new people and pay small sums to older investors just to shut them up and keep them complacent.

However, the majority of the money is used to do whatever the crooks behind this bogus crypto trading system like to do for fun, most likely booze, drugs, and other illegal activities. The Coinsrobot system promises absolutely massive returns on any investment, but as far as we can tell, nobody has ever gotten any money back. This is a clear indication that the Coinsrobot scam is a Ponzi scheme intended to take as much money from as many people as humanly possible.




How Does The Coinsrobot System Generate Money?

Yet another scam factor about the Coinsrobot system that came to our attention is that we are never told how it actually works or what it really does. Yes, we are told that it can produce obscene amounts of money for us, but how it does that remains a total mystery. We want to know everything there is to know here including trading strategies, indicators, algorithms, and everything in between. How are we supposed to trust this ridiculous trading app when we don’t know how it works? Well, just as a little hint, we are pretty certain that the Coinsrobot system does not execute any trades at all. It is simply an investment scam where the real crooks running the show steal your money.

These criminals promise that you can make a 4 system does not execute any trades at all. It is simply an investment scam where the real crooks running the show steal your money. These criminals promise that you can make a 4% return on a daily basis, even from a really small investment. Sure, this does sound awesome, but of course it is also way too good to be true. There is no way, not even in a frozen over hell, that this horrible trading app can produce results as promised. In fact, according to a multitude of really unhappy users, the Coinsrobot system never produces any results or profits whatsoever. This is a massive crypto scam and it will rob you blind in no time flat.




Coinsrobot Program & Pyramid Scheme Factors

We aren’t going to get too much into the details here, but the Coinsrobot system is also a pyramid scheme without a shadow of a doubt. These crooks are so lazy that they want you to help scam your friends out of their money too. These guys are trying to screw over as many people as possible with this Coinsrobot scam and they are doing it with a classic pyramid scheme formulation.


Coinsrobot Review – Conclusion

The only important thing that you need to remember about the Coinsrobot app is that it is a scam that will steal all of your money if you give it the opportunity to do so.

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