The Calloway Software app was officially released just over 3 weeks ago. Ever since its release, it has made a hugely positive impact for cryptocurrency and fiat currency traders across the world. The Calloway Software system is hailed as being the number one crypto trading platform in the world. Heck, we personally use this app to trade on a daily basis and it has not disappointed us yet.

Have you seen the trading session videos we have posted in previous reviews? If you have, you know that it is possible to trade for a couple hours and walk away with ROIs of 70% or more. Seriously guys, if you want to minimize the risk of losing your investment, and you want to maximize profits, there is no better system to use than The Calloway Software app.

Another good part about it is that it is so user friendly. Somebody who does not know a single thing about cryptocurrency trading could probably use this platform and make a killing with it. It is actually that easy to use, a big bonus no doubt. Now, this system has actually just been updated and overhauled.

There are some new features and functions that have been added to the mix. You might be thinking, well what can possible be added here, it’s already so good? Well, there are a few new features that will help you make more money than ever before, and will help make trading easier than it ever was. This The Calloway Software is all about the brand new features and updates which have been added to the system.

The Calloway Software System – A New Look

In case you have not already noticed, The Calloway Software app does sport a new look now. Yes, it looks a little different, the buttons and tabs have been rearranged, and the color scheme is different now too. However, don’t worry because everything else is still the same. The system definitely still works wonders in terms of crypto trading. However, as we mentioned above, there are 2 new features that we absolutely need to talk about.


The Calloway Software App – COPY TRADES FEATURE!

One of the best new features which have been added to The Calloway Software system’s arsenal is the copy trades feature. You might have seen this feature before with other automated trading tools. The problem is that it never worked too well. You might have copied trades only to see them lose big time. This is why The Calloway Software app originally did not come with this function, as it is hard to program the right way.

However, The Calloway Software system has been updated and a copy trade feature has been added to the mix. You might be thinking that this is not super reliable, but the people behind this crypto trading powerhouse have made sure that it is very accurate and reliable.

Now you can simply copy the best trades which have brought the most profits to other people. You will be shown the most successful trades made, and you can copy them at will. You can copy the ones which suit you the most. We do really like this as it is a super easy way for beginners to trade fiat and cryptocurrencies without much risk involved. Seriously, as long as you can read and use a computer mouse, you can copy trades with ease using The Calloway Software system.


The Calloway Software



The Calloway Software Autotrader – MARKET SIGNALS FEATURE!

The other feature which we are really excited about is the market signals feature. This market signals function can be found on The Calloway Software platform, but it is actually separate from the normal pairings displayed on your dashboard. This is a totally different section, one that does not include cryptocurrencies. This one is exclusively designed for CFD and Forex trading.

To make things simple, this market signals section displays the very most volatile fiat currency pairings of the day, such as EUR/JPY. Of course, volatile currency pairings, when traded the right way, offer a great opportunity to make money. Yes, The Calloway Software system has made it easy for you. It displays the best pairs to trade with and it even tells you whether you should buy or sell. Not only does this make The Calloway Software system way more versatile in terms of what can be traded, but it also makes it much easier for newbies to use.

Don’t worry guys, this is not something meant for experts. It might look a little different than the normal dashboard, but if you look closely, you will notice that the wording and everything else is the same. It still tells you the chances of the trade being won and in which direction you should place the trade. It even comes with stop loss and take profit levels. Now, the stop loss is set at 50% and the take profit at 100%, but you can set these levels and decide your own risk as you see fit.


The Calloway Software



The Calloway Software Features – Final Thoughts

As you can see, The Calloway Software has a couple of new really useful features, ones that will help make your life a whole lot easier. The copy trades feature is great because it allows newbies to trade without much risk and it allows for easy position execution while still allowing for high profits. At the same time, the market signals feature just helps to add to the versatility and high level functionality which is The Calloway Software app.

The fact that the confidence factor algorithms have been overhauled is a big deal too, because this confidence factor is now more useful and reliable than it ever has been. The bottom line is that The Calloway Software system is the number one cryptocurrency trading tool in existence right now. It has the power to make serious cash for you on a daily basis, so we would definitely recommend giving it a try.

The Calloway Software

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