BTCOnline Scam Review: REAL MINING?


Sure, Bitcoin mining can be a great way to put some money in your pocket. However, when you are faced with using a system like the BTCOnline app for Bitcoin mining, you might want to rethink things a little bit. Yes, the website for this mining program looks legit and real enough. Yet, if you look closely at it, you will notice some inconsistencies.

Even worse than there being inconsistencies is the fact that there also appear to be some lies and false promises thrown into the mix here. The BTCOnline system claims to be totally free to use and highly profitable as well, both claims that we know better than to take at face value. The sad part is that these crooks offer absolutely zero proof that this mining system works or that it is the real deal.

On the other hand, we have found more than enough evidence to prove once and for all that this whole thing is nothing more than a giant rip off. You are the target of this scam and these crooks want nothing more than to steal your Bitcoin. We are here today doing this BTCOnline review to give you fair warning. You need to be aware of the very real danger you and your finances will be in if you step anywhere near this Bitcoin mining scam.


BTCOnline Scam


BTCOnline Mining Scam – WHAT MINING?

First and foremost, we are told that the BTCOnline app is a Bitcoin mining pool. Apparently, we are supposed to send these guys our Bitcoin, which they will then use to mine more Bitcoin. For one, this honestly does not really make any sense to begin with, but whatever, this is beside the point. The real problem here is that we are told that there are mining facilities in Europe and Asia. However, of course, there is no proof offered of this.

We get no solid location, we are not told what the hash rate is, what the mining capabilities are, or anything else of important. There is absolutely no proof that any Bitcoin mining ever takes places with this BTCOnline system. This is a very bad sign, one that we simply cannot ignore. If we are expected to invest money in this software, we need to know what is going on. We want details, details that we are not at all provided with here.

BTCOnline System – NO RETURNS!

Something else that we can say with absolute certainty about this BTCOnline app is that it does not provide any kind of returns whatsoever. Sure, we are told than investment of 0.9 Bitcoin will lead to a daily income of 0.08 Bitcoin, which we get each and every single day. At this point, with the value of Bitcoin being quite low, this would translate to around $700 per day in profits, which is already unrealistically high.

Moreover, if the price of Bitcoin bounces back, as it most likely will, this would mean that you could make upwards of $2,000 per day. Folks, even if there was actually any mining going on here, these kinds of returns are absolutely unheard of. It is not possible to get this kind of ROI no matter what cryptocurrency you are mining or what mining system you are using. It is just not doable in the least.

Furthermore, we have already talked to dozens of people who have unfortunately come into contact with this BTCOnline mining system. They have all said the same thing. They have sent these crooks their Bitcoin, and then nothing happened at all. Their money simply disappeared and these criminals were never to be heard from again. Folks, this is blatant thievery and the target of it is you. Don’t let these crooks scam you!


BTCOnline Scam


BTCOnline Software – A PONZI SCHEME!

Something that we do know about the BTCOnline system with absolute certainty is the fact that it is a Ponzi scheme. These crooks promise big returns, they say that this system is free to use, they guarantee the returns, and then no profits ever materialize. This is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is. Heck, these crooks try to convince us that their system is legit by showing a bunch of phony transactions. Guys, these Bitcoin transactions are totally fake.


BTCOnline Scam


Furthermore, we also know that the BTCOnline app is a pyramid scheme as well. These crooks say that you will get affiliate bonuses of up to 40% just for getting your friends to sign up. As well, there are multiple tiers of commission levels, which supposedly translate into some big dollars for you. However, of course, this is just another lie. These scammers will take your money, they will take money from your friends, and none of you will ever see a single penny of it in returns or affiliate commissions. No matter what, the only thing you will accomplish here is being thieved from by a group of malicious criminals.


BTCOnline Scam


Other BTCOnline Scam Factors

The fact of the matter is that there are still a couple of other scam factors in relation to the BTCOnline system to talk about, so let’s do that right now.

  • For one, the BTCOnline system is totally anonymous. We are never told who owns, runs, or operates this system. We are not about to hand over our hard earned money to people that we do not know.
  • The BTCOnline website is full of fake user testimonials. The names are fake, we are not shown any pictures of people, and the statements are just way too good to be true.

BTCOnline Scam


  • The contact details for this BTCOnline system are completely bogus.

BTCOnline Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, there is literally not a single good thing that we can say about this BTCOnline mining system. As far as we can tell, it is totally anonymous and consists of a fake company. These crooks claims to provide big returns guaranteed, plus huge affiliate bonuses too. Yet, of course, they never deliver any money at all, no profits materialize, and all you are left with is a bitter taste in your mouth because you just got screwed out of thousands of dollars.




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