ThornCoin Cryptocurrency ICO UPDATE!

If you did not already know, the ThornCoin cryptocurrency ICO is set for release on January 18. The presale for the ThornCoin cryptocurrency will begin on January 18, with the price at an all-time low. The ThornCoin ICO will begin on January 22 and conclude on the 27th. Investors and cryptocurrency experts around the world are saying that the ThornCoin Cryptocurrency ICO is going to be the biggest crypto ICO opportunity since Bitcoin.

The experts of the world, including us, see that the value of this brand new cryptocurrency has astronomical potential. Sure, it is very cheap to buy the tokens when the presale and ICO occur, but that is as cheap as they will ever be. All of the great minds of the world are saying that the price of the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is going to rise quickly and steadily over the next few months and years. The potential to surpass any other cryptocurrency in value is very real, especially now that some of the other big players are seeing big losses.



The point here is that the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is going to be big and if you want to make money in the world of crypto, THRN is your best bet at doing so at this point in time. We are here doing another ThornCoin Review to tell you all about this awesome new big time money making opportunity. There is a lot more to it than just the THRN currency itself, so get ready to be blown right out of your socks!



What Does The ThornCoin Cryptocurrency Entail?

The awesome part about this brand new digital currency is that it is so much more than just a currency. Yes, it is a crypto-coin just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all of those other big boys, but there is a lot more to it than just that. In fact, the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is going to be part of a larger ThornCoin platform, or several platforms in fact. With THRN, you are going to have the opportunity to trade it, both on an internal and on external exchanges. The new ThorCoin cryptocurrency system will also allow you to stake THRN, Lend THRN, and there is even an affiliate program that offers extra bonuses too.

There is no doubt in our minds that this new ThornCoin cryptocurrency is going to be one of the biggest players around within the next few months. The price is low now, especially for the presale and ICO, but the time to invest is now. Experts are saying that the price is going to skyrocket, so you definitely want to buy as much THRN as you can before the official launch. To be clear, THE OFFICIAL PRESALE FOR THORNCOIN BEGINS ON JANUARY 18 AND THE INITIAL COIN OFFERING, THE FIRST STAGE, BEGINS ON JANUARY 22.  



ThornCoin Cryptocurrency – The ICO

Like we have said before, the presale and ICO for the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is beginning tomorrow. The presale is going to see the price of each token as low as it will ever be at any time to come. The ThornCoin cost during the ICO will also be very low. However, during the ICO, the ThornCoin price will steadily rise until the ICO is done.



Once the initial coin offering is over, you will still be able to buy THRN, but your opportunity to buy in bulk for a very low price will be gone forever. You know what investors say, you want to buy cheap and sell expensive. Well, the ThornCoin cryptocurrency ICO is going to give you the opportunity to do just that! Let’s take a look at what the THRN prices are like for the presale and ICO.

  • January 18th    – Presale              – 50 cents (USD)
  • January 22nd   – ICO Stage 1      – 70 cents (USD)
  • January 23rd    – ICO Stage 2      – 80 cents (USD)
  • January 24th    – ICO Stage 3      – 90 cents (USD)
  • January 25th     – ICO Stage 4      – 1.00 (USD)
  • January 26th    – ICO Stage 5      – 1.10 (USD)
  • January 27th     – ICO Stage 6      – 1.20 (USD)

Just in case it is not clear, the call sign for the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is THRN. Right now there are a total of 9 million THRN. 6.2 million THRN are going to be available during the presale and ICO, 11% will be held for a reserve, and 20% of that 9 million will be kept for staking.



Making Money With ThornCoin Cryptocurrency

The thing that we like so much about this new ThornCoin cryptocurrency is that it will allow investors to generate money in several different ways. Being able to generate a profit 5 different ways is a big deal if you ask us.



  • Buying THRN – The first money making opportunity for the ThornCoin cryptocurrency comes through the virtue of simply having it. It will be for sale for just a few cents during the presale and ICO. However, the price is expected to rise to $75 by halfway through this year. Therefore, simply having it and allowing it to grow in value will make money for you.
  • Staking THRN – Staking THRN, or just having it and making a commitment to keep it in your wallet without using it, will allow for as much as 12% ROI per month for this coming year.
  • Lending THRN – There will also be a ThornCoin cryptocurrency lending platform where you can make as much as 43% ROI with a daily bonus of 0.20%. Simply lending THRN like banks lend money will allow you to make a lot money through interest payments.
  • Trading THRN – You will be able to buy, sell, and trade the ThornCoin cryptocurrency on both the internal and external exchanges, thus allowing you to make a profit this way.
  • THRN Affiliate – The final way to make money with the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is by getting other people to sign up for it. There are some really big affiliate referral bonuses to be had here.




ThornCoin Cryptocurrency ICO – Conclusion

At the end of the day, making money in the world of crypto can be hard. However, the ThornCoin cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the biggest money making opportunity this year.



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ThornCoin Cryptocurrency ICO UPDATE!
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