Primary Crypto Scam Review: BOGUS!


Cryptocurrency scams like the Primary Crypto system are rife all across the internet and this one has its sights set firmly on you. The unfortunate reality is that there are tons of scams like this Primary Crypto app out there and they will definitely steal your money from you. We are told that this particular trading system includes an awesome platform that can provide you with outstanding ITM rates.

At the same time, the Primary Crypto system is supposed to provide you with some of the best cryptocurrency educational material on the face of planet earth. Well, rest assured that none of this is true in the least. This is a cryptocurrency investment and trading scam that wants nothing more than to get its grubby little fingers on your hard earned cash. This is the Primary Crypto scam review and it is for your benefit. This Primary Crypto review is intended to warn you about the very real threat and the danger posed to you by this absolutely horrible cryptocurrency trading scam.




Primary Crypto App – Terrible Market Analysis

The first thing which we really do not like about the Primary Crypto system is that it promises awesome market analysis tools, yet delivers nothing of the sort. The claim is that this trading and investment system has the world’s best technical and fundamental analysis tools for us to use. Apparently, they can help us achieve trading ITM rates of 100% without fail. Well, we took a look at the Primary Crypto app’s market analysis section and the charting solution.

To say the least, the whole thing is anything but impressive and actually quite useless. The market analysis features provided here are completely useless, incoherent, nonsensical, and just don’t make any sense. Using the Primary Crypto marketing analysis tools to come to any kind of trading decisions is about as smart as building a submarine with screen doors. It’s a one way ticket to failure.




Primary Crypto Software – Worthless Education

Another thing that really stands out about this Primary Crypto scam is just how worthless the educational features are. There are a bunch of online pamphlets, web seminars, and video tutorials intended to help us understand cryptocurrencies and how to trade with them. However, the value and merit of this educational material is non-existent. First off, anything taught to you here can be learned virtually anywhere else totally free of cost. Next, the education provided is so minimal and useless that you are better off just winging it.

Finally, everything provided does not even belong to the Primary Crypto system. Most of the YouTube videos are from third party sources that have no connection with this Primary Crypto scam whatsoever. The moral of the story here is that the educational material provided here is absolutely bogus. Learning anything about cryptocurrencies from these goons is like learning how to solder joints from an ice cream maker. It just is not going to do you any good at all.




Primary Crypto Scam – Anonymous Leaders

Yet another indication that the Primary Crypto app is a scam is that we have no idea who is in charge of the whole thing. Not once on the website or anywhere else are we told the name of a person or company who leads this crypto trading system. This bogus cryptocurrency trading system is 100% anonymous and that is a huge problem for us. A general rule of thumb is that you can never trust any cryptocurrency trading or investment system if you do not know who is in charge of it.

Just think about it. If the Primary Crypto system were real and genuine, there would be absolutely no reason for the owners to hide their identities. The only reason for the crooks behind this Primary Crypto system to remain hidden in the shadows of anonymity is because they know that what they are doing is totally illegal. Their system is fraudulent, it is meant to steal from you, the owners know it, and they just don’t want to go to prison for stealing from you. Folks, to repeat, never ever trust any kind of anonymous cryptocurrency trading or investment system.




Primary Crypto Scam App – No License

The next surefire way that we can tell that the Primary Crypto app is a scam is because it has no license to take investments or provide people with financial advice. This system is meant to take investments from people, provide crypto signals, and crypto financial advice. All of these activities are things that require special licenses to perform. Well, we already established that this piece of software software is totally anonymous, which is very problematic when it comes to this licensing issue.

The fact of the matter is that cryptocurrency licensing boards will only give the most transparent and trustworthy of companies and people licenses. Seeing as the Primary Crypto app is about as untrustworthy, illegitimate, and non-transparent as could be, there is no way, not even in a frozen over hell, that it could have any kind of license to do any of the things it claims. The bottom line here is that the Primary Crypto system is not allowed to take investments or provide advice as it claims. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is nothing more than a complete rip off.


Primary Crypto Program – Ridiculous Promises

Perhaps the biggest sign that this whole thing is a massive rip off is that they promise ridiculous results, but have never once managed to deliver any profits to any people whatsoever. These crooks promise near perfect trading accuracy combined with totally unrealistic and unachievable profits. You can be sure that you will never earn a single penny if you decide to use the Primary Crypto trading system. It is a massive scam with the express intent of ripping you off.



Primary Crypto Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that the Primary Crypto app is a rip off, a scam, and a thievery of epic proportions, so stay away from it!

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