DigitroniQ Scam Review: TRADING SCAM?

OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: digitroniq.com

DigitroniQ software is supposed to be this really high powered trading system, mostly for Forex. It claims to be super profitable, easy to use, and free as well. Wow, does this not sound awesome? Hmm, it kind of sounds like it is almost too good to be true. Supposedly, you can make something like $7,500 each and every single day with this automated trading system. Once again, that number sounds a little too high to be realistic.

At any rate, realistic or not, these goons offer absolutely no evidence which would prove that this DigitroniQ app actually works as advertised, or works at all for that matter. However, we here at the Cryptocurrency Army have found plenty of evidence which shows that this DigitroniQ trading software is indeed a scam. Our aim here is to keep you safe from all kinds of trading scams, and that includes this one. This is our DigitroniQ scam review and we are here to provide you with fair warning about this dangerous and malicious Forex trading scam.




DigitroniQ System – Treyton Boyer

The first thing that came to our attention about this DigitroniQ app is that it is completely 100% anonymous. Yes, there is a man narrating the video name Treyton Boyer, or at least that is what he calls himself. However, we only get to hear from him through voice narration. We always get really suspicious of any trading system when we do not get to see the face of the owner, especially when not live in action.

We know for a fact that the picture that is supposed to be Treyton is just a stolen stock image. His name is not Treyton and he is definitely not the owner or leader of this DigitroniQ scam. The real owners in charge here just do not want us knowing who they are. They want to be able to steal from us without being caught.





DigitroniQ Trading App – UNREAL PROFITS!

One of the most telling red flags that came to our attention here has to do with the promised profits. We are told that this DigitroniQ software can generate over $7,500 every 24 hours. Of course, this would be totally awesome, but it is also a total load of crap. Do you really think that some third tier automated trading system can generate that much money in a single day?

Heck, generating even 1K per day would be very impressive. There is no way to guarantee profits in the world of FX trading, especially not the amount promised here. There is always a risk of losing your investment when trading, and there is no software in the world that can mitigate 100% of this risk. Guaranteeing steady profits like this is simply not possible, which means that the people behind this DigitroniQ system are lying to us.

This is beside the point that the DigitroniQ system is not designed to be profitable at all. This FX trading application is designed to steal the money that you deposit for trading. We have talked to quite a few people out there and the general consensus is the same around the board. If you invest any money into this FX platform, the crooks on the other end simply drain it, steal it, and use it for whatever illicit ends they have in mind.





DigitroniQ Scam – LAST CHANCE!

Another scam factor which gives this FX trading system away for what it really is, is that it uses a bunch of cheap marketing tricks to try and get people to sign up right now. Folks, these are pressure tactics often used in sales, especially when the thing being sold is not worth the money. It is a scam tactic most often seen in infomercials. When it comes to this DigitroniQ system, when you are inactive on the site, or go to leave it, a popup appears which claims that “THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE”.

Obviously, these crooks just want you to sign up immediately and deposit your money. The fact of the matter is that you can leave the website and come back as many times as you want. Apparently these guys are big fans of giving out unlimited last chances. Folks, once again, this is a scam tactic and it holds no merit whatsoever. These guys want to scam as many people out of as much money as possible, so they are not about to limit the amount of people they try to steal from.




Fake DigitroniQ User Testimonials

Something else that we noticed about this DigitroniQ app is that the user testimonials do not seem to make sense. For one, they are simply way too good to be true. All of the user testimonials and reviews featured on the website are overly positive, to the point where we have serious trouble believing them.

Well, this is beside the point that we know with absolute certainty that these DigitroniQ user testimonials are bogus anyway. If you take a look at them, you will notice just how easy it would be to forge and fake these testimonials. The people featured in them, well, we have no way of confirming that they are real at all.

However, we are willing to bet that the images used are stolen or purchased stock images, which have been combined with fake names. It is safe to assume that the people featured in these testimonials do not even know that their faces have been used to begin with. It is all just a huge lie meant to lure you in and get you to hand over your hard earned money to the anonymous crooks behind the DigitroniQ scam system.




DigitroniQ Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that can be said about DigitroniQ trading software is that it is a total rip off. It serves one sole purpose and that is to steal money from innocent traders such as yourselves. Make no mistake about it folks, if you get mixed up with this trading scam, you will pay through the nose for it, and you definitely will not make any profits whatsoever.




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