ProfitCoins Scam Review: IS THIS BOGUS?


The ProfitCoins system is allegedly this awesome automated cryptocurrency trading platform. We are told that it is totally free to use, which is pretty cool. We are also told that we are guaranteed daily returns, which would of course be pretty awesome as well. Yes, upon first glances, this ProfitCoins app does indeed look pretty attractive.

The website seems to be well made, which is always nice. However, a good website is not going to fool us, especially not after all of the negative reviews and evidence that we have uncovered about this crypto trading software.

It might be a little hard to spot, but we have indeed gathered a whole lot of evidence which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this ProfitCoins software is not at all what it seems. It is made out of look super reliable, but trust us when we say that it is anything but legit and it is surely not the real deal.

These crooks have absolutely no evidence to back up any of the absurd claims they make. On the other hand, we have found more than enough evidence to burry this horrible crypto trading scam 6 feet under once and for all. We are here today doing this ProfitCoins review for your benefit. We want to give you fair warning about the very real danger you will be putting yourself and your finances in if you get roped in with this atrociously bad cryptocurrency trading platform.


ProfitCoins Software – ANONYMOUS & UNREGISTERED!

Perhaps the most suspicious aspect, one that we noticed right from the get go, is that the company itself seems to be totally fictitious, and that includes the so called leadership. On the main website, we are told that a man named Rocio Knight is the owner, founder, and leader of this operation. We are shown a picture, which we are lead to believe is him.




We are also shown images of the alleged CTO and CFO of the company. However, we have seen all of these people before. Their images have been used for a number of other scams and sales campaigns. Folks, these men have absolutely nothing to do with this ProfitCoins app. The names they use here are not real, and most likely, they probably do not even know that their images have been used.

In terms of the company itself, ProfitCoins Trading Limited, it is also completely fictitious. Sure, the website provides us with a UK company registration number, an official HQ address in London, and a phone number, plus other contact details. However, all of the details provided here are totally bogus. We tried looking the company up and found nothing. We tried contacting these guys and came up empty as well. Therefore, it is painfully clear that his program is completely fraudulent, the company is fake, and this whole thing simply cannot be trusted in the least.




Does The System Work?

First of all, we are told that this ProfitCoins app is totally free to use. This is already very suspicious. The fact that we would get to use a profitable crypto trading system for free, without having to pay any fees whatsoever, is simply way too unbelievable. Money does not grow on trees and people certainly do not hand it out for free. Therefore, it stands to reason that there is an ulterior motive at play here. In other words, these crooks lure you in with the promise of free cash, but then actually just steal whatever you deposit.

Next, we are never actually told how the app system works. We are not informed of the degree of automation at play here, what kind of algorithms are being put to use, or what kind of trading strategies are being followed. We are simply told that there is an awesome algorithm in use which makes a ton of money on a daily basis. This is not nearly good enough to earn our trust.




Now, the claims of profits here are not overly huge, but the only reason these crooks kept their claims moderate is to not draw attention to their scam. However, based on all of the complaints we have gotten from people, it is clear that these guys steal money from people. ProfitCoins software is not profitable in the least and not a single person has ever gotten any kind of ROI with it. It’s just a huge scam and you are in the cross hairs.




Other ProfitCoins Scam Factors

There are a couple of other scam factors that need to be mentioned here, so let’s do that right now.

  • The brokers associated with this ProfitCoins system are totally bogus. They are not licensed or registered, and they certainly do not operate legally. These brokers have been put in place specifically to steal your money. The brokers are actually how these crooks get to your cash in the first place.
  • The ProfitCoins website claims that this software has been featured on nearly a dozen different reputable news website and publications. The claim is that all of these news sources said good things about this crypto trading system. However, this is not true in the least. None of these news sources have ever even so much as mentioned these crooks in passing.



ProfitCoins Review – Conclusion

As you can see, there is literally not one single trustworthy aspect to this whole cryptocurrency trading platform. is headed by anonymous crooks that choose to stay hidden, plus the company is totally fake. They lie about the system being free to use, they lie about the profits, they use scam brokers, and they claim to be mentioned on news sites when that is not true at all.

The bottom line is that this ProfitCoins app is a complete and utter exercise in thievery, with you being the main target. Please folks, just stay away from this crypto scam because the only purpose it serves is to steal money from hardworking people such as you.




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