Secret Investor Society Review: ANOTHER SCAM?


If you are thinking of investing money with the Secret Investor Society system, you might want to think again. This is another one of those get rich quick ad revenue and passive income systems that promises to make you wealthy in a matter of months. Apparently, with this Secret Investor Society software, there is no work involved, you don’t have to pay any money, and you will get super rich too.

Sure passive income systems can work, but they have to be right systems, legit ones that are actually in place to help you make money. Using a program like the Secret Investor Society app does not seem like the best way to go by far. Heck, it does not even look decent from the outside. These crooks offer literally zero proof that this software works to generate cash, or at least that it is legitimate.

However, we have done a fair amount of research here and it is pretty obvious that there is some really shady stuff going on. We have found more than enough proof to show you that this Secret Investor Society software is most likely a scam and that it is definitely not worth the trouble. This is our Secret Investor Society scam review and we are here to provide you with fair warning about the very real danger you will be in if you get mixed up with this junk passive income scam.


Secret Investor Society


Secret Investor Society Software – Marketing Pressure Tactics

One of the first aspects of this Secret Investor Society system which gives it away as a rip off is right on the home page. On the website, we are told that this software is free to use for the next 20 or so people. Apparently there are a limited number of free licenses for us to grab. However, this is nothing more than a pressure tactic often used in sales scams.

It is something that you will often see taking place in infomercials, much like the whole “limited time offer” gag. The fact of the matter is that there are definitely not a limited amount of licenses available with this Secret Investor Society app. We can prove this because if you refresh the page, the number of available licenses starts back at the same number each time. This is a lowdown pressure tactic meant to force you to sign up before you can take a closer look at what is going on.


Secret Investor Society



Secret Investor Society App – A RECYCLED SCAM!

Perhaps the most telling scam factor here has to do with old scams. What we mean to say is that although this scam has a fancy new name, it is in fact an old scam that has been recycled and repackaged. We know this for a fact because we personally busted the scams which we speak of. If you take a look at the Free Ad Cash System or the Quantum Code, you will quickly notice some glaring similarities.

In other words, all 3 of these scams were created by the same people. Once those other 2 scams ran their course, the anonymous crooks in charge here simply repackaged with a new name and a new way to make money. The wording is the same, the websites all look the same, and even the same paid narrator was used for the videos. Folks, the Secret Investor Society app was a scam one year ago just like it is today, just with a different name.

Secret Investor Society Passive Income Scam – NOT PROFITABLE!

Something that we can confirm about the Secret Investor Society app is that it is not profitable in the least, quite the opposite actually. Yes, we are all promises that this passive income scam can provide us with something like $25,000 per week, which turns out to be $1.2 million dollars per year. Sure, this would be awesome no doubt, but it is also a huge load of horse crap. Do you really think that you can use some free software to become a millionaire in under 1 year? Folks, life just does not work that way.

If this Secret Investor Society system were a real thing, there would be no such thing as poverty, poverty that is so rampant around the world. Heck, we are never even really told what this system does. Yes, it is allegedly a passive income system, but there are many types of passive income. The crooks in charge here do not even really bother to tell us what this supposed money making strategy is. There is also the point that we have talked to many people out there, all of which have been scammed by this Secret Investor Society software. The bottom line is that not a single person has ever made a profit using this junk, and chances are huge that nobody ever will.


Secret Investor Society


Secret Investor Society Program – ANONYMOUS & PAID ACTORS

For one, the Secret Investor Society system is completely anonymous. Sure, there is a voice narrator in the video who goes by the name of Simon Green. However, we have already heard this name before, mainly for the other older scams which this one was recycled from. Folks, Simon was just as much a fictitious character then as he is now.


Secret Investor Society


Moreover, the Secret Investor Society presentation video is full of paid actors. All of these people claim that they have successfully used this passive income software. Yet, the only thing that they have done successfully is get paid a few measly bucks to read a script and appear in this video. These are not genuine people and they are not to be trusted in the least.


Secret Investor Society


Secret Investor Society Review – Conclusion

The bottom line here is that this Secret Investor Society software is not what it seems to be. Sure, it might look good from the sounds of it, but the sounds of so many scam victims crying and wailing due to being scammed certainly does not sound good. Folks, this Secret Investor Society system is anonymous, it steals money from people, and if you are not careful, you will be the next victim of it.




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