ADVERX Review: A Great ICO


ADVERX is a legitimate token program that is currently in the first rounds of its initial coin offering. Yes, there are many different cryptocurrencies out there, many of which are going through their ICO rounds, just like ADVERX. It is no secret that cryptocurrencies are exploding in both value and number. So, choosing a good ICO to invest in can be pretty difficult. However, there are quite a few signs which show that ADVERX 2018 is a really good investment opportunity.

This advertising based platform is going to make a big splash in the worlds of advertising and cryptocurrency. We want to talk about the ADVERX white paper report, the investment and lending programs, the referral tiers, and much more. ADVERX might seem like just another cryptocurrency ICO, maybe even a scam, but that is just not so. We are here doing an ADVERX scam review to tell you all about this awesome new ICO. There are many ways to make money using this neat new cryptocurrency that is currently in its initial coin offering stage.

What Is the ADVERX RTB Platform?

ADVERX is a new cryptocurrency currently in its initial stages of its ICO. The aim of this new cryptocurrency, with the call sign AVX, is to make it the leading form of currency in the digital advertising world. The point of the ADVERX platform, among other things, is for advertisers and publishers to do RTB (real time betting) on advertisement impressions. The winner of the impressions bids will then be awarded the advertisement to be featured on the website. This is what the ADVERX platform is all about. This advertising stuff might not interest you, but what should interest you is the big opportunity to make a whole lot of money. The call sign is AVX and there is a total supply of 7,500,000 tokens. The token standard is ERC20.


The ADVERX Initial Coin Offering

Just like any other good cryptocurrency in its infantile stage, ADVERX is doing an ICO or initial coin offering, exchanging tokens for investments of various degrees. If you are looking to invest in a new cryptocurrency, the ADVERX currency is a great way to go, especially now that prices are very low due to being in the opening rounds of the ICO. The ADVERX cost will never again be so low, so the time to invest is now, or to be exact, when the next round of the ICO starts.

Now, the first round of the ADVERX ICO already happened on January 10th, where tokens were sold for $0.9 apiece, and is totally sold out, but there are more rounds to come very soon. The second round of the AVX ICO starts on January 13th, with tokens being sold for $1.00 apiece. After that, rounds 3 through 9 of the ICO will happen back to back on January 14th. The ADVERX price will be starting at $1.10 per token in round 3 and end with round 9 at $1.70 per token. As you can see, if you want to invest in the ADVERX cryptocurrency and lending platform, the time to do so is as early as possible.

How You Can Make Money With The ADVERX Cryptocurrency – Lending

The awesome part about the ADVERX cryptocurrency, the lending platform, and the RTB platform all allow for opportunities to generate a profit for you. The biggest way in which you can make a profit with this new cryptocurrency is through the lending platform. With this lending platform, you can lock the tokens you have into the lending platform, which people then buy, kind of like on a loan, and at the end of the period, you get your capital back with accrued interest. The ADVERX lending interest rates are pretty high, so making money is not hard at all. There are 3 different lending plans you can engage in. The plans include the following.

  • Basic – The basic lending plan requires you to invest a minimum of $250 of AVX and a maximum of $5000 AVX. It will provide you with up to 1% in daily interest and you will get your capital back in 90 days.
  • Enhanced – The enhanced lending plan requires a minimal investment of $5000 and a maximum of $10,000. It will provide you with 1.1% daily interest, a 0.1% bonus at the end, and you will get your capital back in 75 days.
  • Premium – The premium lending program requires a minimal investment of $10,000 and up. This plan will provide you with 1.2% in daily interest, with a 0.15% bonus at the end, and you get your capital back in 60 days.

The ADVERX Affiliate Bonus

Another way in which you can make a profit with the AVX cryptocurrency is through the lending affiliate program. You can get lenders under you, so it is pretty much like a referral program where you can earn a commission. For each lender under you, you get a certain percentage in commission. There are 4 levels to this affiliate program. They look like this.

  • Level 1 – 5% bonus
  • Level 2 – 2% bonus
  • Level 3 – 1% bonus
  • Level 4 – 0.5% bonus

The ADVERX Internal Exchange

You will also be able to earn money simply by selling AVX within the platform. The internal exchange will allow you to sell and buy the AVX cryptocurrency at will. It might take a bit of skill, but if you make wise trades, you can definitely make a healthy profit.


The ADVERX Roadmap

Something that is very important to keep in mind is what the roadmap for ADVERX looks like. Just in case you do not know, the roadmap is like an action plan with specific dates and specific events. Let’s just quickly go over the most important parts in the roadmap of the new AVX cryptocurrency. As you will see, these guys have some big plans and they are definitely in the money making business.

  • Dec 2017 – ADVERX is launched
  • Jan 2018 – Dashboard is launched, ICO begins
  • Feb 2018 – After the ICO rounds are complete, the lending platform is to be launched
  • March 2018 – The internal exchange will be launched
  • April 2018 – RTB partnerships will be acquired
  • May 2018 – Full scale RTB platform will be launched with AVX as its currency
  • June 2018 – Will be listed into multiple external exchanges
  • Aug 2018 – Creation of a payment gateway to use AVX as a form of payment

ADVERX Review – Conclusion

So, if you want to make some good money in the world of cryptocurrency, the ADVERX currency is a great investment opportunity no doubt. The next round of the ICO is in 2 days, so don’t miss your opportunity to scoop up tokens for cheap!

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